Flexio II Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


All-round vacuum cleaner maker with large drum capacity that ensures stronger suction power

Large dust bag that eliminates demand for constant changing

1,600 W Optimum Motor Power

Ergonomically designed wheels supply simple and easy ability to move and Cleaning up power. The wheel positioning makes the vacuum cleaner manoeuvrable regardless of its size, providing a much faster clean.

Adjustable Suction Power

Cleans Wet and Dry Surfaces

The Electrolux Flexio II wet & dry has a premium assembly of power & efficiency to clean your home and features a 15 litre large drum capability to help get your mansion spotless.

Flexio’s reliable filtering system successfully traps dust and air-borne fragments, guaranteeing a more sanitary and thorough tidy.

If anybody wishes to make sure correct sanitation at their residence, after that having a vacuum cleaner is a must. If you are intending to get a wet and dry vacuum, then it would be best to learn about it appropriately. Although, this vacuum is used extensively by the people you need to look into its benefits and drawbacks to obtain full details prior to investing your money in the home appliance.

Advantages of Wet and Dry Vacuum

Compared to the other cleaners, wet-dry vacuum cleaner is a great choice. It can clean both dry and wet messes in your home. It would decrease your cleaning time since you do not need to get mopped and water to cleanse the wet mess. It is quite very easy to throw away its drain system because it permits gathering both completely dry and wet waste. The mess gets stored in the chamber from where you can cleanse it. It features drainage hose pipe to ensure that the trash bin is gotten rid of easily.

The wet and dry vacuum features effective suction as compared to typical cleansers. This is the factor it is widely utilized in both industrial and domestic locations. It includes wet and completely dry filters. It will not let your rugs get unclean and will clean the spills and wet mess easily. It has actually also got fibers that can take in all the dust fragments from the floor and rugs.

Bottom Line


Among one of the most essential aspects about wet-dry hoover is its convenience of use. Actually, it can be made use of for best concerning any kind of cleaning job: it can grab tiny to large amounts of debris; tidy up wet spills; inflate bed mattress and pool toys; obtain items from a sink or even unclog a pipe; it can clean out your fireplace or wood stove and remove snow from pathways. As a matter of fact, wet-dry vacuum cleaners are a really helpful and effective tool that can replace several standard tool like air pumps, sponges, mops and spades.


Wet-dry vacuums are very effective for the removal of water and dust particles from the floor. They are also economical and make a great addition to any home cleaning toolset. Furthermore, considering that they feature a separate tub or collector which contains repaired motors, wet-dry vacuums, have very easy storage space centers for the gathered fluids or debris. In fact, even if your wet-dry vacuum might not have a significant storage tank it will certainly still have very solid suction power.


Although they are strong machines, wet-dry vacuum cleaners can be made use of in any kind of household. Actually, nowadays this purpose vacuum machine is extremely useful and very easy to move around. This is thanks to the rubberized non-marking wheels that they have which facilitate activity around the location without producing trouble. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners even have big back wheels which help the user carry them up and down the stairways with terrific liberty. Much more so, you can locate these powerful tools coming as cordless or handheld for included flexibility.

Disposal of Liquids

Wet-dry vacuum have two major disposal procedures. The drainpipe hoses to which they are connected enable really simple disposal of fluids while the accumulated particles can be removed by lifting the cover of the collection agency. Thus you do not require to lift any type of hefty containers to get rid of the gathered materials or spills due to the fact that these vacuum cleaners are outfitted with easy to use disposal devices.

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