Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review and Buying Guide 2021

The Roborock S5 is a generally decent robot vacuum cleaner. While it’s similar in design and automation to the Roborock S4, this little vacuum has actually an added wipe accessory, but we don’t currently examination for it. It does great work tidying up all sorts of dirt and debris on bare floors and hard floors but it battles much more on low and high-pile carpets. That being stated, it’s small enough to go under tables and sofas without trouble, and it’s light sufficient to get to take with you to an additional floor. Although it has demanding maintenance needs, its design makes it easy to change each component, and its friend app makes it very easy to understand when each device needs upkeep, which is a very great feature.


The Roborock S5 is readily available in white and black; I evaluated the white design. All 3 S5 versions have a one-of-a-kind dustbin that is accessed from the top, rather than all-time low of the vac like many various other brand names, which can also create a mess if you’re not mindful.

Size & Dimension

The vacuum itself is 13.5 inches in size with an elevation of 4 inches. This is a little bit higher than a lot of, which can make it difficult to squeeze under furnishings with reduced clearance. Most robot vacuum cleaners comply with a similar round design, and the Roborock S5 is no various. Our testimonial version was a pure white variation, yet there’s also a classier Rose Gold version which bumps up the price slightly.

Three Buttons on Top

The Roborock S5 features just three buttons on top, the first one is to turn it on and start cleaning, the 2nd to detect tidy a small location, and finally the 3rd switch to send it back to the charging dock. The power button flashes throughout operation and charging, but apart from that there’s no condition display or various other LED indications. What behaves is that a voice timely allows you know when the S5 has begun and finished cleaning, along with if there’s an error with the device.

Tools & Features

The wipe add-on is smooth and attaches to the system without needing changes. The charging dock has a damp-proof mat that acts as an obstacle between your floor and moisture from the mop. These models with long battery life can do a great job on your floors with a great power and lower price.

Laser System

Near the related facility of the Roborock S5 is a little tower, which consists of a laser navigation system that revolves five times per 2nd to check the setting and prepare an efficient path for the robotic vacuum cleaner to adhere to. It also lets you ‘see’ (by means of the app) exactly where the robot has cleaned up and where it’s heading next off, while all at once staying clear of challenges and furniture. There disappears harsh banging into items– the laser navigation system and consolidated sensing units (a collision sensor and 4 cliff sensing units) permits the S5 to only gently touch sides prior to it reverses and goes on its means.

Dust Bin

The dustbin is hidden away under a large cover which you can delicately flip up when it’s time for a clean-up. This 480ml bin is simple to get rid of and tip right into a container for cleaning, and the included filters can furthermore be changed when required or simply dusted off. There’s additionally an extremely handy brush that’s consisted of to aid you clean the bottom rollers and remove trapped fibers or tangled hair.

Bristle Roller

Turning the Roborock S5 you’re presented to the single bristle roller that brushes up the floor as the gadget makes it way around. There’s additionally the related anticipated side brush that aids to guide particles into the course of the robot vacuum cleaner. This side brush spins much faster when the S5 is guiding itself along wall surfaces, and resumes a normal spinning rate or else so regarding not fling dust and debris anywhere.

Mopping Mode

The Roborock S5 also features a mopping mode, which uses the packed mopping attachment. Merely slide on the cleanable microfiber towel of the robot, fill up the 140ml storage tank with water, and after that break the entire point to the underside of the vacuum. There’s even a waterproof pad that connects to the billing station, to make sure that the S5 doesn’t discolor your floor while it’s billing.


Setting up the Roborock S5 is quite uncomplicated, at least at beginning. You merely unbox it, glide it on the docking terminal to bill, and you’re great to go once connected with Wi Fi. While you can, in theory, utilize the S5 right out of the box, you’ll intend to download and install the going along with application to make sure that you get the most of your brand-new vacuuming friend. And regrettably, this is where you’ll begin to experience most of your irritation.

The Mi Home application allows you attach to your Roborock S5 and make the most of its advanced attributes, however that’s only if you can actually get it up and running after connecting to Wi Fi. The app is available for both iphone and Android, but on Android it turned out to be a problem to establish appropriately. There were constant concerns with the app failing to spot the S5, and even after many resets and a quick chat with technological support, we still weren’t able to get it working.

Finally we recognized it was because we had not granted the appropriate application permissions for place sharing– as soon as this was switched on, the S5 appeared immediately in the application and could be set up.

Cleaning and Mopping Performance

The Roborock S5 scans its atmosphere and immediately maps it out every single time it begins a clean. This ensures that you constantly have an as much as date map in case you have actually walked around furnishings etc. It initially begins by following edges for a preliminary tidy, prior to retracing and doing a Z-pattern sweep to clean the remainder of the location.

