Dyson Stick Vacuums, Reviews for the Newest Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners, also known as stick vacuum cleaners, totally free you from the irritating faff of cord. They’re lightweight and versatile, easy on the back, and work on rechargeable batteries, implying say goodbye to annoying connecting and unplugging as you move your house. There are different range designs, some have far more power than others, far better add-ons, and, most importantly, longer battery life.

Having a powerful vacuum cleaner makes an essential difference in your house’s sanitation degree. Several of the best modern vacuums are lightweight, cordless, and powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They’re also flexible: Many can take care of different types of floor covering, from thick carpet to hardwood floor, and they typically feature helpful attachments to aid with tasks around the house. Dyson was the initial to pioneer this area with a collection of capable Cyclone V collection stick vacuums. And the following are some of the best models.

Dyson V7 Animal

The Dyson V7 Animal is a cordless stick/handheld vacuum that carries out best on carpets. It’s lightweight, maneuverable, and features a selection of tools and brushes that can assist with various jobs. Regrettably, its battery life is frustrating, so it’s not suitable for long cleaning sessions. The dirt compartment is tiny and requires frequent draining, but it’s or else a fairly easy vacuum to keep. Unfortunately, it falls short to gobble cumbersome particles like cereal on bare floors.


The Dyson V7’s build quality is simply alright. Similar to various other Dyson versions like the Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright, it looks premium but doesn’t really feel really sturdy. It’s practically entirely made of plastic, even the wheels on the major head, without rubber anywhere to maintain it from sliding when you lean it against a wall. The dustbin is made from transparent plastic and really feels especially breakable like it might break if you drop it.

On the other hand, constructing a vacuum is easy and instinctive. The components clip together, and there’s a switch you can use to rapidly unclip them when you intend to reconfigure the vacuum cleaner.

Easy to Maintain

Compared to Dyson V8, the Dyson V7 is rather simple to maintain. There aren’t lots of parts that you require to clean, and they’re very easy to gain access to.

Dirt compartment: The dust area is a little bit on the tiny side, so you require to empty it frequently. It’s very easy to remove, and you can clear it without soiling your hands. You may need to make use of a damp towel to clean particles from the lint display.

Mini brush roll: Like the major brush roll, you can also take it off the turbo brushes to eliminate any debris or twisted hair.


The Dyson V7 has frustrating battery life. On its ‘Max’ setting, with the stick extension and motorhead connected, the battery does not last long, and the vacuum can only be used for quick cleaning sessions.

On the ‘Powerful’ setting, which is the lowest setup, without any extension wand and a regular tool attached, it lasts over 30 minutes. It takes virtually 3 hrs to the bill, and you can’t utilize it while billing. Unlike the Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright and Dyson V8, it does not have any kind of indicator lights to let you understand when your battery begins running low.

Tools And Brushes

The Dyson V7 comes with numerous devices and brushes, including a turbo brush, soft bristle brushes, hole device, extension stick, and a mix of hard bristle brushes and upholstery tools. You can clip all devices to the stick or directly to the vacuum cleaner.

Easy to Maneuver

The Dyson V7 has excellent maneuverability, extremely comparable to the Dyson V11 Pet. It’s light, simple to bring around, and it’s very easy to change between devices. Regrettably, the swivel on the major motorhead gets embedded a straight placement if it’s lifted too much. On its highest possible max power setup, ‘Max’, the powerful suction pulls on carpets and hinders movement, so you need to set it to max ‘Powerful’, which is the lowest setup, to be able to relocate appropriately. The suction may vary based on the floor types, something like whether you have a carpet or not. It struggles on a carpet, also in the most affordable setting, but the mini motorhead does excellent work on the sofa.

Cleaning Performance

Bare floor

The Dyson V7 is a suitable selection for cleaning up bare floors. It’s really effective at sucking up family pet hair and particles like sand yet has a difficult time with a bulky product like grain. It’s simple to navigate since it doesn’t evaluate significantly, and you can conveniently clip and unclip its devices. It’s additionally decently simple to preserve.

The Dyson V7 has a good performance on bare floors. It’s fantastic at getting animal hair and particles like rice from these surface areas. However, it struggles with bulkier material. Particles like grain can obtain bossed around by the vacuum cleaner without going under it, and if you lift the motorhead to try and avoid this, the brush roll sends the cumbersome debris flying. However, there’s no other way to adjust the head height or shut off the brush roll to quit this from happening.

