How to Clean Cork Yoga Mat

Cork yoga mats all have natural antimicrobial and anti-bacterial top qualities, and they are eco-friendly too. This means that any microorganisms that make their way onto a cork floor covering will not be able to live there. Consequently, maintaining them clean and in long-lasting form is straightforward!


As the best cleaning solution, and while environmentally friendly, toxic-free, sweat-friendly, and anti-microbial are all buzzwords that tick some vital boxes, I’m not gonna lie, I also want my yoga floor covering to look quite fly (so to sidetrack from my doubtful standing splits pose). My personal favorite is the palms cork yoga exercise mat for its exotic vacation feelings and the peony cork floor covering for its delicate floral motif.


Due to the fact that cork yoga floor coverings are self-cleansing, the common mat cleansing process isn’t needed. Although environment-friendly cork yoga mat products are extremely long-lasting for hot yoga practice, over-cleaning or making use of unpleasant items will break the products quicker.


How to Clean A Cork Yoga Mat?


Cleaning your cork yoga mat, usage cold water on a soft towel. It is essential to avoid making use of any mat cleaners with essential oils or a lot of chemicals, as they can possibly harm the mat.


Currently, as the honored mumma to a brand-new Chuchka yoga floor covering, I intend to make certain she stays fresh and in good nick. I rejoice to find out that cleaning the mat is a really easy job. You can claim, it’s easier than a youngster’s posture (if you were a brilliant yogi with recognition for puns).


Gently clean the floor covering with a damp, soft towel or a non-abrasive sponge. The natural residential properties of cork push backwater, so this wiping-off procedure eliminates the excess water and maintains the style of the mat from fading.


The very best means to cleanse a cork floor covering is to make use of cold water on a soft cloth. Carefully clean down the mat with the damp cloth and afterward let it air dry before you roll it up and put it away. Be careful not to harm your mat by rubbing it hard with an unpleasant sponge.


If your mat looks discolored or it needs a deep clean, you can make your own cork floor covering cleaning spray.


When you’ve cleaned the floor covering tidy, hang it to air completely dry. When it has actually dried out off, roll it up with the top side (the cork side) outside. It’s made to be rolled by doing this, as this will ensure your mat rolls out great and flat each time you use it.


How Often You Should Clean a Cork Yoga Mat?


We advise cleansing your cork yoga mat as soon as a week. Nonetheless, if you happen to sweat a great deal or make use of the mat daily, you can clean it much more frequently.


How to Give Deep Clean to A Cork Yoga Mat


If your cork yoga exercise floor covering is discolored or has actually been used up a great deal in sweaty yoga sessions, you can make your own cork mat cleaning spray to offer it a deep clean.


Fill A Spray Bottle With:


3 components water

1 component witch hazel or white vinegar

5 declines of among these essential oils: lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, or eucalyptus. These essential oils are suggested because of their sanitizing qualities.


Actions to Deep Clean A Cork Yoga Mat


Shake the spray bottle.

Splash the mat and clean it tidy with a slightly damp, soft fabric.

Hang the mat to air completely dry completely.

As soon as dry, roll up the mat with the top (the cork side) facing the outside.

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