Pido Yoga Mat

If you want environment-friendly mats that won’t hurt your wellness and the setting, after that Pido yoga mats may be a great choice when you are in yoga class. The majority of Pido yoga mats are made of TPE and all-natural rubber. They have a soft pillow that will thrill anyone that has negative knees and joints.


Among the many Eco friendly Pido yoga mats readily available out there, we have picked 4 of the best models. Right here’s our detailed Pido yoga mat review.


Pido yoga mat is a cool new type of mat that can give us relief as we do our yoga poses. This is a relatively new product, so it’s not yet very well known. It’s made of a special material that’s non-slip and moisture-resistant.


It’s used like a regular yoga mat, but it’s a lot more comfortable to use and it’s more effective. This is a very interesting product, and there’s currently a lot of buzz about it among yoga enthusiasts.


Pido Yoga TPE Mat Double Colors


This TPE anti slip mat is printed with different structures to add rubbing and aesthetic appeals. We like exactly how this mat holds its ground no matter what the atmosphere is. You can expect that this mat won’t deform after each usage with its fast rebound in 0.1 seconds.


This specific Pido yoga mat is made of two-layer TPE. The front and backside have various colors and structures for superior grasp. The front has an S type texture while the behind has a wave appearance for hot yoga.


This mat weighs around 900 grams, which is a bit light-weight to carry around your shoulders. It’s 72 inches long making it longer than most standard mats available. It’s 24 inches wide and 6mm thick to give sufficient padding to your weak bones.


Pido Yoga Two-Sided TPE mat


This is really quite comparable to the TPE mat Double Shades except for the body placement lines to assist the novices from being slipping and sliding. It grips quite possibly and the layout is stunning. Remarkably, this comes out from the box with no scent.


This two-sided yoga mat is practically comparable to the dual shades TPE mat, with the exception of the lines. This mat is developed with positioning lines to aid you make the correct kind of every yoga exercise setting. It’s constructed from TPE which is why you can’t smell any kind of severe chemicals when you open it.


This mat seems to be strong and light-weight to carry around with its totally free strap. It gauges around 24 inches broad, 72 inches long, and 6mm thick. Amongst its several colors and patterns, we such as the pink and grey color mix.


Pido Traveling Yoga mat


For those searching for a portable mat for traveling, this particular Pido yoga mat is excellent for you. It folds right into a smaller sized size so it fits inside your knapsack. This is extra-long and extra-wide to fit all people of all sizes and shapes.


This travel yoga mat is very lightweight and its thickness is 1.55 mm.The top surface area is constructed from suede while all-time low is made from rubber. We like the soft, cozy feeling of suede microfiber and its capacity to absorb dampness.


The rubber backside offers an outstanding to stop the mat from relocating during technique. The largest mat added traction to the mat. Determining 72 inches by 26, it’s rather large.


Pido Yoga Mats Purchasing Guide


Pido Yoga provides 2 types of yoga mats: traditional and modification placement yoga mats. The distinction in between these 2 yoga mats is the lines. Improvement position yoga mats have actually alignment lines published on the front surface area while standard mats have none.


Pido yoga mats are normally made from TPE, suede microfiber, and all-natural rubber. Some mats have actually two materials fused into one product, like the Pido travel yoga mats. As a whole, Pido yoga mats are extra-long to offer even more space for yoga exercise method.


How to Clean Pido Yoga Mat?


The Pido yoga mats are simple to clean. After each usage, spot clean the mat utilizing a towel dampened with cold water and moderate cleaning agent. For persistent dust, use a wool brush.


For the traveling yoga mats that are made of suede, put simply it in the washing device under a mild cycle. Use a mild laundry detergent to secure the colors of the mat. Establish it to a cool temperature setting and program both spin cycle and rinse.


Once done, air dry outdoors far from straight sunshine. Constantly completely dry it flat to avoid the mat from deforming its form.

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