Low-Pile carpet

The Dyson V7 is excellent for low-pile rugs. It does wonderful work of tidying up animal hair and huge debris on this surface area, and it’s also great a sucking up small particles. It does not have a surface kind modification, yet it has 2 power setups. The max power mode did great on the floors we tested. It’s additionally relatively simple to keep and has an excellent ability to move.

Excellent efficiency on low-pile rugs. It’s amazing at getting family pet hair and big particles like sand and does a fantastic task at cleaning up tiny particles like baking soft drinks. Its efficiency continues to be consistent even when the dirt area is half complete.

High-Pile Carpet

The Dyson V7 is good for high-pile carpet, better than a Shark Upright. It does not have a surface kind of change, however, it still carries out effectively on this surface area. It tidies up almost all hair and a decent quantity of tiny particles like cooking soda yet battles with huge particles like sand. The vacuum cleaner is fairly basic to keep and is simple to maneuver.

This Dyson V7 is impressive on high-pile carpets. It does exceptional work with animal hair and additionally gets a great amount of fine debris like cooking soft drinks. It has a hard time much more with bigger particles like sand, yet on the plus side, its efficiency stays regular as its dirt area loads.

Pet Hair

The Dyson V7 Animal is a superb option for cleaning up pet hair. It has no problem sucking it up from any kind of surface kind, from bare floors to high-pile rugs, better than a Shark Upright. It has a removable brush roll, which makes it easier to cut away tangled hair, and features a turbo brush you can use to tidy hair off of fabric-covered furnishings.


The Dyson V7 is remarkable for stairways. You can use it as a portable vacuum also, and because it’s cordless, you can quickly lug it backward and forwards stairways. Free of the cord, these vacuums did great during tests. Its efficiency on bare floors is good, and it executes finest on the carpet. It also features a turbo brush to make it simpler to vacuum your stairs.


Superb for cleaning up autos. The Dyson V7 can be utilized as a handheld vacuum by removing the extension wand, it’s light to carry, and it has superb performance on low-pile carpet, as it has the ability to clean any type of debris. It additionally features a turbo brush and a hole device to vacuum those tight rooms in the auto. Compared to shark upright, this model did better on the floors we tested.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is a totally great cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner, free of the power cord. It has the ability to clean up all kinds of debris on bare floors without excessive trouble, and it additionally does a terrific job on low along with high-pile carpet, although it battles a bit much more to grab little and large debris from carpet surfaces. Nevertheless, it has a plasticky construct of high quality that doesn’t feel really durable. Its hose pipe range can also be a little restricting for some cleaning utilizes as it’s rather brief.


The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute has only fine-developed top quality. Much like the Dyson V8 Animal and Dyson V7 Animal, it has a mainly plastic construct with a vibrant, light-weight steel stick, much better than a Shark model. However, it isn’t the most sturdy-feeling, and its plastic dust area specifically feels like it can split if dropped.


The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is average to preserve. While it’s made to make maintenance simple, there’s a lot of components that need normal cleaning. Have a look at the JASHEN V16 if you want a stick/handheld vacuum cleaner with fewer parts that require to be cared for.

Dust compartment: The dust compartment is fairly tiny and requires frequent draining. Debris can also spread while you’re clearing it. To get to the dust area, you need to get rid of the wand and cyclone.

Dust display: Depending on your usage, you need to clean this display when essential by utilizing a wet towel to get rid of debris. You can only access this component once the dust compartment is removed.

HEPA filter: This filter needs to be cleaned once a month with cold water or when the filter maintenance sign illuminates. This part is located on the top of the vacuum and can be accessed when twisted counter-clockwise to unlock and eliminate.

Mechanized head and tool: When needed, you can clean the mechanized head and tool by utilizing a coin to open its side cover and slide out the brush roll. You can clean this component whenever there are hair covers by using scissors or your hands.

Soft roller cleaner head: 2 brush rolls can be opened by a coin. If there are any kind of hair wraps, you can eliminate them by hand or with scissors. You can additionally clean this get rid of cold water.

Turbo brushes: Just like the motorized head, you can clean this component by getting rid of hair wraps with scissors or your hands.


This vacuum’s battery efficiency is respectable. On the ‘Suction 1’ setting and with the major powerhead connected to the stick, its battery can last simply over an hr. However, if you have a harder mess to tidy, you require to do it quickly, similar to the ‘INCREASE’ setting, the battery lasts less than 10 mins without the wand or any kind of power tools affixed. Luckily, there are 3 LED lights on the vacuum’s body that allow you to know when your battery is running low. This model has great ratings and reviews, free of trouble.

