Best Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2021

With their slim, storage-friendly profiles and ever-improving performance, rechargeable handheld vacuums are gobbling an ever bigger portion of the vacuum cleaner market. However cutting the cord provides a trade-off: convenience vs. run time. The batteries that power rechargeable handheld have a minimal run time, and it can take hrs for them to totally charge. Manufacturers know the problem. They’re lightweight, easy on the back and run on rechargeable batteries, suggesting say goodbye to irksome plugging and disconnecting as you walk around the house.

Features vary between models; some have even more power than others, better add-ons and, most importantly, longer battery life. Before you purchase, take into consideration the size of your residence, its occupants (consisting of cats and pet dogs!) and any added devices that may come in helpful. You can typically charge batteries within a couple of hrs and some models allow you get 2 simultaneously for twice the running time. The suction power of sticks is additionally obtaining more powerful as modern technology establishes, making the top-end performers a dazzling financial investment. Right here are the vacuum cleaners with the longest run times amongst models that do well in our vacuum cleaner tests. They’re detailed in order from one of the most to the least run time.

Top 10 Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

Starument Portable Hand Vacuum Handheld Cordless

This cordless vacuum cleaner is fitted with an ultra-powerful suction and a strong electric motor so you can remove dust, dirt, and other fragments that may be lurking on any type of surface.

Showing off a minimal and chic layout, this hand vacuum cleaner is available in three shades: black, white, and pink. It strikes the ideal balance of style and efficiency. Enjoy universal compatibility as this little vacuum effortlessly works with virtually any surface. It cleans your vehicle inside, sofa, carpeting, furniture, and even your keyboard!

The Good

Quickly tidy also hard-to-reach places as the limiting cables no more bound you. This hand held vacuum offers individual movement, making your cleaning tasks much more workable. The small body of this small vacuum cleaner makes it extremely comfy to carry about any place you need it. Its light-weight kind enables you to tidy longer without tiring your arms.

The Not-So-Good

It needs a lot of space to store, and it is a little bit heavy for you to drag around, so this may be the downside of this vacuum cleaner. But if you have a big space in your house, this should not be a problem for you.

What Customers Say

“This is a spectacular tool. I truly wished to enjoy it. I tried it with: vacuuming the inside of my kitchen cabinets, vacuuming my staircases, my children high chairs, my laptop keys, the within the sofas, and spot cleaning the floors. It worked on the drawers, laptop and staircases rather well, but the others were a drag. I had to go over the place means a lot of times. I’m returning it and trying the shark.”
“I really intended to like it since I truly do think it’s stunning. But alas, it isn’t for a mommy with two youngsters. This item is wonderful, hassle-free and has great suction. Unfortunately the battery just lasts about 2minutes on a full cost, I left it charging overnight and attempted to vacuum my stairways after immediately unplugging the vacuum and I hardly made it down stair before the vacuum died. Dream it lasted longer between costs!”

TaoHorse Handheld Vacuum Cordless Vacuum

This Taohorse provides exceptional pick-up on both its increase and auto modes, and includes a special display that counts down the battery life.

The increase mode supplies phenomenal pick-up on rugs and difficult floorings, however you only get 12 minutes of constant usage prior to it requires charging. On car mode, it skillfully adjusts the suction degree as you relocate in between hard flooring and carpet, assisting the battery last a lot longer.

The Good

Evaluating just 1.5 pounds, and being about the size of a wine bottle. Cleaning is made uncomplicated and storage space is made basic. Completely cordless!! With strong power and suction( 7500PA), you can overcome the dirt in seconds when the day-to-day mess is made. Enjoy approximately 30 minutes of max suction cleaning time from a full cost. ( Power adapter consisted of). Comes with a hole device, 2 brush add-ons( brief, lengthy) tidy hard-to-reach places and remove stuck-on dirt.

The Not-So-Good

A cleaning brush and storage bag are an incentive, not very easy for maintenance. But it is for sure that the LED light is a certain. It will allow you see what you’re cleaning up even in dim surrounding light or while working inside the automobile.

What Customers Say

“First off– visual. I like the touches of mint eco-friendly shade. This vacuum cleaner is well packaged and includes an extra filter and head devices. It’s ideal for getting involved in those tough to reach locations of your auto yet I enjoy utilizing it to grab the pet hair after sweeping. It’s a great handheld vacuum cleaner!”
“I need a small portable vacuum cleaner that I can make use of for little things. Not just that however my kids love to help. This vacuum cleaner is so easy to use. The suction is excellent and it goes along with extra components. Highly suggest if your seeking something tiny and compact. I was truly happily shocked by the stamina of the suction in this point, particularly provided how small and light it is! We have a bigger plug in Dyson but it’s not constantly practical to pull it out, nor do we have a plug by the automobile to use it.”

