Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Best Buying for 2021

Looking for a robot vac? Feel free to pick the best robot vacuum that we recommend below, including powerful designs for pet hair and hardwood floors.

The very best robot vacuums we recommend take all the initiative out of cleaning your home and do the hard work for you. So we suggest a variety of designs to bring you a selection of the best robot vacuum for pet hair, bare floors, hardwood floors, and those that do a fantastic work of rugs also.

These kinds of best robot vacuums are ending up being significantly preferred and completely factor as the suction power they provide can match also the best vacuum. Some robot vacuum cleaners can additionally wipe your floors after they have actually vacuumed as they have integrated water storage tanks. Top robot vacuum cleaners connect to your phone so that you can manage them without even leaving your seat. These best robot vacuums additionally use powerful lasers to ensure the machine does not run across your furnishings or drop any stairs.

Best Robot Vacuums We Pick

With numerous options of robot vacuums on the market, it’s a great suggestion to start by taking a look at the battery run time each robot vac offers. Keep in mind whether the vac has smart mapping which successfully indicates it is familiar with your residence and can produce personalized cleaning schedules for you, and for ultimate comfort, a few of the alternatives we’ve tested even empty their own dust mugs. Here are the best robot vacuums for you! You can check them out through links on our site.

iRobot Roomba i7+

Among all robot vacuums, the Roomba i7+ was always mosting likely to be a remarkable cleaning machine, as it flaunts the exact same smarts to avoid crashing right into objects and environment mapping so it rapidly learns every nook and cranny of your home, just like the iRobot Roomba i3.

Nevertheless, integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, under the help of Wi Fi, together with the capacity to keep maps of every room in your home in a protected location online quickening cleaning time, implies it’s been elevated to another degree.

Self Emptying Dust bin

The gem in the crown for us is the robot vacuum’s ability to automatically empty its dust bin. When it docks, the debris in the dirt bin is instantly sucked up and kept in a nonreusable bag which makes up part of the dock. These self-emptying bags hold about 30 days well worth of dust. You’ll get sharp on the app when it requires changing, however at $14.99 for three bags, this develops a recurring cost for the robot vacuum, better than Roomba i3. Self Emptying dust bin is very convenient.


It retains the acquainted circular layout and the turning body discovered on previous Roomba robot vacuums, so it has no problems maneuvering through slim areas. We were impressed at its dust pick-up both on floorboards, tiles, and various other hard surfaces, in addition to low pile carpet and medium-pile carpet. This is, in part, thanks to the rubber rollers. In addition to being 2 rollers instead of just one, they have more refined grooves which further enhances the dirt and pet hair pick up.

iRobot Roomba s9

As one of the best robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba S9 is really strong. Its D-shaped body, similar in profile to that of the Neato Botvac D7, is made of state-of-the-art plastic, highlighted with a matte-finish copper lid. Its dirt area really feels mainly tough, though its bottom does feel somewhat flimsy and could potentially break if it’s dropped.

Long Battery Life

The iRobot Roomba S9 has amazing battery efficiency. It immediately gets used to various surface types, though you can manually change its power setting via three levels: ‘Lower’, ‘Balanced’, which is the default, and ‘Remarkable’. Also for this best robot vacuum, in its toughest suction mode, it provides simply under 50 mins of constant runtime. Used extra conservatively, its continual battery life includes over 2 and a half hrs, which is superb.


This robot vacuum has a remarkable ability to move. Like the iRobot Roomba i7+, it uses the iAdapt 3.0 navigation system to produce an effective cleaning course and maneuver around obstructions. It also goes over areas that it considers looking for added cleaning. The vacuum itself isn’t really high, so it should not get stuck under tables or couches. While it gets stuck on carpet tassels, it doesn’t obtain tangled on obstructions like a power lines, though it may push them around.

Smart APP

The iRobot Roomba S9’s automation functions are passable. This is very great for a smart home. Throughout arrangement with the iRobot Residence friend app, this best robot vacuum uses its navigating system to develop a digital map of the design of your residence.

This enables you to arrange cleaning times for individual rooms and established virtual boundary pens. The app also reveals your previous cleaning background and staying battery life. One benefit is that if the vacuum lacks battery while cleaning a room, it will remember the insufficient task and return once it’s been charged.

