Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Organic yoga mats are excellent for yogis that want to have an extra lasting yoga technique during their yoga journey.


Utilizing all-natural and organic yoga products aids us to straighten our wort’s with our physical yoga exercise practice including hot yoga. A natural yoga mat is all-natural, safe, earth-friendly; they are softer on our skin and bodies as we practice. Mats constructed from all-natural fibers like cotton are sweat absorbing and easily machine washable, guaranteeing that your mat can always be clean and odor wonderful. A natural mat like one made of natural cotton is very easy to bring, making it fantastic for taking your technique anywhere you like and for traveling. Travel mat is very convenient. Textile yoga mats can be utilized inside, outdoors, or on top of your existing yoga mat for added convenience.


We’ve curated a list of the top natural organic cotton yoga mats you can discover on the internet, these mats sustain neighborhood artisans in the United States and around the world.


Jade Mysore Yoga mat


Jade is among the best eco-friendly and socially responsible yoga brands. They have a variety of mats that are environment-friendly. What Jade does in a different way than the various other major yoga exercise brand names is their Organic Cotton Yoga Rug.


These natural organic cotton yoga mats are hand loomed in India with organic cotton and are tinted with natural herb and veggie dyes. There are 5 different colors all utilizing a various herb or veggie for the color. Blue is made with Indigo, black is made from black ebony wood called karungali kattai, yellow is from turmeric, green from a plant called tulasi, and grey from cumin.


With each acquisition of these all-natural yoga mats, Jade gives away a week of hot meals to children in need in India. In fact, most of Jade’s yoga mats are connected with a cause that they contribute to with each acquisition. Reasons like cancer research and autism.


Aanandam by Abhineh Krafts


Abhineh Krafts’ yoga exercise line, Aanandam has a wide variety of beautiful certified organic cotton and natural fiber yoga mats. These natural yoga mats are some of the very best on Etsy. There more than 50 various kinds, from ordinary to very colorful.


The mats are durable, added thick, sweat absorbing and device cleanable. These environmentally friendly mats are additionally long and wide, making them perfect for any yoga exercise specialist. Aanandam also brings other yoga mats made of all-natural fibers. They have a mat for yoga made of a combination of premium wool & organic cotton. One more constructed from natural banana fiber, and turf fiber mats.


Certified Organic Cotton Mart


Organic Cotton Mart is a small craftsmen store on Etsy specializing in organic cotton items. The natural fiber yoga mat supplied is 100% organic and hand loomed in India. Organic Cotton Mart says that they help create work in the rural areas of India where these mats are made which they “register for the fair-trade motion.”


This all-natural cotton yoga mat is wonderful for those that desire a various sort of mat to the common rubber and plastic made mats. It has rave evaluations on Etsy for this specific mat, most stating it is perfectly made and premium quality.


Envelor Organic Cotton Yoga Mat


This organic yoga mat from the store Envelor sold on Etsy is from the brand name Sol Living. The benefits of this mat is that it is additional long, it measures 24″ x 72″, so if you such as added room on your mat, this set is ideal. The mat has an all-natural rubber support which assists make it extra non-slip on difficult surface area flooring, yet that does indicate it is not a 100% cotton mat. This non-slip mat is very helpful when you are doing OK.


Among the terrific aspects of natural yoga mats is that they are naturally sweat absorbing which aids keep it odor cost-free, you absolutely will not get that rubber scent that you get with most other yoga mats. Straightening your physical yoga experiment your general values as a yogi can aid you change your technique into a way of life. Organic yoga mats that are constructed from all-natural fibers are kinder to the earth and when you acquire one you are sustaining small businesses and craftsmens.

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