TERWOK Handheld Vacuums Cordless

There’ll be no more looking at and over the same unclean spot of rug with this featherlight Hoover.

It scored leading marks in almost all of our pick-up examinations, gobbling both fine dirt and larger debris like biscuit crumbs easily. The turning brush in its floorhead successfully nips out pet dog hairs, as does its portable turbo brush, making it a wise buy for pet dog owners.

The Good

This portable automobile vacuum cleaner is cord-free and problem-free which offers you extra comfort to your cleaning work. The light-weight and cordless style of this hand vac helps cost-free your activity to almost everywhere for cleaning your staircases, kitchen, car or hard-to-reach edges. Equipped by 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and quick charge technology, Handheld hoover delivers up to 20-25 mins of continual run time after 2-3 hrs full charge.

The Not-So-Good

It can satisfy the demand for deep cleaning dust from your kitchen area, living room to bed room. This little vacuum cleaner cordless can help you to do all-around cleaning with a powerful electric motor and long Lithium battery life. The mobile vacuum cleaner cleans dirt, crumbs, family pet hair from carpets, kitchen area, living room and offices with superior efficiency.

What Customers Say

“This handheld vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to use. gone along with all small devices for all functions, such as a deep pocket, deep internal edge hair, under-seat, etc. Specifically, the cordless, provide me a lot of comforts. his portable vacuum is just so hassle-free and light weight and I simply have it in my hand and take it to anywhere I want. If under the seat, I can link the device with a long narrow mouth to suck the edge, for the hair, you can utilize the brush one. It’s simply bringing me the pleasure to clean my car and MUCH A LOT EASIER. Thanks for the practical item.”

Fityou Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, Rechargeable

Our Handheld vacuum makes use of a high-power motor with suction up to 5.8 Kpa. Sturdy usage in wet/dry conditions, it can easily tidy dust, crumbs, cat trash, animal hairs.

Tips: The crevice nozzle can make the suction a lot more effective. The cordless hoover, built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery, is lightweight and portable for usage at anywhere, only takes 3.5 hrs to be fully charged, and might last 20-25 minutes, Make your life easier.

The Good

This portable vacuum has a detachable and cleanable stainless steel filter, and the filtering and dust elimination effects are considerably enhanced. It can deep cleaning of your vehicle and residence. This is ideal selection for you. With 3 different types of accessories, The portable Cordless vacuum can aid you extensively clean up the dirt of couch, wall, staircases and other hard-to-reach locations. Provide a complete variety of cleaning your home environment. Say goodbye to stress over dead edges!

The Not-So-Good

The hoover is equipped with 3 added valuable accessories, but it’s not very convenient to use. The expansion hose pipe can connect with a brush to clean hard-to-reach locations in your home or vehicle. The duckbill is made use of for cleaning the space and ac unit electrical outlet.

What Customers Say

“I was surprised at the amount of suction this point has. I utilized it in my vehicle and at first it was hard to use. It had excellent suction however it was having a problem getting some things off the floor. Had I understood at the time there were accessories that came with it, I would have used them. My other half did not tell me it had attachments. As soon as I saw the brush accessory I tried it on my bed where the feline chose to lay, it picked it up quite possibly. I did quickly try it in the sink to suck up water since it claimed it was a wet/dry vac. It was parched and gobbled the water rapidly.”

UPFOX Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless - Mini Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable

UPFOX handheld vacuum cordless has a cute form, and this little vacuum cleaner is less than 400g.

Mini size and lightweight design appropriate for all kinds of people, especially for women. Wireless vacuum cleaner layout will certainly release your movement when cleaning up the edge of home, vehicle, or workplace. You can position this mobile vacuum cleaner in any type of storage area. Begin a pleasant journey with a UPFOX portable vacuum cordless.

The Good

UPFOX wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, which provides as much as 20 minutes of battery life for vacuuming in just 2.5-3 hrs per fee. The turbo motor gives a steady 6500Pa solid suction for UPFOX small vacuum cleaners. With the efficient design, the portable cordless hoover reduces the sound to 65dB, it can prevent your households and pets from being interrupted.

The Not-So-Good

UPFOX handheld vacuum cleaner can be used in home/office/car/ bathroom/carpet cleaning, but it depends on your own need, you have to decide and use accordingly. But it will help you quickly tidy dirt, pet hair, sand, food residue, little liquids, debris concealed in pillow or sofa. It’s an ideal present for friend or families!

What Customers Say

“This was a fantastic acquisition. It functions wonderful and it is tiny. I actually got this for my 4 years of age as a birthday celebration existing due to the fact that she likes to “clean” and I figure why pretend. It is fantastic and I located myself using it a load too. I LIKE this little vacuum cleaner! My pet drops like crazy and I maintain this little guy in my car. It comes with attachments and the suction is amazing! I also utilize it to obtain the hair of my clothing rather than a lint roller, might purchase another one for within my home. Tiny point fit in my hand perfectly! Cleaned every single thing I intended it at. I ENJOY it and would certainly advise it highly – especially for the price!”