Tools and Brushes

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute features a lot of tools that conveniently clip onto the wand, hose, or vacuum. The hard bristle brushes can pull back to end up being the upholstery brushes while the adaptable hole device can extend and link to the little dusting brushes, which gets this machine great ratings and reviews. There are also harder bristle brushes for stubborn dirt along with a 180-degree extension cleaner, which can help you tidy high-up areas.

Cleaning Performance

According to reviews and ratings, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright is terrific for bare floors. It quickly picks up pet hair along with little and big particles, and it has a great ability to move. Nevertheless, it has a plasticky build that doesn’t really feel very tough.

Low-Pile Carpet

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright is excellent for low-pile carpets during the tests. On the floors we tested, it gets animal hair along with most little and large particles fairly quickly and it has excellent maneuverability, especially as it can be made use of as a portable vacuum cleaner, you can see it from the video of the test. Nonetheless, this machine has an average develop high quality and several components need to be routinely kept. On the other hand, as long as you take care of it according to the instruction of this model, there won’t be any problems according to reviews.

High-Pile Carpet

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright is good for high-pile carpets. While it has a hard time a bit much more with little and large debris on this surface area kind, it conveniently cleans up all pet hair without trouble. It also has a lot of continuous maintenance requirements however as long as you effectively care for the vacuum cleaner, it has virtually no reoccurring prices.

Pet Hair

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is outstanding for pets during tests. As the video shows, it can tidy up pet hair from all surface kinds with little problem and its handheld configuration makes it easy to tidy animal beds. This vacuum cleaner also has virtually no persisting prices, which is nice.


The Dyson Cyclone V10 Outright is excellent for staircases. The video shows that this lightweight, cordless vacuum can conveniently go up and downstairs, and although its tube has a brief reach, you can constantly configure the vacuum cleaner into a portable mode if you want a closer tidy. It does an overall outstanding task on bare floors and it’s fantastic on rugs also during the tests. Nonetheless, its developed high quality does not seem one of the toughest and components that might fracture if gone down.


The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute goes over for cars and trucks. Thanks to its handheld configuration and a wide variety of devices and brushes, you can get to difficult-to-reach edges and clean stuck-on dust without too much difficulty. It can get pet hair in addition to most small and huge particles from low-pile carpets.

Dyson V11 Animal Stick Vacuum

V11 Torque Drive, Dyson’s brand-new top-of-the-line cordless vacuum, free of the power cord. Not just does it have actually an updated digital electric motor that produces more suction, however, there are three onboard microprocessors and a smart brush bar that can detect what type of surface you’re vacuuming and immediately readjust the suction to assist in saving battery life.

The Dyson V11 Animal is a cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner, free of the power cord. It has an excellent overall performance on most surface area types, from bare floors to high-pile carpets. If you utilize it as a portable vacuum with its most affordable power setup, the battery provides over an hr of continual usage, great if you’re vacuuming your car or one more far-off place. Nevertheless, it feels heavy in your hand when you use it as a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It’s made of plastic that does not feel incredibly strong and its dirt compartment gets on the tiny side. Thankfully, it sustains basically no persisting prices and is relatively simple to maintain.


The Dyson V11 Animal’s build high quality is simply okay. The layout looks wonderful, however, aside from the wand, which is made of lightweight steel, it’s virtually totally constructed from plastic that does not feel exceptionally tough. You can see that on the upside of the vacuum, you can easily access it on top of them. There’s also a grippy rubber strip near the top of the handle, which assists stop it from sliding and falling over when you lean it versus a wall.


This vacuum cleaner is halfway decent easy to keep. It has a few parts that need to be removed and kept consistently, however they’re all very easy to gain access to. There’s a light on the handle that indicates when something is blocking the vacuum and one for when the filter requires cleaning or isn’t correctly installed.

Dirt compartment: You require to remove the stick before you empty the dust compartment. It can be cleared over a dust bin or wiped with a moist fabric if needed. Vacuums with dust bins are well received among customers according to their reviews and ratings.

Filter: Clean once a month, or when the filter sign illuminates.

Lint display: This component lies inside the dirt compartment. You need to clean up dust and debris from it as needed.

Brushroll: Hair tends to wrap around the main brush roll and requires to be removed now and then by hand or with scissors.