You can acquire a charging station/dirt bin separately or as part of an extra expensive Roomba S9 variation, called the iRobot Roomba S9 Plus, which gives the vacuum standalone dirt and debris developed right into its charging docking station to automatically clear itself of particles and continue cleaning.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

The budget-friendly Neato Botvac D7 Connected is a robot vacuum to match the Roomba i7+, and we indicate that. It’s a great-looking vacuum that more than gets the job done, however, its laurels don’t relax there.

Setup Cleaning No-Go Zones

The revelatory feature with the Neato Botvac D7 Connected is supposed ‘no-go zones, which enable you to cordon off locations of your house that you don’t want the vacuum to endeavor into. This could be your work desk, which is moated by cords that would usually lead to betrayal for a robot vacuum.

Creating a boundary for robot vacuum cleaners isn’t special to the Botvac D7, yet it actually has awesome performance in this APP because you can draw the line using the app while the vacuum remains in use to, say, maintain the D7 from venturing right into a room you desire it to stay out of.

The greatest drawback with the D7 is that its container isn’t as big as the original Botvac Connected, and it doesn’t have a ‘bin full’ sensor, so it winds up overfilling.

Dyson 360 Heurist

The budget-friendly Dyson 360 Heurist is the initial robot vacuum that can actually match a cordless vacuum when it involves cleaning power.

It’s got 20% even more suction than Dyson’s previous robot vacuum, the Dyson 360, and as the motorized brush runs the entire size of the vacuum, you obtain complete suction power also on the edges of rooms, makes it the best robot vacuum for cleaning. It’s a narrower style than many robot vacuum cleaners, however, the compromise is, it’s taller too. So while it does a terrific job at squeezing in slim voids, it struggles to obtain under some furnishings. On the site, we may earn a lot of time.

Smart Mapping & Cleaning Performance

This robotic vacuum is very suitable for a smart home. There’s no denying it’s sluggish to set up, as the vacuum uses a video camera to map spaces as opposed to LiDAR yet your patience will pay off.

When that’s finished, you’ll have the ability to split your house right into zones and set constraints such as preventing entirely, not making use of the rotating brush bar (great for delicate difficult floors and low pile carpet), and quitting the vacuum from attempting to climb furnishings, this is very convenient for a smart home.

It collaborates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use your voice commands to start it cleaning, without a remote control. However, it can not prevent barriers, such as cable televisions and footwear; so you’ll require to select these up yourself and on full power, it’s louder than a lot of its competitors, coming in at around 70db. So Amazon Alexa Google can help a lot too.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI

Where the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI stands apart from the remainder of the best robot vacuum cleaners competitors remains in its capacity to mop your floors.

Certain, you won’t get an elbow-grease initiative out of the robot vacuum and mop as it slushes water over your linoleum, however, it can blend away footprints and other surface-level discolorations in a snap with great cleaning performance. Although, you’ll need to eliminate the mopping plate when you want it to clean pile carpets.

Built-in Electronic Camera

It’s obtained a built-in electronic camera designed to aid it ‘see’ (and stay clear of) little objects, like wires, socks, or playthings – although they can still be gobbled by the vacuum, so preferably choose them up initially. When the vacuum isn’t cleaning up, you can get it to serve as a guard for your residence, allowing you to see and talk to any person in your house through the APP.

Battery Life

We were thrilled by its battery life, also. Ecovas claims it’ll last as much as three hours, and we discovered there was still some juice delegated spare after it had actually made its method round an average-sized two-bedroom house on the highest possible suction degree.

While we found the dirt pick up on hardwood floors, low pile carpet, and the medium-pile carpet was good, it tended to missed corners and sides. The wiping function was quite woeful, as well. There’s no rubbing activity, either so it has a hard time eliminating spills and spots, which will ensure a great cleaning performance.

Roborock S6 MaxV

The Roborock S6 MaxV stands apart for battery life, an upgrade from Roborock s5. Roborock says it will take care of approximately 3 hrs of continuous cleaning in its least effective mode. Throughout screening, we used the middle-of-the-road ‘well-balanced setting’ which meant half an hour cleaning over a location of 20 square meters (215 square feet) diminished the battery by 20% – a good degree of efficiency.

Dual Camera & Lidar

If you have a smart home, the Roborock S6 MaxV has dual cams and a LiDAR, so it’s quick when it involves mapping a room, it’ll even mark challenges like disposed of shoes or furnishings on the map, and break a picture which can be seen in the app, you can control it with Alexa or Google. The app also utilizes AI handling to recognize the obstacle, which functions a lot of the time.