The benefit with this technique of cleaning is that it permits the S5 to completely clean up every square of a certain area before going on to the next, rather than randomly moving the entire area. It additionally means that there’s much less time invested roaming around, so your cleaning cycles are really much shorter. Our previous Roomba would take about 45 mins to finish cleaning the home, while the S5 took just 27 minutes to do the very same.

Spot Clean Mode

The various other cleaning mode is the spot clean, which allows you relocate the Roborock S5 to a specific area for a quick clean up. This is wonderful for when something has spilled on the floor, or you want to do a quick cleanup after a pet. The S5 will certainly scan every square of the surrounding area to create a map, and then go about with a regular clean of the location. Once it’s finished it’ll introduce so, and you can then pick it approximately return it to the dock or press the dock button to do so instantly. It’s better than the techniques that Neato vacuums feature. It deserves noting that the Roborock S5 will not immediately go back to the dock after an area tidy – you need to either press the dock switch on it or command it to return using the app.

The something we do wish the S5 had was a bring handle of kinds. It’s a bit awkward to carry it by the sides, particularly if you’re lugging it right into a room and need a freedom to open the door. In the testing, Neato vacuums feature a longer battery life, but when it comes to vacuuming, S5 can clean every square of your room at a lower price.

Cleaning Performance on Carpets

The Roborock S5 handles rugs easily, immediately boosting suction power when it finds that it’s rolled on to a rug around furniture. Reduced and average pile carpets are conveniently dealt with, yet high stack rugs and rugs will certainly create a few sticking problems. Compared to Neato, which also has great reviews, the S5 did get stuck on a hair carpeting around furniture that was on the floor, and rather than rotating its roller to attempt and break out, it simply stopped working and remained there up until we manually needed to release it. Afterward it sucked up a phone charging cord and ground to a stop, so it is essential that you keep loosened wires far from the floor.

Moping Performance

During the testing, wiping with the Roborock S5 is as easy as filling out the water container, gliding on the mopping cloth, and snapping the wiping component under the Roborock S5. The total wiping nonetheless, is rather poor with this pressed cloth. The S5 just drags the wet mop towel throughout your floor, which left behind long water streaks in certain parts of the home. The S5 will certainly also gladly drag the wiping component throughout your carpeting, which is an actual frustration. On the whole while vacuuming was spot on, the mopping attribute simply wasn’t up to scrape, and we truthfully would not be utilizing it really often.

Smart Mapping

The various other two functions are smart mapping and Barrier Tape, which help you to area off locations that you don’t wish to be cleaned up. With a strong battery life supported mapping system, the No-go Zones let you draw a red rectangle near delicate furniture or items, which the Roborock S5 will deftly browse about. The Barrier Tape allows you draw a line that the S5 will not cross, so it’s great to keep the robot vacuum cleaner away from particular areas or locations indefinitely.

The mapping technology of the Roborock S5 is very, very good. Our test 600 sqft studio has lots of furniture of different elevations and dimensions, and the Roborock S5 had absolutely no problems navigating around. This mapping technology of this model has great reviews, better than the mapping technology of iRobot Roomba and Neato models. It even drew up the three bar feces near the cooking area countertop, and found a means to correctly tidy in between each of them.

A terrific benefit of the mapping system is that it opens up better controls for your Roborock S5 via the application. Once the mapping has been created, you can permanently wait on the application, and in doing so you can do a variety of great things. The very first is a ‘zoned clean-up’, where you can drag one (or multiple) boxes onto the mapping, and instruct the Roborock S5 to only clean those locations and after that go back to its dock. With a strong battery power, these models feature the technology to clean every square of your rooms in your house, compared to other models like iRobot Roomba and Neato, this model did great in the testing. With a relatively lower price and equally great reviews, this could be a great choice for your house.

Zoned Clean-Up

Zoned clean-up allows you to assign one or more square areas for targeted vacuuming. This takes a while if you wish to vacuum most anywhere besides one or two places, so I am hopeful that a future software application update will certainly take the opposite technique and let you mark exclusionary areas.

The smart device software application offers the capability to regulate the vacuum volume, carpeting setting, degree of suction (higher degrees are louder), configuration a cleaning timetable, update the firmware, keep an eye on the standing of accessories, and much more. This full-featured smart APP is easy and convenient to operate.

APP Control

The Roborock S5’s app is where you can upgrade the device firmware, check out previous tidy cycles, and change numerous setups. The application does call for a little bit extra finesse when it comes to different translations– for example, the area ‘Timer’ is really where you set up your arranged cleaning, so this should be called as such.

The app allows you to adjust the Roborock S5’s cleaning settings, such as running it in a quieter mode or activating the mopping cycle. You can additionally pick different voice packs, though at the moment just one English voice is offered. There’s also a push-button control alternative which lets you guide the Roborock S5 around by hand when you get on the very same Wi-Fi network.