This vacuum’s battery efficiency is all right. If you use it in its portable mode set to ‘Eco’ setting, it’s the very least powerful setup, it can supply more than an hour of continuous usage. However, the battery can be diminished in less than 10 minutes when it’s used as a stick in ‘Boost’ mode, one of the most effective setups, so you need to work promptly if you have a big mess to take care of. Unlike the Dyson Outsize Outright+, it doesn’t have a 2nd battery that you can charge and exchange in to expand its total run time. Dyson outsize stick vacuums ASTM f558 are much better than Shark. If you are looking for a whole machine with great reviews and lower prices, go with Dyson outsize cordless vacuums.

Devices and Brushes

This cordless vacuum cleaner features many various devices and brushes to help you finish the job. Among the brushes has retractable bristles, so they can be used for dusting or on upholstery. The Dyson V11 Torque Drive variation comes with extra soft brushes for delicate surface areas and fabrics. Although there isn’t practically an extension stick, you can connect any type of tool to the end of the primary stick for included reach.

Easy to Maneuver

The Dyson V11 Animal has good maneuverability. Made use of in its stick arrangement, it feels a little hefty in your hand, but its slim design makes it simple to maneuver. Nonetheless, the top of the manage is a bit cumbersome, so you require to crouch to tidy under low furniture like sofas and coffee tables. The portable setup makes it very simple to tidy furnishings.

Cleaning Efficiency

Bare Floor

The Dyson V11 Animal model works great on bare floors during the tests. It does an excellent and consistent work of grabbing pet hair in addition to tiny and large particles, and efficiency remains constant as its dirt compartment fills out. Although its construct quality is simply fine, as its plastic parts appear a little bit vulnerable, it’s fairly easy to maintain.

This vacuum has excellent bare floor efficiency. Despite the dust compartment complete, it still does practically along with it does when it’s vacant. It doesn’t suck up huge debris like cereal in addition to it does with little particles like rice, but it does an impressive task with family pet hair.

Low-Pile Carpet

The Dyson V11 Pet helps clean low-pile carpets during the tests. It executes regularly also as the dust area fills up, and it handles to clean a lot of particles well. Nevertheless, its construct quality is only okay, and its plastic feels a little bit breakable. It’s relatively very easy to preserve, though.

This vacuum executes extremely well on low-pile carpets. As shown on the video, it doesn’t take care of capturing as many particles as it does on bare floors however still does remarkably well with pet hair. It does a better job with huge debris like sand than with little debris like cooking drinks. It also executes quite consistently regardless of how much debris is in the dirt compartment.

High-Pile Carpet

The Dyson V11 Pet is excellent for cleaning high-pile carpets. This machine does a remarkable task with its brush roll, and it can capture big particles like sand during the tests. While it has a hard time a bit with smaller debris, it does a superb job with pet hair, and it still does a decent job on the whole when the dirt area is full. On the disadvantage, its build high quality is only alright, although it’s still fairly simple to keep.

Pet Hair

The Dyson V11 Pet is exceptional for cleaning pet hair according to the tests. It does exceptional work of grabbing family pet hairs on any kind of surface area type. Its development quality is just alright, and if there’s hair wrapped around the primary brush roll, you need to remove it with either your hands or by using scissors.


The Dyson V11 Pet is excellent for cleaning staircases. It’s fairly portable, and its cordless style offers you an unlimited range, which is appropriate for fluctuating stairs. While it has a piece de resistance on all surface area kinds, its plasticky body appears a little delicate and as if it might break or break on effect.


The Dyson V11 Pet is wonderful for cars according to the cars we tested. It’s quite mobile, and given that it does not have a cable, you do not need to worry about its range. You can also reconfigure it as a handheld vacuum, and it features a gap device to make sure that you can reach those hard-to-clean locations.


Using the brand-new onboard display, you can toggle between the three power settings, which include eco, vehicle, and a unique boost mode fast hits of optimum for those difficult to clean locations. The display additionally shows precisely just how much staying run time you have actually left, which is a good function. On floors we tested, you can get up to 60 mins of run time, although boost setting will drain your battery in 6 minutes. Use it way too much and you’ll obtain a warning that you might be damaging the health of the battery, so use it moderately.

As for pricing, the higher-end Torque variation of the V11 costs $700, while the step-down V11 Animal ($ 600) ends a few functions yet is otherwise the very same.