Best Robot Vacuum with Great Performance on Carpets and Hard Floors

We were excited with its dirt notice area rugs and difficult floors – using comparable suction to its competitors. It can mop along with vac, too yet its double feature means it is among the largest robot vacuums we’ve examined. At 19.2 x 16 x 6.1 in (48.8 x 40.6 x 15.6 cm), it occupies a considerable quantity of space and did struggle to obtain between chair legs. It did a really good job on the areas we tested. Nevertheless, it’s remarkably quiet in operation, making it even more of a gentle giant. And if you have pets, pet hair can be difficult to deal with, but you don’t have to worry about pet hair if you have this Roborock s6 MaxV.

Eufy RoboVac 11

The Eufy RoboVac 11 isn’t one of the most technologically out or premium robot vacuum, yet it isn’t terrified to come down and dirty and obtain the cleaning task done.

The very best part regarding the RoboVac 11 is that it’s less costly than most robot vacuum on the market, so you can obtain the comfort of a vacuum that works on its own at a portion of the price.

However, that low price implies you miss out on points like a buddy app, so you have to use a remote rather, you can control it with Amazon Alexa or Google, and on the whole, the RoboVac 11 is extra, manual than we would have liked, which will ensure a great cleaning performance. The more current RoboVac 30C completes these spaces with an app and smart assistant ability, yet there’s still something to be said for the deal vacuuming on offer below. This helps your smart home a lot. You can just connect to your Wi-Fi, and it’s done.

What’s even more, battery life leaves something to be desired, though while it’s not as resilient as higher-end models, it’s probably plenty of juice to please your cleaning needs.

Eufy Robovac 11S

The Eufy Robovac 11s robotic vacuum provides numerous cleaning settings, every one of which can be activated from the remote. Single Room mode intensively cleans a particular area for 30 minutes and is best utilized in a certain space with the door shut. In the Side setting, the 11s decreases its rate to approach a wall surface and after that cleans up along it for 20 minutes before returning to its dock. In the Spot cleaning setting, the 11s will clean up a location of focused dust in a spiral for two minutes. With the Guidebook setting, you can route the vacuum to an area using the directional buttons on the remote.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

For general maintenance cleaning, however, your best choice is Vehicle setting, which automatically selects various modes as needed until the work is done. I utilized it for every day cleanings of my around 400-square-foot downstairs living location.

The vacuum cleaner had no problem managing the 3 types of floor covering there, carpeting, wood, and linoleum, or transitioning over a lip between the living room and entrance hall. It generally covered that room entirely without requiring a recharge. Because the Eufy Robovac 11s will move in a straight line up until it runs into an obstacle and adjustments direction, its cleaning pattern can seem haphazard. But it never ever fell short to take at least one pass over every location it could get to.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vac

Not all robot vacuum cleaners are shiny, whirring pucks from the future. Some, like the Ecovacs Deebot N79S, are more suppressed. This isn’t an awful vacuum cleaner whatsoever, but potentially one that’s a little bit on the plain side. Still, it’s actually regarding how it cleans those issues, not just how it looks.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

You have several modes to select from with the Deebot N79S, and it comes with a remote that it’s quite responsive too. Yes, you can utilize your smartphone to control the N79S, however, the vacuum seems to prefer using the combined remote.

In our tests, we were excited with the Deebot N79S’ ability to not plunge to a very early end at the end of our high stairs, so its world-sensing abilities depend on extinguish. With the help of Google Assistant, it did have a tendency to get stuck under furnishings, nevertheless, so you might come home to find your Deebot wedged under a coffee table, incapable to obtain itself complimentary.

Do not anticipate a deep clean with this robot vacuum, but it will certainly gobble sufficient to get surface dust and dust off of your wood floors and carpet. Perfectly, the Deebot N79S is instead quiet, making night vacuuming possible.

It’s additionally compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant with the help of Wi-Fi, so you can establish the Deebot N79S robot vacuum cleaning using just your voice commands. Alexa Google can be greatly helpful sometimes.

What to Consider?

While using a robot vacuum is easy enough, purchasing the best robot vacuum can be overwhelming. Below are the primary aspects to look for when thinking about which one to buy.


