Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga 2021, Top Yoga Instructors Recommend Sharklet

There’s yoga, and then there’s hot yoga. There are several benefits to both, but hot yoga exercise has some added advantages– like increased flexibility and some think the capacity to detox via sweating more. The heat can be intense, challenging, and rejuvenating all at the same time while you’re in course. For yogis who wish to take it to the next level and try a hot yoga class (or perhaps for those who already go to sessions on the routine), you must be prepared with the best equipment.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a total novice, you’re likely mindful that taking a hot yoga or Bikram yoga exercise class will undoubtedly lead to tons and tons of sweating. The high temperature and also moisture degrees in hot yoga workshops mean there’s truly no other way to stay clear of ending up being soaked in your sweat– which’s why it’s vital to discover a trustworthy mat that’s particularly produced this kind of yoga. And also if you prefer added cushioning on your joints, you can additionally go with a thicker mat with much more security.

Each item we feature has been independently selected as well as examined by our editorial team. These are the 9 Best-Rated Hot Yoga Exercise Mats on the market.

IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

Super light-weight at only two and a half pounds, this mat is likewise an extra wide dimension at 76″ x 26″. Its surface area absorbs sweat for hold and grip and is 5 mm thick for added comfort. The mat is identified as an’s Selection, with 607 ratings and 4.5 stars.
One evaluation checks out, “I have been via numerous yoga exercise mats in the past, as well as the IUGA Mat is without a doubt the best mat I have bought and also use. I do hot yoga weekly, along with other courses, and would always find myself sliding despite having the pricier mats. I would certainly slip within 4 mins of hot yoga exercise. The IUGA mat, I have been less drenched/dripping sweat, and also I do not slide or relocate out of my poses/placement on the mat.”

Lululemon The relatively easy to fix Mat 3mm

Lululemon’s reversible mat was created both routine and hot yoga methods– one side is stickier, while the other is smoother. When you’re trickling in sweat, the top layer can absorb moisture and provides you with sufficient hold. It’s also antimicrobial to stop mold and mildew.
” Love this mat. It’s so sticky and so light-weight! I’ve been utilizing it for hot yoga exercise (CorePower) for seven months now, and also it’s boosted my technique,” one Lululemon reviewer wrote.

Manduka ProLite Yoga Exercise Mat

This Manduka mat was made, especially for hot yoga. It has a grippy layer that’s anti-slip, even in the sweatiest conditions. And if you’re wondering about perspiring smells, it has a charcoal-infused core that can fight germs as well as smell.
One customer composed, “I have utilized this mat for hot yoga as well as non-heated courses a month now. Require to have a sweat going not to have hand slippage. Before the course, I have to spray the top of the mat with water to get the ‘stick’ that I need. It absorbs wetness well, and I do not need a yoga towel.”

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

This extra-thick yoga mat (5 mm) is best for hot yoga with a topcoat that wicks away dampness. And the even more sweat, the much better– the mat gets stickier as it gets wet. One customer composed, “I do warm Vinyasa circulation and Bikram yoga exercise, and this mat lasts throughout both types of yoga classes. Sweat appears to be soaked up by the smooth black side to a factor where the location is slightly moist yet still grippy. I never migrate forward during downward dog and can do transitional jumps without worrying that I will slip. This mat is likewise extremely dense as well as supplies outstanding supporting without destabilizing me throughout stabilizing poses.”

Sharklet Yoga Mat

This grippy mat is constructed from eco-friendly material, and it’s antibacterial, too. The top layer on this one is Premium PU, while the bottom is made of natural rubber. The material will keep out moisture, not-so-fresh smells, and bacteria. One customer wrote, “I do hot yoga daily as well as was looking for a non-slip mat that does not hold an odor. This mat has been so easy to clean and doesn’t hold odor, and it dries fast. The closed-cell construction prevents sweat and germs from being absorbed into the mat, so it won’t smell even after your sweatiest class. The mat, for the most part, is efficient being non-slip.”

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Alo Yoga exercise’s Warrior mat has a matte top with a non-slip and a moisture-wicking surface. One evaluation checks out, “This yoga mat is extraordinary! I have utilized it for three months currently, and every single method keeps me posture with zero slippage. I got this one and was doubtful at first, yet as it gets hotter, it gets grippier! I am so positive on this mat, as well as my method has just enhanced. I very highly, suggest this mat. (Currently practicing 95 as well as 102 temperature level courses at least three times a week).”

Aurorae Harmony 2 in 1 Yoga Mat

It’s the best of both globes with this one– it’s a towel as Well As a mat. This mat encourages sweating since the producer mentions that the wetter the mat, the much better the grip. It has over 1300 scores on Amazon and also 4.5 stars.
One goes crazy review states, “I practice hot yoga daily, and also I hang it up to completely dry. Throughout my methods, I sweat a lot! This mat has a great grip on the flooring as well as doesn’t slide at all! This mat sits tight! On the mat, I can obtain deep into my poses with the grasp.”.

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat
With over 2300 ratings as well as 4.5 stars, the Jade Harmony mat is a best seller. The all-natural rubber material offers additional grasp while its density gives added cushion.
An Amazon reviewer left this funny comment, “I have been using Jade Yoga mats considering that 2012 when doing heated Vinyasa upwards of 10 hours a week. I tried every other ‘sticky’ mat available, but when you remain in 100-plus degree spaces doing a 90-minute flow as well as sweating like Nick Miller trying to keep a secret, Jade mats are the just ones that will maintain you from sliding among natural rubber mats.”

Liforme Yoga Mat

This positioning mat includes additional supportive padding for your knees. The surface has a body alignment system, so you understand where to place your hands and feet for correct placement and type. And also, if you’re a little bit taller, this is a great alternative for you– it also runs a bit broader and longer than standard yoga mats. “I got this mat for my partner who does hot yoga exercise five days a week,” claimed one reviewer. “She was slipping on her old mat as well as found it hard to get in certain poses as a result. I read the reviews and was hoping the Liforme mat was going to be the service she required. After just one yoga practice, she returned and couldn’t be happier.”

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