Cotton Yoga Mat

Traditionally, mats made from cotton have been utilized for thousand years, especially in India’s Mysore region. A lot of mats made from cotton have issues with slipping when your hands are dry. Due to the textured feel of cotton mats, you’ll find yourself could hold a bit better when wet, but it’s nice to have a mat that aids when it’s dry.

Currently, there is a new one called Sharklet Technologies that announces a new product line of adhesively backed film adhered to multi-touch surface such as cashier, door push bars and yoga mat. Although it is eco-friendly, you need to avoid Sharklet yoga mats(rubber base) if you’re sensitive to latex.

If you are trying to find a truly grounding and green option when you practice yoga, a cotton yoga mat is your ideal selection.

Let’s explore a few options and considerations.

Ekaminhale Organic Yoga Rug

Enjoy the satisfaction from knowing your mat comes from lasting & organic sources without toxic substances and chemicals.

At 72″ long and 28″ wide, you’ll enjoy a lot of spaces while practicing, so you will not need to be troubled by frequently rearranging.

Appreciate this mat’s feel, which has the best texture and hold out of any other mats made from cotton.
This is genuinely a covert gem amongst mats made from cotton.

Every mat is a handcrafted artisanal work of art made in India. You can see and feel the distinction in each of these mats.

The price can not be beaten! You get a premium quality yoga mat for half the price of its organic counterpart.

Folds up easy for traveling! Slide this quickly right into your luggage, as well as take it to yoga studio with you!

This mat also boasts a large surface area – 75” x 28”. This is the best choice if you are planning to put a cotton rug down over your yoga mat. This is because of shrinkage when you wash it. 

Yogasana Thick Yoga Mat

Yogasana is a firm that returns to the society. They offer school supplies to local schools as part of their business model. 

Enormous 15-year service warranty. You’ll save money when you purchase this high-quality mat as you appreciate it for several years!

Ultra-sturdy! This mat is heavier than the majority of other cotton mats. This thick, 4-pound mat is excellent for yoga outside!

Jade’s organic cotton Mysore yoga rugs

This rug is ideal for all sorts of yoga courses, including Ashtanga, outside classes, and hot yoga. Please utilize top layer of your Jade mat to prevent sliding when making use of hard surface such as hardwood, laminate and tile floors.

They are made with organic cotton and all all-natural veggie dyes made from herbs such as indigo, cumin, and turmeric. The organic dyes are specially made in small batches in order to get one of the most color and benefits from the herbs. To see the process of dying our threads. Utilizing a rug can permit you to feel closer to the typical origins of yoga.

These rugs are handwoven by rural artisans in India, preserving a practice and art form and giving weavers resources. Weaving is a conventional way of life for many people in this field of India and has seen a massive decline in the last few years as it can be very difficult to make a living with weaving, and many people have left looking for other tasks. These rugs support conventional weavers and permit them to use their skills to sustain their families. For most of them, this is the only job they have ever before had as well as making these rugs allows them to maintain this tradition to life. With the acquisition of each rug, Jade offers a week’s of hot lunches to a youngster in need in India.

These carpets are 27″ large and 72″ long and lightweight at just 2.5 pounds. They are machine washable, making them very easy to clean and take care of.

Benefit Your Practice & Cause Less Harm to Nature by a Return To A Traditional Yoga Rug

Why use a yoga rug in your yoga method instead of a sticky mat or yoga towel? Because yoga rugs have passed the most important customer’s examination.

The yoga rug was the technique surface for the modern-day teachers from India (last 200 years) and has passed the time’s examination. The newer technique, which might appear to provide little benefits, resulting in large drawbacks to both the practitioner and the earth for the time pass.

When Guruji( generally described as the master of Ashtanga Yoga) educated the first Western trainees, they all practised on Yoga Rugs. As yoga grew in appeal, students needed a surface area to practice on. Businessmen without an education in the yoga method saw a possibility. In the ’80s, sticky mats were designed with “extra grasp” and then microfiber yoga towels compensate for how unsafe these synthetic mats became after sweating on them.

What has never considered this “extra” grasp was essential or even in the future trouble. We currently understand that the tiny benefits of additional grip, lightweight and economic come with a price not just to the specialist but also to the world.

Newer more environmentally friendly yoga mat alternatives consist of recycled and natural rubber, organic or natural cotton and jute.

Cotton is one of the most absorbent mat material, which is essential if you sweat a lot when exercising hot yoga. Cotton mats tend to cost a bit more but are also available in a more affordable rug style. Jute mats feature an organic surface texture, which prevents slippage naturally.

Be cautious of mats with non-natural materials that make eco-friendly claims. Numerous firms use environmental issues as an advertising and marketing method, and insurance claim items are eco-friendly when they aren’t. If it’s not a material that comes from nature, it’s most likely not environmentally friendly.
Treatment Instructions: Wash colors separately in cold water and hang to completely dry as rugs might shrink in the wash.

The majority of mats will certainly shrink down about 4 inches, which suggests a 75″ x 28″ mat will go down to 71″ x 24″. It is critical to remember if you are preparing to use a yoga rug on top of your existing yoga mat.

The basic yoga mat size is 68″ x 24″. If you do have a “standard” size of the mat and would love to use a cotton rug over it, this would certainly be your best alternative.

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