Smart Home assimilation is one area where the Roborock S5 could be improved on. An Amazon Alexa Echo ability currently exists for the Roborock S5, but all it does is transform the device on or off. We would like it if there was a means to relabel certain areas in the map, and after that instruct the Roborock S5 through voice to go and clean only that specific location.

You can manage the vacuum utilizing your iOS or Android tool by downloading and installing the Mi Home app. This coincides application made use of to handle the electrical mobility scooter that I evaluated previously this year, together with other items from Xiaomi, but it works on IOS too.. As soon as you have every little thing configuration, you can choose to have a Mi Home shortcut show up on Android that takes you directly to the Roborock controls and bypasses the general Mi Home app user interface.

Merely walk through the arrangement of the Mi Home app to attach your phone or tablet to the Roborock S5. The great feature of this Mi House app is that you can install it on multiple devices, which can all regulate the Roborock S5 with the same login. Unlike a few other robot vacuum cleaners I have examined, the Roborock S5 map converts over to all connected devices. This was a significant disappointment with various other vacuums that constantly intended to recreate my floor map.

The Mi Home application introduces with the floor plan (after it creates it the first time), history of last cleaning occasion, and fast controls listed below the map. These controls presently include Go, Dock, Clean, and Zoned Cleaning. The Go alternative allows you to assign spot cleanup and guidebook control over where you want the robot vacuum cleaner to operate. The Dock alternative sends out the robot vacuum cleaner back to its charging station. The Clean choice launches a full cleaning operation.

Smart Cleaning

Digital No-Go Zones: Develop a line and virtual barriers that the vacuum will certainly not go across. This is perfect now that my Christmas tree is up because I can draw a line before it and maintain the robot vacuum from bumping into the tree.

Exclusionary Areas: We have a dining room table that is not used commonly, however has legs for the table and chairs that can be challenging for robot vacuum cleaners. With the area not being made use of much, I now have this location configuration as an exclusionary area to ensure that the vacuum misses it during a typical cleaning session.

Map Saving option: Considering that my better half and I both regulate the robot vacuum at different times, it is outstanding to have actually the map saved for all to use. Other vacuums drove me nuts with having to recreate the map on a regular basis, which is one reason I no more make use of those other robot vacuum cleaners.


Cleaning Up the Roborock S5 is as basic as opening up the top flap, retrieving the dustbin, and emptying it right into a dust bin. The app will allow you know when numerous elements need to be cleaned up or replaced, such as the side brush, sensing units, or filters. The helpful comb add-on is additionally great for quickly cleaning out the filter or removing entraped fibers, and you do not need to ever before lose it considering that it’s got a dedicated storage space compartment constructed right into the robot vacuum.

Roborock S5 Max VS S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Technically, these two robots both have the similar appearance yet they need to be executed in different ways while working on different types of surfaces. Allow’s take a look at the primary differences in between both.

Vacuuming Performance on Carpet

In regards to vacuuming efficiency, the S5 Max does a bit far better as a result of the cleaning brush with more bristles that flusters dirt and dust and gets a lot more particles off the floor covering. Both robotics have the exact same suction and climbing up ability and generally both do a good task on carpet and collect all dirt into a dustbin.

The Roborock acknowledges every square carpeting surface area in your rooms and supplies far better cleaning on carpet by immediately enhancing suction. This assists to conserve battery life too. Battery life is very important for robot vacuums. Battery life is what makes products and services great for robot vacuums.

Pet Hair

The S5 Max has a cleaning brush with more bristles and removable side ideas. The detachable edges help with eliminating pet hair and bristles agitates a lot more pet hair off every square of your carpeting area in your rooms. In other words, the Roborock S5 Max is preferable for pet owners.


Compared to S5, here are the updates of S5 Max:

-Upgraded mopping innovation

-New water level control with the application

-Flexible organizing

-Tailoring water level and suction power for each and every room

-A bigger water tank

Compared to S5, the S5 Max has the biggest enhancement in the mopping area than any other Roborock. It has the largest water tank (290 ml vs. 150 ml), and water trickling degree control which you can switch in the app.

The S5 Max water container has a specific peristaltic pump, which you can see remains on the ideal side of the storage tank. It supplies water to the robot and after that makes it drip right to the mopping pad that can be connected to all-time low with a wiping cloth on. Thanks to this construction, the cloth presses down closely supplying better wiping efficiency, and additionally the robot vacuum cleaner does not leakage even if you drink the water tank.

The Roborock S5 mopping is a lot more standard. It has a mopping fabric attached, the water tank is loaded with water, and the robot is ready to go.

