Best Non Slip Yoga Mat For Yogis 2021

Why Should You Use a Non-slip Yoga Mat?

Nobody desires a Slip ‘N Slide on the yoga mat. Some mats provide even more traction and grasp, while others are extra on the slippery side. No matter what discipline of yoga exercise you practice, it’s always much better to have as well as not require than need and also not have. It’s essential to have a slip-resistant mat to maintain your time on the mat risk-free and distraction-free. And also non-slip mats are so usual and budget-friendly that it doesn’t make sense not to have it — even if you’re exercising in your living room.

Think about These Qualities When Mat Buying
Before acquiring a yoga exercise mat, there’s a couple of points you might wish to take into consideration:


The density of your mat will figure out, in part, exactly how comfortable your yoga exercise experience will undoubtedly be. While it might be alluring to go for an incredibly thick yoga mat, remember that the material’s thickness is just as essential.

A thicker mat made from a squishy material will certainly excite you when you put weight on it. This implies it can throw you off the balance if you’re unskilled and haven’t completely developed a stabilizer muscle mass foundation. Further, this material tends to extend when you put weight in contrary instructions, such as you would certainly in descending pet.

The best alternative, in my opinion, is something that meets in the middle. Ideally, a mat made from dense material, however thick sufficient to minimize just how much you feel the floor beneath you.


Talking about your mat’s thickness, if you desire something that supplies a lot of cushioning yet doesn’t overly impress with weight applied, you’ll select a thick material. My favorites are the all-natural rubbers (the downside being that they can be hefty and smell like rubber) or an ultra-thick TPE material (also heavy). If you can surpass the added weight, these mats generally last for years and usually have great grip ability making them an excellent option for non-slip mats.


The appearance of your mat will go a long way toward stopping you from sliding. Along with the structure, you’ll desire something sticky yet not so moist that it obstructs when you’re turning.
While your needs might not coincide with mine, I like natural rubber mats since they have an open-celled surface that’s sticky without staying with you. But if you’re a person with extra perspiring hands and feet, you may wish to look at this blog post for other details.

So we handpicked, evaluated, and rated 3 of the best non-slip yoga exercise mats on the marketplace for all your various yoga and exercise needs.

We rated each mat on the design of yoga exercise practice to ensure that you can obtain a grip in your way and concentrate on your breath and placement instead of the slip aspect of your mat.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Flaunting “warrior-like grip,” this beloved mat by Liforme has it all. The yogi designers of the Liforme Yoga exercise Mat created their signature “GripForMe” material to develop what they call the grippiest yoga mat material presently available. And also, we’re not suggesting because, even when perspiring wet, this mat won’t budge, which is just like pilates mats.

Total with a strong natural rubber base and included felt supporting to maintain your bony bits comfy, this mat gives both extra cushioning as well as a robust and secure base—incredibly best for Alignment-Based Yoga exercise.

Manduka Pro

The Manduka Pro is a high-quality mat that obtains less and less unsafe as you damage it. It’s made from a 6 mm thick PVC, which, as you understand, is not naturally degradable. Yet, your mat features a lifetime warranty, so you do not need to stress over contaminating landfills. It is Ensured forever, which means that you send it back to Manduka and recycle it for the various objects at any time.

While it’s made from PVC, an ultra-dense PVC similar in thickness to natural rubber, this is excellent because it supplies great deals of convenience for a reasonably thick mat. It likewise won’t squish down on you or interfere with your balance.

The main drawback of this mat is its weight. The standard PRO is 71 x 26 inches and also evaluates 7.5 lbs, and even their over-sized PRO is 85 x 26 and also considers 9.5 lbs. While this may not be a big deal if you have a band and don’t have to travel far to yoga studio, it’s still something to keep in mind. Overall, the Manduka is a super excellent quality mat that’s built to last a lifetime.

Harmony Mat by Jade

Jade makes their mats from rubber trees — not synthetic materials, plastic, or PVCs — so if you’re looking for a mat that gives back to the environment, this is the mat for you! Also, if you have an allergy to synthetic rubber, this one is allergy-friendly, Jane Hanisch adds.

The Harmony mat is the most popular of all the Jade mats, and for good reason. It has just enough cushion without being bulky, it keeps you from slipping and sliding in even the sweatiest of yoga sessions, and it’s made in the USA.

Sharklet Yoga Mat

Boasting grip on both sides, the Sharklet Yoga Mat(reversible Mat 4mm,1/3inch thick) is best used in low-sweat classes to keep the strong grip, while practicing hot yoga, you’d better do with a yoga towel. Sharklet gave it a natural rubber base with PVC- and latex-free, which provides you with support in addition to some significant non-slip sticks. Like having two mats in one, this incredible reversible mat offers you various high quality on each grippy surface. The critical drawback on this mat resembles Manduka Pro. The sharklet yoga exercise mat weighs 6.31 lbs, a bit lighter than Manduka Pro.

While all the mats on this checklist are good options, there’s a couple of great non-slip yoga exercise mats. Our favorites are:
1. Harmony Mat by Jade
2. Sharklet Yoga Mat
Both of these mats offer a secure, non-slip grasp for all dry types of yoga, and both can operate in moderate sweat problems (although the para rubber would certainly work best in modest sweat).

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