What we do

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of innovative brands selling incredible online products, it’s really hard to find them. Many of them check the boxes we are looking for: well-designed, high-quality, and fairly-priced, but often the only way to find out about these brands is when we are referred by a friend or when we happen to swipe by one on a social network. On BestAndFirst, you can actively search and discover all the best-in-category products or services you’re looking for. Whether you are here for discovery, or with a specific shopping goal in mind, we got the goods! We intentionally seek brands that operate with consciousness and heart for the world we live in – a commitment to their social impact. For us, that’s a basic prerequisite for being a brand we love.

The BestAndFirst directory acts like storefronts that link you directly to the brand’s owned shopping experiences. You could think of it as a modern mall that houses all the most desirable digital brands under one virtual roof. We make it easy to discover and compare the best of the best in all consumer categories including fashion, beauty, health, kids, pets, travel, personal care. Whether that means the best price, the best looking, or the best sustainability practices – with BestAndFirst, you can find the best for you.

As e-commerce founders ourselves, we’ve found one of the biggest and most expensive challenges is growing our audience and customer base through marketing efforts. But, emerging brands want to reach potential customers as much as those potential customers want to find the coolest brands to shop. By creating a place where these two groups can actively and easily find each other, we hope to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Our products
Each product sold on BestAndFirst goes through a series of quality assurance checks to ensure the best experience for users and their customers. All product suppliers are asked to comply with an ethical code of conduct that covers health and safety regulations, labor and human rights laws, and ethical business practices. We also prioritize suppliers who offer eco-friendly products or use practices that reduce environmental impact.

Our values
Our goal is to empower anyone, anywhere to turn their ideas into products, brands, and businesses. We’re proud to provide a platform that enables people to make a positive impact on the world or their own life. BestAndFirst is committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of the business—including the ethical and responsible conduct in all operations by respecting the rights of all individuals and the environment. Compliance with health and safety regulations, labor and human rights laws, working towards minimal environmental impact, and ethical business practices are required by all BestAndFirst employees as well as suppliers of services and products.

Help You Find The Best Brands
We’re just getting started so we’d love your help growing our list of the most exciting brands. Let us know your favorites!