With the Roborock S5 Max, you can choose the degree of water dripping depending upon where you need much more water like the cooking area and much less in the living-room. You can regulate it in the application. Besides the water tank, the S5 Max has a wiping pad that gives stress to the ground supplying better mopping outcomes.

Also, the Roborock S5 Max has no-mop areas that keep it off the carpet in wiping mode. You can utilize it along with no-go zones to also maintain the robot off some chaotic areas of your home. When you get rid of mopping add-ons, the no-mop zones vanish. You can additionally arrange the robot to mop a specific space at a certain time.

General mopping capacity of the S5 Max is a lot more extensive and enables customizing extra attributes such as water level for each area, and so on. With all the additional features, we located that the S5 Max does a far better work when wiping and even able to eliminate discolorations while the S5 provideы light wiping work and will not change manual wiping.


The Roborock S5 only has a baseline organizing attribute. You can just schedule it to operate at a particular time and day (days) of the week.

The Roborock S5 Max has actually progressed scheduling. You can establish it to operate in the cooking area at a details time, choose a cleaning mode, after that established it to operate in a different area also. There is also wiping organizing readily available. It allows establishing the S5 Max to mop a certain space at a details time as well.

You can establish water level and suction setting for every space and routine the robot to collaborate with these settings on a daily basis or adjustment suction for specific spaces. Scheduling is far more flexible in the S5 Max, and those that do not want to babysit the robot and wish to set-it-and-forget-it would certainly be happy with the new alternatives organizing has.


For intelligent cleaning around your house, the Roborock S5 ticks all the boxes. It’s extremely effective at navigating around your room, does an excellent work of tidying up after you, and can take on most dirt and particles easily.

The mopping mode feels fairly weak by comparison, so we ‘d only ever make use of the Roborock S5 for vacuuming as that’s what it does finest. The app provides lots of attributes to experiment with, and the mapping mode cleans different areas a breeze. If you remain in the market for a robot assistant that does not spend a lot, after that we can not suggest this highly sufficient.

The S Means Smart

As the S5 cleans it updates a map of your space within the app in real time. You can see the specific course the S5 is taking and where it’s been, along with a semi-virtual map of your space including virtual walls and various other challenges. The map will certainly inhabit after the preliminary run and then be made use of mostly for setting zone clean-ups or off-limit areas. It can do a better job compared to iRobot Roomba and Neato model on many floors, and it has a better suction and battery life at a lower price.

cleaning an area is as simple as selecting an area from the map, specifying the number of times to clean and sending the S5 on its way– excellent for a quick spin via the kitchen area after supper. The suction power of this model has great reviews, it can do a great job related to mapping. Within the map, you can additionally make use of the virtual barriers tape and specify a “no-go area”. This allows you to call in the locations the S5 will clean up– either by enclosing the entrance to an area, as an example, or an entire location from which you wish to keep the S5 away.

The timer (or timetable) feature is super handy too, simply perhaps not for me. Working from house it’s very approximate as to when I fire up my vacuum. Many days it remains in the morning after everybody leaves and I know the room will be devoid of website traffic. I use Amazon Alexa or my Google Home Center to launch the S5 and leave it to do its company. Ought to you be a bit extra nailed-down in your regimen, there is an organizing option within the app too. You can establish the S5 to run when you please– daily, weekdays or weekend breaks– along with picking a start time and mode (silent, well balanced, turbo or max).

Let’s not fail to remember notifications either. Initially, I loved my S5 telling me when it was launching or had completed a cleaning. As soon as I recognized how well it worked which it appropriately started, finished and cleaned every single time I ran it, I rapidly switched off alerts and didn’t fret one bit. But still, they’re there if that’s your thing. and when it comes to the longevity of the S5, there’s no real concern because department. Within the app, you can see the standing of all the exchangeable or cleanable components on your robot vacuum, the filter, brushes, and sensors.

Reliable and Laser-Focused

It’s ideal to mop just after the hard floors have been cleaned up and also to note that the S5 won’t prevent carpet locations by itself in mop mode. You’ll need to specify a no-go area or block off the location by hand. I also couldn’t locate anything about adding something apart from water, like floor cleanr, to the tank. Typically I discovered the S5 did an excellent work mopping up, while various other times it appeared to simply run around and leave touches of water in its wake.

The Roborock S5 is a remarkable robot vacuum that will absolutely locate its place in even the most OCD of households. The wiping function is an exceptional enhancement, however offered its disparity, it’s hard to make it a prime marketing point at this time. The app might also make use of a little bit of streamlining and much deeper Alexa & Google Aide combination. Overall, the S5 is a premium vacuum ($547 at the time of creating) yet will prove itself to be greater than worth it in virtually no time in all. It’s incredibly clever, extremely effective and laser-focused. With replaceable and easily cleanable components, it makes certain to maintain your hardwood floors spotless for years to find.

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