Gaiam vs Sharklet Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat is an incredibly popular brand for entry-level yogis. They create inexpensive yoga products of every kind, and usually their items are respectable. They do not compare to the premium yoga mat features in high quality, yet they do everything you need pretty well.

Their performance line of professional quality products are designed by yogis, for yogis, and developed to motivate mindful activity. These items are designed with treatment and focus on eco-friendly materials, thoughtful style, and durable construction. Whether for individual or professional usage, these items are built to last.

A lot of the Gaiam yoga mats are made from a foam or PVC product that’s reasonably cost-effective to generate, which enables them to pass those savings on you. They stand up well, offer extra cushioning, and be available in a wide variety of printed designs.

On the whole, the Gaiam yoga mats are great; let’s take a peek at the most preferred Gaiam yoga mats. I’ll tell you what highlights and shortcomings of Gaiam yoga mats, and also if there are alternative yoga mats we would choose.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Reviews

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

It’s one of the best materials yoga’s ever met: cork. A lasting, normally cushioned material, cork is antimicrobial in a manner that can handle your sweat yet ward off bacteria as well as odor. With cork on one side as well as environmentally friendly TPE on the other, this lightweight and resilient mat might just be your new friend.

Why I like this yoga mat is that it feels a little bit more solid than several of their various other Gaiam alternatives and includes a lifetime warranty. It’s not uncommon for some cork yoga exercise mats to flake on the top, so knowing that you can send this back in if that need to ever before take place offers some satisfaction. Several individuals reported their yoga exercise mats fracturing and flaking, so you may require to make use of this guarantee if that occurs.

The hold externally of this yoga mat is best for hot yoga. If you utilize it in non-heated yoga exercises, it does not hold because the slip surface needs to warm up a little for the best result. You also wish to clean up the yoga mat when you first acquire it. It’s a little extra glossy out of the package due to the stuff left externally from the manufacturing procedure. After wiping it down, the grasp enhances.
It’s worth noting that the cork layer on top is rather thin, which is possibly why it’s cost such a budget-friendly cost.

What makes this yoga mat special?

  • Unique design and color that looks very cool
  • Naturally antimicrobial cork layer lightweight TPE
  • Closed-cell design seals out odor, bacteria
  • Superior cushioning and support
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Lifetime Warranty

Standard Gaiam Yoga Mat – Print

The 6 mm Gaiam print yoga mat is probably their most well known as well as a very popular yoga mat. Practically everyone has one somewhere in their wardrobe or garage. It’s made from a non-toxic PVC and latex-free that’s lightweight (evaluates regarding 2 1/2 lbs), gives decent padding, as well as it’s constantly offered tons of printed patterns. Due to its lightweight, you can take it as a travel mat.

I like several things about the standard mat, or I’d like to call it a thick yoga mat. For beginners, it’s affordable. The large variety of designs implies anyone can discover something they like. And ultimately, it’s 6 mm which is thick enough to offer good cushioning even for those with sensitive joints.

A few other peaks are that the grasp is excellent as well as the product will basically last permanently, so even if you use it daily, it needs to hold up.

What the most awful is that this sort of mat resembles discount yoga mat. Definition, it crinkles at the ends when you put it down, feels cheaply made, and does not supply the same class as some of the other mats. It also has a chemical odor when you first get it, yet if you laundry it down with some soap as well as crucial oils, the scent goes away instantly.

Overall, this is a good one for novice yogis, those that simply require something simple as well as do not really appreciate getting a high-end yoga mat.

What makes this yoga mat special?

  • Many print design options
  • Affordably priced
  • Low maintenance 

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

This is just one of Gaiam’s hot yoga mats made to take in sweat and maintain a completely dry hold throughout the class. It’s made from a dense PVC that’s free from damaging chemicals and has a “top layer” that’s made to absorb and wick sweat. The grasp boosts throughout the course as the heat climbs.

There are a few terrific things about the mat. The fact that it’s sweat-absorbent is a big win. It does a terrific job of remaining high throughout the class and functions well in non-heated yoga exercise environments. It’s developed to be similar to the Sharklet yoga mat but less costly.

It additionally is available in a basic yoga exercise mat dimension (68 x 24″) and also an XL version that’s 78″ x 26″, which gives you great deals of room even if you’re a much bigger individual. This additional room is great if you’re in a jampacked yoga class and don’t like scrubbing joints with your sweaty neighbour. As for style, it’s just supplied in 4 shades, but they’re all good colors.

What I dislike is that greater than a few individuals have reported that their yoga mat crumbled quickly. This isn’t usual with PVC yoga mats, yet the top layer on the mat appears to be much less durable. The leading layer also tends to discolor and hold sweat marks, so choose the darkest color you can obtain if you decide to get this one.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re an absolute beginner and just need a yoga mat to test whether or not you like yoga. There are better hot yoga mats for a comparable price. Namely, one of my favourites is the Sharklet reversible mat. It’s a little pricey but well worth the investment. It is said, Sharklet surface texture is Premium PU that could undertake high friction over 10000 times and never wear out, which is tested by Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester.

Also, the Sharklet yoga mat is made of polyurethane and natural rubber with non-toxic and PVC-free, which is health household. And the bottom is a durable Rubber Base, the most slip-resistance material on the market. This material also provides a premium cushioning experience without damaging the environment. I have gone to attend yoga practice studio for one year, used the Sharklet yoga mat. Here’s what I like to share: Firstly, it does not have a chemical smell; Secondly, it is really easy to be cleaned, save time; Thirdly, the overall feeling is of quality and durability. Highly recommended.

What makes this yoga mat special?

  • Dual purposed for both hot and non-heated yoga
  • Affordably priced (at the time of this writing)
  • Closed-cell surface that’s easy to clean

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