While no more Dyson’s most current and greatest, this stick vac remains an outstanding performer. It’s also one of the most expensive devices in our test team. On hard floors, this Dyson vacuum cleaner essentially cleaned the bare floors tidy from dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaner, which has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, demonstrated near-flawless pick-up of both sand and black rice test examples (99.6% and 100%, specifically).

Family pet proprietors will certainly additionally value the V11’s expertise in getting rid of pet hair. During unscientific tests, the vacuum totally got rid of hair fibers and dust from mid-pile and low-pile carpets. Family pet hair pickup throughout hardwood surface covering went almost also. The only detractors were a stray glob the vacuum cleaner missed out on top of our test area and a few strands that ended up wrapped around the V11’s brush roll.

I certainly like just how very easy the V11’s dust bin is to clear. The customer loves vacuums with a bin. Just aim the vacuum cleaner into the garbage, and press a launch tab to open up the dirt container’s cover. To close it, draw the tab in the opposite direction. Other models we tested were a nightmare hereof. The Hoover BladeMax gave us the most trouble. Hair and dirt usually ended up being trapped deep inside its mug. I discovered its bin tricky to open, too. Worse, it isn’t always clear that the dirt container is firmly affixed.

Dyson also bundles numerous attachments in the box. Amongst them are a hole tool for cleaning up limited areas, a motorized tool for furniture, soft dusting brushes, and a persistent cleaning head for drawing ground-in dirt from a carpet and hardwood surface with solid suction. All this makes the Dyson V11 the clear choice for the very best cordless vacuum cleaner money can buy.

Dyson V15 Detect

The Dyson V15 Detect is a very functional cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner. It provides a phenomenal cleaning performance on both bare floors and high-pile carpet and hardwood surfaces and does amazing work of getting rid of particles from the low-pile carpet. It’s additionally lightweight, maneuverable, and features a broad choice of devices and accessories to suit different uses, including its laser cordless vacuum cleaner head that illuminates bits on bare floors. Its bagless style and cleanable, multiple-use HEPA filter mean that you shouldn’t require to worry about persisting expenses either. Regrettably, there are plenty of components that require to be maintained consistently, and the vacuum cleaner’s primarily plastic construction really feels a little inexpensive.


The Dyson V15 is relatively sturdy. It’s similar in appearance to numerous other Dyson cordless stick vacuums, specifically the Dyson V11 Pet, with a smooth design that looks unique. The leading part of the vacuum cleaner also has a rubber strip that lets you lean the vacuum cleaner versus the wall surface without it falling over. Unfortunately, its primarily plastic construction does not really feel especially strong, though its main stick is steel. Its clear plastic dustbin lets you inspect its present ability but additionally feels very fragile.


The Dyson V15 Detect’s upkeep needs are satisfactory. There numerous components that call for normal upkeep, though they’re extremely easy to accessibility.

Dust compartment: The dirt compartment is connected to the main body of the vacuum. You can empty it by pushing the release button, but you require to remove its wand before doing so. You can additionally unlock it from the main body by pressing the red release switch on the spinal column of the text to clean the dust display, which should be cleaned regularly with a moist fabric to get rid of any stuck on-debris.

Fluffy brush roll: You can rotate the impression on the left side of the Laser Slim Fluffy ™ vacuum cleaner head to launch the cozy brush roll from its real estate. It needs to be regularly cleaned up under cold water when needed, but you need to get rid of the bearings inside very first. You can wipe down the laser sensor lens with a tidy and lint-free cloth regularly, too.

Mechanized head brush roll: You can access the brush roll by utilizing a coin to get rid of the side cover on the side of the motorized vacuum head and then gliding the dismantle. You can after that remove any type of stuck-on particles by hand and remove hair wraps with a set of scissors.

Turbo brush roll: You can access this component by pulling a launch latch on the rear of the turbo brushes and removing it from stuck-on particles when required.

HEPA Filter: The filter is put near the top of the vacuum and can be eliminated by turning it counterclockwise to release it from its housing. It should be cleaned under cold water a minimum of as soon as a month or whenever the upkeep light suggests that it requires cleaning. Know that the vacuum does not activate if the HEPA filter isn’t placed in position.


