Lululemon Yoga Mat Alternative

Many people interested in home yoga workouts face a problem-how to choose a good yoga mat. There is an amount of choice that can be confusing. Just remember three keys you want from a yoga mat: support for your knees and joints, grip (so you don’t slip out of your downward-facing dog), and a stable surface to stay balance.

When we look forward to the best yoga mats (both for home workouts and yoga studio), Lululemon comes up time and time again as the brand to go for yogis. Their mats aren’t cheap – they range from $58 – $88. But, even though they’re a bit more than the wage of one day, they’re worth it. Here’s a definitive guide that Lululemon’s reversible yoga mat offers with pros, uses and features.

The Reversible Mat 3mm
How much? $58

Pros: Pretty much everything – this floor covering is an all-rounder. 3mm of cushioning provides you with security as well as support. Lululemon’s trademark relatively easy to fix top provides you two grasp choices to select from: The sweat absorbent side works with you to enhance grips the much more you sweat– excellent if the sliding is your greatest problem mid-flow. The 2nd side is textured, with ridges to provide more grip with runnels to wick away moisture.
Use for: Home workouts and Hatha, Vinyasa or hot yoga. This mat really is the bread and butter of Lululemon yoga mats.
Features: Made from durable, wipe-clean polyurethane with a grippy natural rubber base that can also be used as a side to flow on.

The Reversible Mat 5mm
How much? $68-$88

Pros: Extra support. This bouncy, 5mm-thick mat is the thickest floor covering Lululemon markets. It is made particularly for those who like additional support for their joints– knees, wrists, ankles and hips– while taking on challenging presents.
With just the same advantages of the 3mm and the 1mm Reversible Mat, the 5mm has a sweat-absorbent side that really obtains grippier the much more you sweat. Perfect for those with clammier paws as well as a chronically slippy grip, get your down dog steady with a floor covering that functions to maintain you in place.
A recommendation, if you’re planning on utilizing this mat post-isolation for travelling, it does evaluate a weighty 2.4 kg, something to keep in mind when loading for hols.
Use for: Home practice – Hatha, Vinyasa, stretching and inversions
Features: An antimicrobial additive helps to prevent mould and mildew over time. A natural rubber base gives you cushioning and grip.

The Reversible 1mm Mat Lightweight
How much? $48

Pros: The thinnest variant of the Reversible Mat, the Un-Mat is Lululemon’s very least supported yoga mat, made for intermediate to innovative yogis who need little padding or those that need a lightweight floor covering to carry between the workshop as well as a house.
While self-isolation is making workshop life a non-starter when typical life returns the Un-Mat is a dazzling alternative to carrying around a larger floor covering: Instead, utilize the 1mm mat to cover the studio’s mat. You’ll obtain just the same hold as the thicker Reversible Mats, without the requirement to lug around the weight. Life = hacked.
If you’re not so right into yoga exercise, the Un-Mat likewise makes a wonderful residence workout pal. Nonetheless, if you’re doing a lot of flooring-based work on your spinal column (sit-ups, grinds etc.), a slightly thicker mat will give your joints a lot more support.
Use for: Intermediate to advanced yoga and home workouts
Features: Ultra-light, thin mat for easy transportation and storage. It’s reversible, so you get two for the price of one.

I purchased “The Reversible Mat 5mm” from Lululemon with high assumptions. It cost me about $88, so it had to be better than those $10 mats I was utilizing. Exactly how did it take on the ideal yoga mat checklist?

There are two various structures for different exercise use. I tend to make use of the environment-friendly side up. This mat is rather darn undestroyable. I have actually been using it daily for six months, and also there isn’t the tiniest indication of wear and tear. Much of the moment, I am using it with running shoes on and am doing a great deal of intense training that would normally kill a yoga mat quite quickly. I have been very pleased with its resilience.

It has two sides, offering various feel on each. I like making use of the environment-friendly side up because the black side is super-sticky and does not relocate an inch despite just how much I move, shift, and leap about on it.

Likewise, this eco-friendly side is grippy but is made from a polyurethane coating that gives the firmness I was trying to find. Doing single-leg deadlifts or other balancing relocations is no worry on this surface. At the same time, The Mat is 5mm thick, which is nearly in Pilate-mat territory when it comes to supporting.

Does it smell? Not one bit. It is apparently constructed with an “antimicrobial additive” that protects against mold, as well as poor smells. It still appears to soak up some sweat because it does not develop puddles, yet somehow, high absorptive quality doesn’t lead to poor smells. It’s a miracle!

After all, it’s not cheap. As I mentioned, it sets you back concerning $70, which could be overkill if you are looking merely for a floor covering that will certainly stand up to the periodic yoga exercise method. It’s likewise really hefty (like 5.5 lbs heavy!). This mat isn’t usually a big deal, yet it does create a problem when you want to pack it in your travel suitcase and take it on a plane– It consumes 10% of your complete permitted luggage weight!

The largest drawback of The Mat is just how quickly it obtains dirty. The colored side has no bumps or ridges, so any kind of dirt or dust collects exactly on top. For one reason or another, it is additionally difficult to get tidy. Also, rubbing it does not seem to eliminate much of the dirt marks that build up after a few uses. As I claimed, it is incredibly resilient, but it does lose its “brand-new yoga mat” radiates very rapidly.

Besides, Sharklet Yoga Mat gets dirty slow obviously, even the white marble side. Innovative Non-Toxic technology keeps you away from bacteria and microbes. You can spray water on it and wipe it out, leaving for a while, air dry, it can be clean. Sharklet Mat has been rigorously tested where the magic happens — it’s roomy, perfectly cushioned for joint support, antimicrobial, dry-wicking and slip-free, wet or dry. Stay on the mat and find your inner peace. Feel confident and ready. As you move, luxe colors match your mood, minimizing restrictions and letting you give it your all.

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