Lefant M210s Robot Vacuum, Ultra Slim, Pet Friendly and Never Tangle Hair


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Lefant M210s is an innovative robotic vacuum cleaner to enhance your life quality. This smart helper with the updated FreeMove Technology, drop-proof Technology, and anti-collision induction to clean smartly and deeply can save your valuable time. The brushless motor with super powerful suction makes cleaning effortless at home, and it also prevents the machine from clogging by the pet hair.


【Latest FreeMove Technology】: With FreeMove Technology 2.0, (360°) scans to acquire data to avoid getting stuck. Anti-collision Induction will detect the obstacles. Anti-dropping will prevent the machine falling down stairs and off of ledges.

【Ultra-Thin Design 】: Ultra-Thin body only with diameter is only 11 inch and height is 3 inch, which means it can shuttle to clean the large field, small corners and crevices in the home, expand the cleaning scope as much as possible, and greatly enhance the cleaning coverage.

【Strong Power with two V-shape Brushes】: Up to 1800pa suction power with two V-shape brushes to gather dust in both directions and M210s is possibly the best robot vacuum at sucking up dirt, debris, crumbs and hair. Even the invisible dust is easy to pick up as well. No Roller Brush, Tangle Free!!

【Six Cleaning Modes】: ➊Smart clean mode➋Edge clean mode➌Spot clean mode ➍Automatic clean mode➎Time-setting clean mode➏Quiet clean mode

You can switch different modes easily via apps.

【Longer Battery Life and Durable】:Combining the lithium battery of the main device provides 100 minutes high-performance powerful suction.The batteries can hold their capacity after 1000 charging cycles.

【Smart Control 】:App control is available for this robotic vacuum cleaner. It is easy to setup and you can switch cleaning modes and schedule the cleaning task via your phone. 2.4G Hz or 2.4/5 GHz mixed network is required.

【Large Dustbin Capacity and Low Noise】:Although it is slim, the M210s has a large capacity dust box of 0.5L. With high efficiency filter and TANGLE- FREE and easy to empty the dustbin. Lefant delivers effective cleaning with a low noise output.

2 in 1 Cleaning】:2-in-1 mopping and sweeping for a sparkling clean without the effort. Choose between the disposable mopping cloths for preventing the damp and bacterium. The HEPA filter ensures for less maintenance and more relaxing.

Self-charging】:Worry- free to the machine may stop working because it will back to docking station when it is out of power or finishing cleaning.

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Product Model:M210s

Color: Black

Dustbin Capacity:500ml

Filter Type:HEPA

Mapping:  Real-time Mapping, Map Memorizing

Schedule Clean: Yes

OTA: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Battery Volume: 1800 mAh

Charging Time:3.5h

Running Time:100mins

Suction Power:1800pa


Motor:Brushless Motor

Auto Charging: Yes

Anti Dropping: Yes

What are in the package:

A robot vacuum cleaner

A detachable bracket

A charging base

A power adapter

Two v shape brushes

A large dustbin

A HEPA filter

A mopping cloth

Big News:

Additional information

Weight 7.7 lbs

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Lefant M210s Robot Vacuum, Ultra Slim, Pet Friendly and Never Tangle Hair