Holife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Rechargeable Portable Automobile Vac High Power

The portable size and cord-free style will assist you to vacuum the small messes at home with ease. This hoover from Holife is optimal for apartments, dorms and automobiles. The distinctly developed manage fits entirely within the palm of your hand. The straightforward to vacant dust bin is a terrific attribute to have as well.

The Good

The three attachments are straightforward as all come in a similar form and can be put perfectly into the opening of the Holife vacuum. This system features a crevice device, a brush device, and a “liquid” accessory. We made use of them all during our tests and they are functional.
Certainly, when you take advantage of it to grab orange juice, you require to clean the vacuum container prior to you can utilize it again. This is a respectable and long lasting hand-held vacuum cleaner, having an ergonomic style which is simple to utilize and hold. The Holife Handheld Cordless Vacuum provides good suction, not the very best, however good.

The Not-So-Good

It is suggested to not clean over 100 milliliters of fluid. Each one of the devices is straightforward to attach and match firm sufficient where they continue to be ready and aid in pick up effectiveness. This cord-free vacuum cleaner has not a problem in vacuuming several family and auto dirt and particles. As a result of its 22W of suction pressure.

What Customers Say

“This is an excellent little vacuum cleaner. It does a respectable work of obtaining dirt and pet hair out of my cars and truck. No genuine problems concerning it. The reason I offered it a reduced rating is as a result of the companies try to purchase great rankings, therefore making the rankings unstable. I received a letter tell me if I provided a 5 star rating and sent out a display shot proving it, they would certainly send me 3 cost-free filters. I understand that it is tough for small companies to compete with larger ones, yet doing this makes item evaluations pointless as lots of people will certainly say anything to get something complimentary.”

ZesGood Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, 7000PA Powerful Suction with Rechargeable Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

Assembling the item is straightforward, therefore is utilizing it. Much more importantly, it’s very easy to clean this tool.

All you need to do is release the dust bowl along with the filter and afterward clean both with running water. However, what makes this device special is its digital dial, which tells you the amount of battery left. This minute information assists you to plan your task in a better means. At the same time, the Zesgood hoover features lots of devices that you can make use of both for cleaning the car along your residence.

The Good

Adopted a battery security chip to stay clear of over-used or over-charged damages to the battery. Built-in LCD display to present battery continuing to be percent. Large-capacity can store 550ML of debris. With detachable bent head style, easy-to-empty dust mug, no need to eliminate the filter while emptying the dust mug. It includes valuable accessories for various other usages, wonderful for sucking crumbs, hair, dust, liquid, litter, and all those other little products, with the crevice tool, simple to tidy hard-to-reach locations. Ergonomic design with 1.5 lb body, lightweight enough also for a very long time used.

The Not-So-Good

The battery life is wonderful taking into consideration the dimension and rate. Plus, it needs concerning 2 hours for a complete cost.

What Customers Say

“I got this to clean my stairways. It’s lightweight to bring backwards and forwards the stairs. It has great suction power to get my dropping pets fur. I also use it for cleaning my car which has actually been incredible. It’s really easy to tidy which makes it a bargain. I purchased this for my cars and truck due to the fact that I don’t like wrestling our heavy Kerby outside to tidy. I am gladly amazed at what a great work it does and the battery life has actually been superb. I vacuumed my automobile for a great 20+minutes and still had more than 80% of my battery life left.”

Siamrose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless 8Kpa Strong Suction Powered by Li-ion Battery Rechargeable

Handheld vacuum cleaner makes use of 120W super high power electric motor supplies a solid suction of over 8Kpa.

Handheld vacuum cleaner cordless can completely clean your staircases, kitchen area, cars, and truck or hard-to-reach corners without large and tangled cords. A portable vacuum only takes 3 hours to be totally charged. Built-in 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, no memory effect, expand the lifetime.

The Good

Mini vacuum cleaner with 3 various types of attachments.Brush tool can clean up hair and dust on carpeting, couch or keyboard.Extension hose for debris fragments flexibly.Extension crevice tool for tight corners or spaces, and can deal with fluids well. The detachable transparent and click-off dust tank permits you to tidy up the debris without stress.Handheld vacuum cleaner with 2 cleanable and recyclable inner core, No demand to acquire a substitute one!

The Not-So-Good

Portable vacuum cleaner with the temperature security, input voltage input present defense, and short circuit security, guarantee tools safety and security throughout the billing procedure.

