Sleeping On Yoga Mat

Can a yoga mat be made use of as a sleeping pad? Is it good for sleeping on a yoga mat? A yoga mat must not be utilized as a sleeping pad since yoga mats are not able to provide the correct insulation, long-term comfort, and compactness that sleeping pads can supply.


sleeping pads and yoga mats are merely developed for different usages. They are constructed out of various materials and therefore have a massive difference in weight. In addition, long term comfort will certainly differ between them too. You will be better off having a proper sleeping pad for outdoor camping and having a yoga mat for doing yoga.


What are the differences in comfort?


Sleeping Pads


sleeping pads are created to be slept on. Somebody even tried sleeping on the floor or sleeping on a hard surface. That’s what you’ll be doing when camping – but that’s the problem. Closed-cell foam pads are very soft yet solid enough to keep you from really feeling the hard ground. You can easily oversleep any type of setting on a sleeping pad all throughout the night. Some pads are extra comfortable than others based upon their materials, however closed-cell foam pads will certainly use extra sleeping convenience than a yoga mat will. Have a look at the sleeping pad that I personally use and highly suggest.


Yoga Mat


Yoga mats are quite comfortable for doing yoga. It is also a mat as a sleeping pad. They are not developed for long term convenience while resting. The rubber product that they are constructed from is not the most adapting your body. If you are a side sleeper after that you remain in a globe of discomfort. They are additionally very thin and thick, not making them suitable for resting on. As a matter of fact, they are created for you to be rather energetic on.


What are the differences in weight?


Sleeping Pads


Unlike traditional Japanese sleeping bags, sleeping pads for outdoor camping are much lighter than yoga mats. Especially, closed-cell foam pads are constructed from thick foam filled with small shut air cells. This product is much lighter than what yoga mats are made from. The foam pads can typically consider less than one extra pound, which is very extremely light. The weight of sleeping pads will vary depending on the material you choose, yet nevertheless, it is unusual to see a sleeping pad over 2lbs.


Yoga mat


yoga mats come in a range of various products yet are mainly made out of rubber materials.This rubber material is not quite as light as a typical foam sleeping pad. In fact, it typically weighs about 4-5x more. This puts the typical yoga mats a minimum of 4lbs or 5lbs. Some of them are made even thicker yoga mat, which means even more weight. They do have light-weight traveling mats that are better to 3lbs however that is still 3x much heavier than the foam sleeping pad.


What are the distinctions in insulation?


Sleeping Pads


Sleeping pads are created to maintain you warmer. They raise your body off the ground to restrict body heat loss from the cold ground. They additionally come with an “R-value” which means resistance value. This worth is just how well the sleeping pad can resist warm loss. You can obtain sleeping pads with varying r worths relying on exactly how cold the setting you will be camping in is. If you will be camping anywhere remotely chilly then going with a great sleeping pad is a great wager.


Yoga Mat


Yoga mats give essentially no insulation, they aren’t precisely made to anyway. They wouldn’t be extremely helpful for protecting against temperature loss. This would make them usable just on the hottest evenings. The rubber material catches really little air and thus makes it a bad insulator against heat loss with ground conduction. Do not other than a yoga mat to keep you warm.




Use yoga mats for your yoga and camping pads for camping. Yoga practices are not much like sleeping pads. Sleeping pads offer more insulation, are extra light-weight, and are much more comfortable for long-term use. Obtain a great sleeping pad from camping due to the fact that it is just one of the fundamentals. There are 3 major types of sleeping pads and they all have their staminas and weaknesses. Select one (or more) based on what your main usage will certainly resemble.

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