The Dyson V15’s battery performance is alright. It supplies greater than 70 mins of run time if you use it in its ‘Eco’ power setting without any add-ons, though this goes down to under 10 minutes if you run it continuously in its high-power ‘Boost’ mode with the mechanized head, so you require to function swiftly when dealing with stubborn messes. That claimed it’s worth keeping in mind that battery life can differ considerably with the current suction power settings, chosen attachments, and general usage practices. The LED display in addition to the vacuum gives you a harsh price quote of the continuing to be battery life. Unfortunately, this vacuum cleaner takes fairly a long time to charge, at simply under 4 hrs.

Tools and Brushes

The Dyson V15 Detect includes a broad option of devices and accessories. It has some unique devices, like its Laser Slim Fluffy ™ head, which aids you to see little particles from bare floors. There’s also its cone-shaped turbo brush, which can clean up pet hair from fabric-lined surface areas, along with a mix tool that features a furniture device and a sliding tough bristle brush. The separate stiff bristle brush can dislodge stuck-on dirt and debris from various surfaces. An additional bristle brush is fit to dusting off fragile surface areas. You can also use its crevice device to tackle messes in tight spots. While it does not have a dedicated expansion stick, every one of the included accessories can fit the primary wand to assist you in tidy hard-to-reach areas. These models also have great reviews and ratings during the tests, the whole machine works well and can deep clean the floors we tested, better than any Shark upright models.

East to Maneuver

The Dyson V15 has excellent ability to move. It can quickly navigate cluttered rooms thanks to its rotating head. You can also maneuver over or around blockages, like electric cords, due to its lightweight building. Getting rid of and attaching various devices and devices is a straightforward process, and cleaning on top of furniture in its portable setup is instead very easy. You require to crouch relatively low to the ground to clean under sofas, tables, and various other low-lying furniture thanks to its bottom-mounted deal with and slightly protruding filter. Sadly, it could be hard to clean high-pile carpets and hardwood surface due to its high suction power, that makes it difficult to push around and can drag smaller rugs around if you do not depend on them to keep them in position, depending on the floor type. Hardwood floor type is the most difficult to deep clean according to most customer reviews, but any Dyson model can do much better than Shark models during our test. You can watch the video ratings on the website.

Cleaning Performance

Bare Floor

The Dyson V15 is exceptional for bare floors. It gets rid of pet hair and small and large particles, like rice and grain, without difficulty on this surface type. Much better still, the suction efficiency of these vacuums remains consistent as its dirt compartment fills up. It’s also rather maneuverable and incurs virtually no persisting expenses as long as it’s properly kept. Unfortunately, it does not really feel specifically sturdy and has plenty of components that require routine cleaning.

Low-Pile Carpet

The Dyson V15 is excellent for cleaning low-pile carpets. It does an outstanding work of sucking up animal hair and little, great particles like cooking soda and gets rid of a remarkable quantity of bigger debris, like sand, from this surface area type. However, while its mainly plastic building makes the vacuum lightweight and simple to maneuver, it does not feel specifically sturdy.

High-Pile Carpet

The Dyson V15 supplies remarkable performance on high-pile carpet. Thanks to its bagless style and washable filter, it incurs nearly no repeating expenses. It removes pet hair, fine particles like a baking drink, and larger products like sand from this surface type without much problem. However, its high suction power makes it challenging to maneuver on the high-pile carpets and can even drag some smaller carpets around if you don’t base on them to keep them in place.

Pet Hair

The Dyson V15 is outstanding for cleaning up animal hair. It does exceptional work of sucking up animal hair on bare floors and reduced and high-pile rugs. It also has a recyclable HEPA filter that traps irritants as you tidy, which is terrific if you have a heavily losing family pet. You can also eliminate the brush rolls for the majority of its tools, which makes it easier to get rid of hair wraps, though several components need routine servicing. These vacuums, with great ratings and reviews, can come with a good price too.


The Dyson V15 is a wonderful alternative for cleaning your stairways. Its light-weight building and construction and conveniently reconfigurable design make it easy to use as a portable vacuum cleaner, and given that it’s cordless, you can clean bigger stairs without bothering with swapping electrical outlets or tripping over a power cable. It delivers exceptional general efficiency on bare floors and reduced and high-pile rug, so you need to be able to conveniently clear particles despite your stairs’ surface kind.


The Dyson V15 is a superb option for cleaning up your automobile. It can easily reconfigure into a lightweight, rather small handheld vacuum, and you don’t have to worry about staying near an outlet as a result of its cordless style. It also includes a variety of tools and devices, including a gap device to take on messes in dilemmas and a conelike turbo brush to clear messes on auto furniture.

