Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

Blogilates Vegan Suede Yoga Mat with Style


Absorbent vegan suede top layer helps offer far better hold

Lightweight yet sturdy TPE reduced layer for optimum convenience

6mm total thickness provides costs cushioned support

Easy to roll up and all set to stow or go in no time at all

Motivating celestial print surrounds you in the calmness of the stars


This vegan suede yoga mat from Blogilates is made from soy-derived plant-based polymer and offers a surface for extending, presenting and discovering the delight in physical fitness. Made with a very absorbent vegan suede leading layer which will assist in the enhancement of grip when hands and feet become sweaty, this light-weight yet durable health and fitness mat additionally supplies a TPE lower layer to help supply exceptional cushioned comfort during hot yoga, Pilates and various other similar exercises. Acknowledged by leading physical fitness personality, Pilates instructor and designer, Cassey Ho,  the vegan suede yoga mat measures 69 inches long and 25 inches wide and features a tranquil celestial print with spread celebrities to advertise a more tranquil personal fitness room.

Yoga Studio Vegan Suede Microfiber Yoga mat 4mm

Anyone who wants to learn the benefits of yoga can learn at a workshop with a vegan-friendly yoga mat from our yoga line. With a natural 100% tree rubber base and a lavish absorptive microfibre layer on the top, the mats feel soft and lavish

however also offer you an excellent non-slip surface area that will not move or bunch up under your feet while you exercise. Perfect for yoga, Bikram, warm yoga, perspiring method, Pilates, and general workout.

In your class, there should be no towels bunched together or moving around. You can also create an aromatic diy mat cleaning spray with white vinegar on your own. Instantly enhance your technique. Added pillow, security, and responsive hold to reduce injuries during practise. You can use the cleaning spray by grabbing a small 2-4 oz spray bottle and filling for the job.


Ideal for warm yoga.

Environmentally friendly/ Vegan kind.

Natural tree rubber.

Free from silicone, hazardous adhesive and phthalates.

Say goodbye to sliding when damp. The mat holds better the much more you sweat! Feel good regarding the products you use.

Every one of our mats exceeds European and American criteria.

Includes durable carrying band.

Cleaning Guidelines:

Machine laundry alone with a cleaning agent (NO BLEACH) on gentle cycle in cold water.

To accelerate drying out, cover mat in a towel and eject excess water.

Hang to dry. (DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER).

Flower Moon Deluxe Suede Yoga Mat


Inspira’s launch luxury yoga mat is inspired by honeybees and designed with an incredibly plush and light weight anti-slip TPE bottom layer and a premium artificial suede top layer that gets grippier the more you sweat. Our mat is longer, larger, and thicker than a traditional yoga mat. Made with the customer in mind, our debut mat uses boosted knee and joint protection because of its 7mm thickness, making it the best device for yoga, extending, aerobic job, and stamina training.


Witchy floral all-over layout.

72in x 26in x 7mm.

Two-layer deluxe mat with ultra-absorbent micro-suede top later on and SGS certified TPE bottom layer that is naturally degradable, recyclable, and green. Hypo-allergenic, PVC totally free, latex-free, no rubber or contaminants.

Extra thick (7mm) lower layer for included comfort and security.

Deluxe suede top-layer that obtains grippier the lot more you sweat!? No worry! For included grasp, merely mist your mat with water before practice.

Moon-detailed service provider band.

Care Instructions:

As a result of the density of the mat, it is advised that you lay it out flat before use (use weight if required). Your mat will certainly not remain completely curved and need to lay entirely flat before use!

Cleaning your mat frequently is important for both mat maintenance and health.

For daily cleansing, use free household disinfectant wipe to wipe your mat down with a wet towel after usage.

For even more detailed cleansing, wipe your mat down with a bleach-free household disinfectant to kill microorganisms. You can also use a homemade anti-bacterial spray to kill germs and bacteria.

Hand-wash just.

See to it your mat has actually completely dried prior to rolling it back up.

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