Lefant updated M210s robot vacuum cleaner exclusive in best and first

Are you still spending time on cleaning a household?

Who doesn’t like a self-cleaning house where you needn’t lift a finger to sweep and mop?

Save your valuable time and clean your whole room effortlessly with Lefant M210s robot vacuum.

The hassle of keeping hair under control is bothersome, and it’s a waste of time and money to get a useless robot vacuum with poor performance. Introducing the Lefant Robot Vacuum – the hair killer! With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, never tangles!

And the world’s most innovative robot vacuum & mop with the best performance of anti-collision Induction.

Most of the robot cleaners out there clean the floor by merely pushing or dragging the cleaning fabric around, which only makes it worse. Featuring 2 rounded triangle spin heads, Lefant prevails over traditional ones and easily captures fine dust and removes stains seamlessly.  

Lefant M210s also tackles all the wet messes and grime on different finished floor types effectively (hardwood, tile, or stone), even the carpet, and makes your floors fresh, clean and virus-free every day. In comparison with other vacuum cleaners, not only can clean the garbage on the smooth surface, M210s could also deeply clean the tiny debris invisible in the carpet. On the uneven solid wood floor, it can also clean different corners

Latest Freemove Technology

Smart Mapping and Navigation

The core of Freemove, a patent technology independently developed, is equipped with an algorithm that upgrades the robot’s self-thinking ability. It constantly learns to optimize the path, and the more it is used, the more intelligent it is, which refuse disorder and realize efficient planning.


Lefant adopts the remote laser scanning technology (LDS) similar to the technology applied to the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The robot makes 6D(360°) scans to acquire data from surrounding obstacles. It learn the environment and figure out an optimized cleaning routine instead of aimlessly spinning around.

Clever Brain to Plan the Route

Freemove is the latest positioning technology for robot vacuum cleaners. Some older robot cleaners are not capable of navigating in an unknown environment that would just move around in irregular cleaning pattern and repeatedly go over the same spot. Sometimes they even get stuck in the same area.

With Freemove technology, Lefant precisely constructs the shortest cleaning route with the least time and lowest energy consumption to cover the entire room. The technology literally make Lefant M210ss smarter than ever, and it can go exactly where you want it to. By simply pointing on the map, Lefant can be guided to clear the appointed Area. It helps to save lots of time, compared to other robot vacuums that can only clean the entire area all over again.

App Control and Scheduling

Lefant does all the work for you even you are away from home. With the “M210s Vacuum” app, you can app control the cleaning status, easily schedule and pre-set your cleaning preference via your mobile. You can even receive cleaning reports that show exactly where the robot cleaned and how long it took. The app is so smart and easy-to-use. You can always rely on it to keep your home clean and tidy.

Drop-Proof Technology

You could set the virtual walls around where you dont want it moves, which is the no-go zone preset via the App. When you are not home, you should never be worried about the path because it uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

Ultra-Thin Design

Compared with most of the robots on the market, the M210ss diameter is only 11 inch and height is 3 inch, while their diameter is common 12.6 inch. In other words, M210s machine can shuttle to clean the large field, small corners and crevices in the home, expand the cleaning scope as much as possible, and greatly enhance the cleaning coverage. 

Strong Power

The ultra-strong suction power of Lefant is powerful enough to lift steel balls, easily lift dirt off hardwood floors, deep clean carpets to remove hair and get rid of dust mites. Lefant is possibly the best robot vacuum at sucking up dirt, debris, crumbs and hair after your pets and kids.The robot is equipped with v-brush, which can gather dust in two directions. 

Longer Battery Life and Durable

Combining the lithium battery of the main device provides 100 minutes high-performance powerful suction while in standard mode, covering an estimated area of 120 square meters (1291 square feet). It gives stronger operating power to deep-clean your home in max mode. The batteries can hold their capacity after 1000 charging cycles. This means you dont need to replace the battery because the battery has a longer life.

Anti-bacteria Mopping

A wet mop will breed bacteria! Not gonna happen to Lefant! 2-in-1 mopping and sweeping for a sparkling clean without the effort. Choose between the disposable mopping cloths for preventing the damp and bacterium. High-Efficiency filter captures 99% of cat & dog dander allergens. The HEPA filter ensures for less maintenance and more relaxing. 

No Roller Brush, Tangle Free

With powerful suction passage, Lefant does an impressive job on picking up dirt, dust, pet hair and fur without tangling caused by hairs blocking into roller!

Invest one Lefant M210s and you will get a vacuum, a mop, no need lint roller any more. As powerful as other robot vacuums, it may even perform better and cost much less than them!

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