Best Options to Get A Floating Yoga Mat

Here are some great options for floating yoga mats!




The FITMAT is a floating mat that supplies a new, fun, and dynamic means to workout. Its main feature is its rigidness and capacity to float on water. It can keep in unwanted of 400lbs without compromising its stability and can make the most fundamental exercises challenging. If there is no accessibility to water the FITMAT yoga mat has an amphibian-like top quality with a base add-on that can simulate all the difficulties of exercising on water. The FitMat can be used in an one-on-one setup or team setup with as much as 10-plus participants. As there are no other training modality that can simulate the benefits of the FITMAT, this yoga mat is likely to change the meaning of working out.


Newest Design – Land & Water


Made specifically for swimming pools, shorter, smaller steady design permits maximin stability in a small impact. The Drifting physical fitness mat consists of everything you require to create a course, tie down places and specifically developed BOGA tethering cables that connect the boards easily. The cord has actually constructed in resistance, like a bungee so it minimizes tugging and the results of one boards actions to an additional.


The FITMAT has actually been breaking waves in entire new areas of physical fitness, including physical water treatment, boot camp type workouts and of course aquatic YOGA and Pilates. It’s really transformed the accessibly of water physical fitness, particularly in colder settings where classes are being shown in swimming pools


One absolutely distinct feature of the FITMAT is the license pending LANDBASE Air component. This develops a Air Base underneath the FITMAT which duplicates the motions of water but ashore producing a controlled instability. We have these being used in fitness centers with individuals doing balance healing training, Mixed Martial Arts sparing training and physical therapy. This is an entirely new area of Physical fitness and training and this function is 100% unique to the FITMAT. This takes the FITMAT beyond the water and develops an additional value to your physical fitness customers.


Turtle Water Mats


Whether health club, club, resort, university, rehab, or residence setting these highly durable and flexible mats are inflated and all set to drift in mins. The portable very easy to roll up floating mat layout, over the shoulder FIT carry and FIT pump makes for simple storage space and mobility.


Our Aqua Flow Fit courses have tested and accepted the simple and stabilizing hook systems which is particularly made for long life in the water with safety and security as our primary concern. Turtle Water Mats are made from high quality PVC material and topped with a nonslip EVA pad which sustains the feet, hands, and your head when practicing your most difficult headstand on the water! The Aqua Flow FIT classes have been instructed to all levels of yoga and health and fitness and permits access to all, consisting of youngsters who definitely like leaping like a frog from mat to mat. Your pool experience will never ever be the same after stepping onto the Turtle Water Mat!


Slide Fit has been pioneering the floating physical fitness mat change with not just an excellent quality board, but thorough programs. Making Use Of Aquatic Based Stability Training (ABST) this fit floor covering provides a total body workout for all capacity levels. Our CardioWave program incorporates yoga, HIIT, core toughness and cool exercises to take full advantage of the advantages of drifting physical fitness. Slide Fits are running in over 200 facilities around the nation with magnificent success. From Colleges and city swimming pools right to the USA Military, this floating mat has come to be an exercise category all of it’s own, with Glide at the forefront.

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