Airfly hair dryer turbo P1

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With only used one time for a product review video making, this AIRFLY hairdryer is 99% new. It is fully operational, and functions as new.
Original Bought from China, the package goes with a Chinese plug, if you would like to use it in other areas, please use different adapters per your need.

Quiet, light and powerful

Customizable hair dryer with care

We wanted to design the AirFly hair dryer for Soocas as simple and elegant as possible, true to our maxim “Design must be honest”. Since 2015, the Chinese company Soocas has been producing electronic body care products for its own brand as well as household electronics for Chinese companies such as xiaomi. For the Chinese market, we developed a new type of hair dryer, the first product of the new brand AirFly, which embodies the highest quality and design and is intended to establish itself as market leader in the high-price segment.

Hight-end & Unique Design


Made of brushed aluminum, The AirFly puristic shell uses a simple but unique form design to improve the user experience. The AirFly has a clear division between handle and body, meanwhile, it had a slight slope of the rear area intuitively identifies the front of the whole hairdryer body. With all the effort of developing and restructuring each piece of the technical components, the AirFly is performing quieter and more powerful.

Excellent manufacturing, high-quality materials, The handle is made of durable plastic, the cable is made of woven safety material. To fulfill specific target groups’ needs, the end cap of the hairdryer can be changed by simply unscrewing it and replaced in a variety of materials, colors, and with a personal engraving.


The different adapter caps, which can be magnetically attached in the front area, practically fulfill different daily needs. The caps also contain oils and other hair care products that prevent the hair from drying out during blow-drying and prevent over-stressing. AirFly is not only light, handy and aesthetic – it also dries the hair particularly quickly and gently.

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Airfly hair dryer turbo P1

库存 1 件

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