Comparison of Dyson Stick Models

Dyson controls the marketplace in the field of cordless stick vacuums and there are now numerous lines and versions. These lines appear rather logical: there’s a V with a number next to it. The greater the number, the better the stick vac. Vacuums, unlike upright vacuums, with cords are very inconvenient for most customers according to the reviews and ratings during our tests. However exactly what are the differences between these stick vacuums?

Dyson V11 VS Dyson V10 Cordless Stick Vacuums

Dyson V11: One of the most recent development is the Dyson V11, it has great customer reviews during tests, and the good price makes it very competitive too. The suction power approaches that of a typical hoover. Furthermore, the 60 mins of vacuuming are the real-time you need to vacuum the floor, so that’s with motorized add-ons. Contrasted to the cordless stick vacuums, the display is distinct. Here you can review the suction setting, see just how much battery you have actually left, and receive details about mistake messages. The V11 Outright also has a unique Torque nozzle. This immediately adjusts the suction power to the sort of floor.

Dyson V10: With the Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless stick vacuums, Dyson amounts to the suction power of a ‘typical’ vacuum cleaner. The powerful V10 motor additionally lets you vacuum for 45 mins in the most affordable setup and without electric attachments. Due to this, you not only make use of the stick vac for tiny vacuuming work, but you can additionally vacuum the whole residence with it. Do you want a cordless vacuum that changes your regular vacuum? Then the Dyson Cyclone V10 is for you.

Dyson keeps buying its cordless stick line and presented it in April 2019. It exceeded the previous upgrades of more power and battery life and included some brand-new technology.

The V11’s brand-new LED screen: Many people complain that cordless vacuums don’t provide you a warning before they close down. This model of stick vacuums gives you an LCD indicator of how much battery time you have left. Pretty cool. It’ll also tell you which of the 3 “power settings” you’re using and offer you maintenance tips/reminders.

Floor-sensing brush adjustment: This is the largest technology upgrade. The Dyson cordless sticks have always been known for their convenience of use, and this is an action better in that instructions. The vacuum cleaner will notice the sort of floor you’re on and change the cleaning power for a certain floor. The biggest advantage right here needs to be optimizing battery life.

The 20% more power is rather self-explanatory. This is Dyson’s (and probably the world’s) most effective cordless vacuum cleaner yet at 185 air watts.

Dyson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

New and enhanced technology abounds with every stick line that Dyson produces, which makes picking one challenging. In this acquiring guide, we provide you an overview of each cordless vacuum cleaner line and explain the various electric motors and batteries. We also talk about the features relevant to irritant control, home details, and floor covering styles.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner Line

Currently, Dyson has 4 stick lines with the V7 being the earliest in production (They renewed the V7 with the Pet Pro+ Edition). The V7 was built to be lightweight and flexible, and it’s still a solid entertainer despite its age. Nonetheless, with the V8, Dyson increased the suction strength and enhanced the irritant filtration and battery run time.

When it released the V10, Dyson presented the torque-drive floorhead to use interchangeably with the earlier direct-drive nozzle. V10 models also supply variable-speed suction, a much longer working time, whole-machine filtering, and a stronger motor.

The most up-to-date model is the Dyson V11, which boasts a variety of advanced innovations, consisting of a high-torque floorhead, touchscreen controls, automated suction readjust, and the most effective Dyson electric motor today. All four lines can be found in varying models. Each version provides a different option of floor nozzles and accessories.

Development of the Electric motor

Every Dyson stick consists of the brand name’s special digital motors that correspond to the name of the line. Due to their smaller dimension, lighter weight and brushless style, these DC (straight present) motors are very effective.

The Dyson V7 and V8 digital electric motors rotate at 107,000 rpm, offering effective brush roll action. Nevertheless, the V8 has attributes such as an acoustic baffle, closed-cell foam, and a fluted channel to minimize resonances and ultimately reduced the noise result.

In the V10 digital electric motor, the follower rotates at a greater rate– 125,000 rpm. It features a thermally bound ceramic shaft that’s more powerful than steel, a straight-line suction path, and an acoustic-regulating product. Because Dyson moved the impeller, the V10 is much better able to self-cool.

While the V11 electronic electric motor additionally has a direct suction course and accomplishes a 125,000 rpm speed, it includes a three-way diffuser that further improves the flow of air. Other benefits of this diffuser consist of the highest possible airpower level and lowest audio production out of all the stick vacuums.