If you have furniture that’s hard to relocate or low-clearance items like couches or bed frameworks, you’ll wish to take note of the elevation of a robot vacuum cleaner; the various other measurements are typically within the variety of reasons for a regular home. For instance, I have numerous radiators in my home with a 3.5-inch clearance that slim vacuums can obtain under, while just-slim-enough models occasionally get stuck, and too-thick designs bump up against and go in other places. If you desire your robot vacuum cleaner to get under your low-clearance furnishings, make sure you choose a version that is slim sufficient to do so.


It is very important to think about what functions you really need. For instance, if you work from house and are rarely away, HD cams aren’t useful because you can keep tabs on your residence with your own eyes. If your floors are covered with carpet, you do not need your robot vac to wipe. I additionally nearly never ever use voice control out of individual practice, yet if you make use of Alexa and Google Assistant for whatever, then compatibility with those solutions is a must. Google Assistant can be really convenient.


You can conveniently acquire added filters or side brushes for robot vacs, but we think having them consistent with the system is much better. Every one of our top picks includes useful extras like brushes or dirt disposal bags.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Simply put, yes. With Wi-Fi connectivity, robot vacuums can be extra pricey than an upright or cordless vacuum cleaner however you’re paying for the added convenience of not needing to do the vacuuming yourself. Best Robot vacuums are a great solution for active individuals who just don’t have time to put the vacuum cleaner around yet they also supply a great option for those with flexibility concerns because all you need to do is change them on.

Numerous robot vacuums deal well with both wood floors and carpeted locations but if your house has lots of staircases then, you’ll need an extra vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs. With many robot vacuums suitable for programing from your phone, you’ll have the ability to switch over these devices on when you’re out and concerning and come home to clean floors.

Can a Robot Vacuum Replace a Normal Vacuum?

Robot vacuums can provide a very excellent tidy, even on thick area rugs that make them a great alternative to an upright or various other kinds of vacuums. They’ll be more convenient also as you can set them to function when you’re hectic doing various other things. The dirt cups on robot vacuums are often smaller than you would certainly anticipate locating on a canister or an upright vacuum.

While robot vacuums do not have crevice devices that work well down the side of your couch or on your staircases, these devices do usually have tiny brushes outside of their shells. The brushes do an excellent work of obtaining near baseboards and seeing to it that any crumbs, dirt, or pet hair on difficult floors does not run away from the vacuum cleaner’s suction.

How do Robot Vacuum Cleaners work?

Robot vacuums have a collection of brushes on the bottom of the equipment that work together to gather dirt and pet hair that they are available in contact with. The dirt and pet hair are then gobbled into the dirt cup, which is suited to the body of the vacuum cleaner. A lot of are fitted with smaller-sized brushes that extend past the area of the vacuum and the objective of these is to reach dirt and pet hair that’s settled against walls or in awkward locations.

Advanced robot vacuums have lasers on the front of the machine and some on the bottom of the device too. These lasers identify where furnishings, items, and edges remain in your house assisting to avoid bumps and high cliff detection protects against the maker from falling down the stairways.

The dust and dust that the robot vacuums will experience a filter and be gathered in a dust mug, which you’ll be able to remove and clear when it’s full.

How to Clean a Robot Vacuum?

Though robot vacuums automate cleaning your floors, they are not totally hands-off. There are numerous treatment and maintenance steps you should require to guarantee your vac runs correctly for many years ahead. Manufacturers supply clear directions for how to clean and keep your robot vacuum in the customer guidebook or smartphone app.

Empty the Dust bin

Depending upon just how dirty your residence is, you will want to empty your robot vacuum cleaner’s dustbin after every use. If you run your vac on a daily basis and don’t have pets, you can escape doing this duty when a week.

Clean the Filter and Dustbin

This is a regular job. cleaning the filter is important due to the fact that the vacuum doesn’t tidy too when the filter is unclean. A lot of versions’ filters and dustbins can be cleaned with water. I typically tidy and extensively dry the dustbin while letting the filtered air completely dry. While the filter is air drying, I put the extra filter that a lot of systems come with. Whatever you do, see to it the filter and dustbin completely dry completely before you use them again.

Clean Front Wheel, Brushes, Sensors, and Charging Dock

You ought to do this every 2 to 4 weeks. Most robot vacuums come with a cleaning device with a brush on one end and a cutting blade on the other. Use these to eliminate hairs that are wrapped around the brushes and wheel and to brush away debris. Use a soft dry cloth to dirt the sensing units and billing calls per the supplier’s directions.

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