Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner


Several brand-new “hands-free” cleaning systems have actually made their way to the market, providing contact lens wearers an alternative to cleaning solutions.
These small systems depend on either ultrasonic or subsonic waves to tidy healthy protein build-up, oils, plant pollen and dust from lenses, getting rid of the demand for scrubing the lens between the thumb as well as first finger. Along with the ease of cleaning up these systems provide, another benefit is the reduced threat of tearing a soft lens, which might occur with solution cleaning.
A client’s failure to adhere to the lens cleaning routine can cause not only pain, yet likewise eye infections such as giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal infiltrates and inflammatory reactions. With the hands-free systems, noncompliance is, in theory, less of an issue.
The occurrence of microbial keratitis in contact lens wear seems boosting as well as signs are that up to 30% of corneal ulcers are associated with call lens wear.
Contact lens wearers and eye treatment practitioners might count excessive upon contact lens solutions to lower microbial contamination.Physical cleaning of lenses and also lens cases, helps to reduce micro-organisms before chemical disinfection. However, everyday cleaning of lenses is not often correctly performed by lens users.
I first became aware of ultrasonic lens cleaners from a contact lens forum where people were going crazy about the amazing capacity for these cleaners to extend the life of lenses. In the past, these cleaning device were pricey and used by professional opticians. Now, through on-line buying, a relatively inexpensive version can be located on Ebay and also Amazon.com. As I wished to have my lenses last as long as feasible, I decided to get a EraClean Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner from Best & First.
The ultrasonic lens cleaner is a system for cleaning any type of lens (including clear, colored, as well as RGP lenses) making use of ultrasonic resonances that separate healthy protein, dirt, and any build-up on the lens surface. An amazing thing concerning this equipment is that you do not require any elegant lens solution, like Opti-free or Renu. All you use is saline solution to clean and store lenses. You can find this under the name “physiological solution” at the pharmacy or you can use store-brand saline solution for contact lenses, found next to other lens solutions. I bought mine at Target. Two bottles of saline solution cost about 1/3 the price of one Opti-free and it is much more gentle for your eyes because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that disintegrate protein and wear down your lenses over time. It’s also fantastic for people with sensitive eyes since saline is very close to natural human tears.

How they work

Ultrasonic: Generated by ultrasonic waves, the development, expansion and collapse of microscopic bubbles clean the lens of dirt as well as residue.
The hands-free cleaning systems consist of a little device with an area that houses the contact lenses. The customer then fills up the chamber with a marked quantity of option, closes the lid and also pushes the activation switch. When ended up, the unit automatically closes off.
When ultrasonic waves of a sufficiently high frequency and also power pass through the fluid, cavitation happens. Cavitation is the fast formation, development and also collapse of microscopic bubbles within the liquid. Dirt and deposit then fall away from the lens. This procedure gets rid of oils, dirt as well as the deeply bound protein that can be a considerable trouble for hefty healthy protein depositors cleaning their lenses.
Ultrasound is a tried and real approach of cleaning, it’s extremely straightforward, and it’s efficient against most kinds of dust and residue on the lens.
One of the most incredible part of ultrasonic contact lens cleaner, for cleaning contact lenses, is its cleaning activity is very gentle and comprehensive.It has the capability to clean even the most detailed things deposited on your lens, which is really difficult to clean by hand. This is why the liquid which is made use of in it for contact lens care penetrates deeply into extremely little crevices.If you are keen adequate to acquire a good cleaner device for your contact lens comfort, here we are talking about the 3 best ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning contact lens at home.

Eurobuy Contact Lens Cleaner Machine

The contact lens cleaner is adopted by ultrasonic wave technology and goog direction, which can effectively wipe off the stain from the lens within a short time and thus, thoroughly cleaning the lens without damage. This ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is equipped with internal grooves that are divided into two independent parts, in order to prevent further cross-infection. It will look much brighter and cleaner when cleaning it with leaner.You don’t have to wash the lens by hand and thereby, saving enough time and energy. More importantly, in this way, there is no need to worry about losing or scratching lens during the cleaning process.

Ofone Contact Lens Cleaning Machine

This contact lens cleaner uses ultrasonic technology with 48khz frequency to clean the substances such as protein deposition. A frequency higher than 20000 Hertz with strong penetration and good direction, which can effectively wipe off the stains from the lens within a short time and thus, thoroughly cleaning the lens without damage, it provides a completely cleaning to your lens. Quick 3-minute cleaning, it doesn’t take long to soak. It’s cleaner, safer and less time consuming than hand washing. It is suitable for different types of contact lens. For instance, soft lens, hard lens, cosmetic contact lens. And it is also energy saving but also long life span.

EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaner for Contact Lenses

The contact lens cleaner comes with high-frequency ultrasonic wave technology efficiently removing dirt and stains, which thoroughly cleaning multiple contact lenses. 56000 Times Ultrasonic Vibration: Realize all-round cleaning without blind spots, effectively eliminate and inhibit bacteria. High-efficiency lithium battery, charge for 2 hours, use for 20 days. Integrated design, easy to carry. Easy to Use: One-button start, 2 minutes ultrasonic cleaning. With its small and exquisite design from the outside of the contact lens cleaner, you can carry it around wherever and whenever you like to go. It is suitable for different types of contact lens. For instance, soft lens, hard lens, cosmetic contact lens, RGP lens and OK lens.