Battery & Size of Your Home

The V7 and V8 stick vacuums are appropriate for tiny to average-size houses. Both lines have an optimum run time of half an hour and 40 minutes, respectively. They also assure fade-free suction. Nonetheless, the V8 has a nickel-cobalt-aluminum type of lithium-ion battery, which has greater energy and more thermal stability than the V7’s nickel-manganese-cobalt battery. Cordless vacuums with dust bins and lower prices can work well on carpet and hardwood surfaces too if they have powerful suction.

For the V10 cordless stick vacuums, Dyson used a higher capacity battery that has another cell than the V8’s six-cell variation. The nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery flaunts LED diagnostics to pinpoint cell destruction and elevation sensors considering that reduced temperatures can slow power and drainpipe lithium-ion batteries.

Dyson proceeded with its use of a nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery for the V11 designs. This battery includes diagnostics and elevation sensing units, and it can last approximately 60 mins per cost similar to the battery in the V10s. Nonetheless, the V11 battery has bigger cathodes, and you can monitor the battery life in real-time through the cordless vacuum cleaner’s touchscreen.

What’s Good About Each Floorhead

Each stick line has an option for floor covering of all kinds. If you have a hard floor and rug in your house, all the V7 and V8 designs include Dyson’s direct-drive floorhead. This head has nylon bristles that dig deep right into carpets and hardwood floors that softly sweep hard floors. Foor hard floor types, cordless vacuums with lower prices, and great reviews or ratings must have powerful suction to deep clean tight spaces.

If your hard floors are extra delicate, the V7, V8, and V10 Absolute featured a soft roller floorhead, which consists of woven nylon along with carbon fibers. The woven nylon is extra-gentle on hard floors, and the carbon fibers succeed at collecting dirt.

The V10 Absolute and Motorhead use a torque-drive floorhead. Like the direct-drive nozzle, the torque-drive variation cleans all floors. Nonetheless, it contains a DC motor, permitting the nozzle to loosen dust better and tidy carpets and hardwood surface deeper. For the two V11 versions, Dyson updated the floorhead’s torque, offering it the capability to instantly readjust the power to the certain floor covering.

How to Deal with Allergens?

One of the most effective functions of Dyson cordless vacuums is interest infiltration. Many allergic reaction sufferers understand the significance of having a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in their cordless vacuums. The good news is, every stick vac Dyson makes has a HEPA filter and a post-motor filter, both of which are incorporated in the V10 and V11 for ease of upkeep.

Those that experience mild to modest allergic reaction signs will certainly be pleased with the V7 or V8. These cordless stick vacuums are outfitted with 2 tiers of dust-separating cyclones– 15 total amount. They also have Dyson’s famous sanitary container that compels particles into the trash bin through a pull-up bar.

Specific features of the V10 and V11 lines accommodate individuals who have severe dust/pollen/dander/ et cetera allergic reactions. The 14 cyclones are clustered and the air path is straight, offering boosted irritant capturing. and, a pressurized seal and airtight gasket stop irritants from getting away and a point-and-shoot dust bin opener that’s less complicated to utilize.


What Tools Does a Dyson Stick Vacuum Have?

Dyson stick cordless vacuums can be used as a handheld vacuum. You can even maintain the post affixed if you need long-distance reach. Each design includes a various combination of accessories (although you can acquire others later on if you decide you require them).

All stick vac lines included several of the complying with devices. The combo-brush attachment provides convenient changes between dusting and crevice-cleaning tasks. There’s additionally a crevice wand that comes in handy when vacuuming between couch paddings or car seats.

For staircases and furnishings, Dyson makes a mechanized device with a revolving brush. The brand’s brush has nylon bristles that carefully clean surface areas. With the V11 models, you also get a stubborn-dirt brush with rigid bristles and a two-tool wand storage space clip combined with the wall-mounted storage space device that comes with all Dyson stick cordless vacuums.

How Many Years Does a Dyson Stick Vacuum Last?

Every one of Dyson’s stick vacuums is covered under a 2-year guarantee, which is two to 4 times longer than warranties given by many various other stick vac makers. The warranty is restricted, so it just covers manufacturing issues; however, labor and components (sans the filters) are included.

Keep in mind that the service warranty period does not show a Dyson stick’s regular lifespan. When effectively maintained, you won’t have to purchase another stick vac for at the very least 5 years. You may, however, need to change the battery at some time, but a replacement battery costs much less than a new vacuum cleaner.

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