Energy & Green Tech

  • Looking more like a Bluetooth speaker standing upright, this futuristic design gadget from EraClean is actually a Car Air Purifier that provides exceptional cleaning of the air inside your car, and adds a modern and fashionable look to your car interior!

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  • Trust me! This is the best quality mat I’ve used for yoga. With Sharklet Technologies, you’ll never need to purchase yoga mat cleaner anymore. Just water can do clean job.

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  • Make Your Food Last Longer! By using EraClean in the refrigerator, you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time. EraClean prolong the shelf life of food by disinfecting and purifying the air in the refrigerator and Stop and Prevent Fridge Odor!

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  • If you have to regularly sanitize yourself and your home, making your own disinfectant solution is practical. Very effective and convenient to use at the office, school, home or around your loved ones plus it’s naturally-derived and Eco-friendly. DIY Your Own NaClO Solution In 3 Minutes 2 common ingredients and…
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