Lefant F1, Tornado Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Upgraded Freemove 3.0 technology can precisely navigate your entire home. F1 uses cutting-edge 6D built-in 360-degree and it will know your home very well to plan an optimal cleaning route. Different from Freemove 2.0, you would be the best controller by connecting the app and adjusting the sensitivity of the machine to avoid hitting against the barrier and never get stuck.

The F1 vacuum cleaner is easy to connect with App and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can control your smart vacuum just by your phone or voice commands. Scheduling cleaning is ready for you all the time.

Upgraded super suction up to 4000PA as strong as a tornado to achieve high-performance cleaning. Double sizes brushes and square suction mouths will pick up all types of dust and grimes and even invisible debris. This smart machine serves with a 600ML transparent dustbin. You can easily check the storage and only need to clean it once a week.

Powered by 3600Amh high capacity Li-ion battery which is safe and durable. It could work up to 200 mins. The effective brushless motor features lower power consumption and longer endurance. It will go back to its docking station to recharge when the cleaning is finished or out of power.

A compact body design with only 69mm makes the cleaning effortlessly anywhere at home. The ultra-slim body allows the cleaning to be more effective. Furthermore, F1 can go to more spaces and work under your sofa, bed, and furniture to enhance the cleaning scope.

Lefant F1 with the brushless motor to ensure lower noise and long working life. And it perfectly works for the pet families, its square suction with advanced suction power to pick up pet hair effortlessly. Pet friendly and never tangle at all.

F1 is not only a vacuum, but it could also do more for the house. Sanitary mopping with 10 disposal disinfecting wipes to remove unpleasant odor and sterilize your house. Two cotton clothes are available. Equipped with magic accessories made of 100% environment-friendly microfiber material, washable and reusable.

Your F1 vacuum cleaner is fully protected by both anti-collision and anti-dropping. Anti-drop technology prevents the robot from falling from stairs and off of edges. Improved highly sensitive anti-collision technology for evading obstacles.

F1 Robot Vacuum Magnetic Stripe Tape protects your home better than before ever. The magnetic tape allows you to block the area where you don’t want the robot vacuum cleaner to go, which can prevent the machine from the restricted area to break your fragile furniture.

F1 works for all types of floors and perfectly works on the tile floor to achieve maximum cleaning scope. F1 robot vacuum cleaner has better climbing ability to climb over 15mm, it climbs from a hardwood floor to a carpet effortlessly.

1. Warranty
The F1 warranty covers the repair or replacement of the malfunctioning device at our company’s discretion for a period of 1-year.
Please kindly fill in the below form accurately and completely.
Order Number:
Serial Number:
Date of Purchase:
The serial number must be provided as well as all accessories to be eligible for warranty coverage.

2. Return Policy
When returning this device, carefully pack the product to avoid damage in shipping. Damage in shipping is not covered by the Warranty and shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Damage or loss not covered by this Warranty or occurring outside the Warranty Period will require a fee to cover the cost of handling and shipping. All such fees and costs shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

3. Ship worldwide or not?
Unfortunately, we currently only support shipment to EU countries.

4. extra delivery fees needed?
Not needed. We provide the delivery fee-free for all customers!

5. Is F1 better/different than the previous Lefant M210s?
F1 is much better/different than M210S in many ways.
Technology: Upgraded Freemove3.0 is more sensitive than M210s. It also can adjust the sensitivity of F1 via App.
Slim design: F1 is only 69mm, slimmer than M210s’s 80mm height.
Dustbin: F1 not only can visible but only updated 600ml capacity dustbin. M210s has a capacity dust box of 500ml.
Suction power: F1 is 4000Pa, 2 times of M210s.
Work time: F1 works up to 200mins, which is longer than 2 times than M210s.
No-go Area Setting: Magnetic tapes are attached to set the restricted area for protecting your home better than before ever. It is not supported in the M210s.
Updated Motor: F1 updates brushless motor for lower noise and Longer working time, M210s is equipped with the brushed motor only.
Mopping: F1 not only can 2-in-1 cleaning, but also remove unpleasant odor and sterilize floors. M210s just cleans and mops effectively. F1 also provides 10 disposal disinfecting wipes and 2 washable mops for buyers.



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