What Customers Say

“I been looking for a little vacuum cleaner for my cars and truck and for my camping trips, I decided to buy this to try it out and I truly like it has good suction power is not heavy at all my 5 years of age can utilize it, it’s ideal to vacuum my automobile and camping tent after camping trips to get all the grass and dust out.”
“I love this little vacuum cleaner. Do you require something small and easy to use for all your cleaning requirements? If you responded to of course, after that this is excellent! I utilized mine to sweep the stair and get into those little crevices, I used it to gobble kitty clutter around the can, after that disposed of the materials out in the garbage. It has an excellent suction for larger messes and smaller sized ones.”

VOCCVIEN Handheld Rechargeable 12V 120W Powerful Suction Dry/Wet Cordless Vacuum

This hand vacuum is powered by a superior 120w motor, the effective and durable motor revolves at a max rate of 33000pm per/min, and enhancing the suction to 8500pa.

Built-in 2200mah lithium battery, it can be fully recharged within 4-5 hrs, and is able to run 25 ~ 30 minutes continuously. one solitary cost can be so convenient to clean the interior of vehicle or room.

The Good

It can efficiently suck up crumbs, sand, dirt, dirt, ash and splashed water, etc. liquid suction pipe for cleaning unanticipated liquid spills easily. flat nozzle for reaching debris in dilemmas easily; cleaning brush for easily getting hair or dust on vehicle interior design & furniture. This vacuum cleaner is outfitted with stainless steel washable filter work together better protection of hoover which is simple to dismantle and tidy.

The Not-So-Good

It is suggested to thoroughly clean this after Every single use. Please bear in mind, when removing this hand-held hoover, intend the mouth opening down. Additionally, it may spill its content everywhere and you might need to clean it again.

What Customers Say

“The suction on the vacuum cleaner is great but you have to ensure it’s completely charged prior to attempting to clean up a lot of things. I use my vacuum inside your house because I have children that make messes. For the cost you pay you obtain a wonderful, handy-dandy, item. This handheld vacuum was the best point ever before! It behaves and light and it’s very easy to clean and the suction was superb. I also utilized it inside the house for tiny messes and it did not disappoint. It was excellent for me cleaning up behind my small puppy also that likes to splash her food. Great buy. I recommend.”


Among the key highlights of this tool is its head which can twist in many instructions, therefore making it easier to clean up.

This Black Decker hoover has actually been around for fairly a long time currently, and it has managed to gain some pretty incredible testimonials. Users like it for its ability to move and its solid suction power.

The Good

Much more notably, this item is durable. However, in the future (read 3-4 years), the battery breaks down. The translucent, bagless dirt dish makes it easy to see dirt and very easy to vacant. This vac additionally consisted of a gap tool that gives accessibility to hard to get to areas and it also has a brush which enables you to dust and vacuum cleaner furniture. The wide mouth style easily scoops up huge debris and the cyclonic action helps to maintain the filter clean and suction strong. 1.5 Amp Hrs. This vac has a light-weight and mobile layout that makes for practical cleaning. A wall surface place offers a functional storage option.

The Not-So-Good

This device does have a constraint– its sound levels. It is a bit loud contrasted to its peers, and if you prepare to utilize it in the small confines of your cars and truck, you might want to keep this point right into factor to consider.

What Customers Say

This is the very best model! I acquired this and additionally the highly examined and extra pricey BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L. The HHVI315JO42 wins! Honestly the suction alongside really feels the some. Yes, the CHV1410L has a much longer and narrower build for small areas however it is two times as heavy and the charger is a dock which uses up more space and protects against hanging on the wall.

What to Consider When Buying a Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum?

Suction: Suction is the most common evaluating factor, and portable vacuum cleaners that offer powerful suction are praised by their proprietors. Nonetheless, poor suction indicates below-average scores. When it concerns overall comments, corded vacuum cleaner proprietors review the suction power of their designs better than cordless owners do.

Tools: When it involves accessories, handheld vacuum cleaner proprietors all view automated brush rolls to be a big plus, and rate their vacuums much better as a result of it, specifically if they are mechanized. The more accessories that are consisted of, the extra adaptability and cleaning variety the vacuum cleaner will certainly have.

Build: Construct is an essential element when it comes to customers’ contentment, and handheld vacuums that use quality, useful layouts are prized. Whether corded or cordless, vacuums that can hold a good quantity of dust before needing to be emptied, specifically if they are easy and much less unpleasant to empty, are tops. and if this can be achieved while still being portable, those designs obtain only praise.

Battery Life: A large issue for cordless handheld vacuum cleaner proprietors, the more cleaning vacuum cleaners can do prior to needing to be charged, the far better the comments. Nevertheless, in the case where a vacuum has optimum suction power and less cleaning time is required, the time between costs does not affect the rating of the item.

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