Proscenic 850T,3000pa Powerful Suction,3-in-1 vacuum, Smart and Systematical Cleaning



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Proscenic 850T has 3000pa powerful suction and intelligent technology for positioning, recognizing carpets to adjust suction modes, and cleaning smartly and systemically. Besides, 2-in-1 deep cleaning and magnetic tape to set no-go zones to meet your needs better. Whenever and wherever you are, it can be controlled with App and clean up your home.


【3000PA Suction Power】:Super powerful suction of 3000Pa. 850T vacuum cleaner can suck all  the dust, hair and garbage with ease. All need of cleaning is easy to accomplish.

【Alexa & Google Home】:Smart app control to make clean easier. You intelligent 850T is able to compatible to Alexa and Google home. Voice command is only required for guiding this smart robot.

【Vboost Technology】: 850T will switch to maximum and start to deep cleaning automatically when a carpet is detected to ensure the thoroughly cleaning. And this intelligent vacuum is a climbing expert to over 15mm.

【3-in-1 vacuum robot】:With a 500ml dust container and 300ml electric water tank (additional dustbin is available ) the robot vacuum cleaner can sweep, vacuum and mop. You can adjust the water seepage according to the App to satisfy your cleaning needs. 3-in-1 vacuum robot with high-performance cleaning to help you achieve high-quality life.

【Smart and Systematical Cleaning】:By smart and programmed cleaning way, 850T will not run randomly and is able to locate itself and effectively plans the cleaning and systematically cleans based on floor plans. It will generate the real-time map and you are able to check the cleaning performance just by your phone.

【Compact and Flat Design】: With a height of only 2.87 inches, it fits very well under beds, sofas, and cupboards. 850T will clean every corner in your house and avoid missing everywhere that needs to be cleaned. Extra slim body to enhance cleaning scope and provide you a tidy home.

【Multiple Cleaning Modes】: Multiple cleaning modes could fit different cleaning requirements. Auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning are ready for you to choose. All you need to do is switching on your APP.

【Magnetic Tape】: The equipped magnetic tape will prevent the machine from going to restricted areas where fragile furniture is situated. And no-go aera could be set.

【Auto charging】: 850T will go back to recharge on its own when the battery runs low or finishing cleaning. It frees your hands from bringing it to the socket.


  • Power 28W
  • Voltage 14.4V
  • Weight 2.5Kg
  • Noise in Decibels (dB) 62-75dB
  • Battery 2600mAh Lithium-Ion
  • Dust Collector Capacity 300mL
  • Filtration System HEPA
  • Water Tank Capacity 300mL
  • Dimensions 325*325*73mm
  • Climbing Height ≤15mm
  • Charge Time 3-5h
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Hard Floors to Low-Pile Carpets

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Proscenic 850T,3000pa Powerful Suction,3-in-1 vacuum, Smart and Systematical Cleaning

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