Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum 2021 Review, Why Should You Buy?

Given that launching couple of years earlier, Roborock has actually thrilled us with hybrid vacuum/mop robotics that executes on the same level with the field’s greatest brands. The Roborock S5 Max is the company’s most recent and also, we dare say greatest offering.

Naming convention suggests the S5 Max is the successor to the Roborock S5 that we assessed more than a year ago. But some brand-new features exceed even the high-grade Roborock S6. The most important thing is a larger capacity electric water tank. The robot’s mopping function has actually become progressively innovative with each design. While the S5 gave the customer no control over just how much water was given throughout each mopping task, the S6 added a simple switch that let you choose how much water wetted the wiping towel. The S5 Max totally integrates wiping with the robot’s other advanced functions as well as allows extra specific water management in the Mi Home companion application. The S5 Max additionally adds selective room cleaning, an attribute formerly available just on the S6.

Beyond these innovations, the Roborock S5 Max carries over the majority of the attributes and design cues from the earlier designs. That consists of LiDAR mapping, 2000Pa suction, zone cleaning, and also Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. The price is $599.99 at Amazon.

Roborock S5 Max Setting and Performance

The S5 Max features all its brushes assembled, so all that’s left for you to do is established its charging dock. Unlike many robot vacs, Roborock side brush is made of long rubber arms. Roborock promotes the S5 Max’s “Total Water Shutoff,” which implies it should not trickle while it’s docked, so you can maintain the mopping component filled up and ready for its following job. Nevertheless, it has consisted of a plastic moisture-collecting tray to set the robot on while it’s charging. The water tank ports conveniently under the dust bin as well as, when filled with faucet water, can be maintained there, requiring you only to attach the cleaning fabric when you intend to mop your hardwood floorings. The water tank capability has actually been increased to 280ml, enough to clean a 2,000-square-foot room, according to Roborock.

You have to download and install the Mi Residence application as well as log in to your account once that’s all connected. After you assemble the device, the application prompts you with linking it to your Wi-Fi network. I had the S5 Max all set to clean in less than 10 mins.

To begin a cleaning task, you touch a button with three squares as well as a plus indication near the bottom of the app to pick your cleaning setting and also water level. There are 5 suction levels from “mild” to “max,” and also four water levels consisting of a dry-mop option. One of reviews wrote that the Roborock “has no problem wiping paw prints, light dirt or spills, and dust off the floor.” Then you touch the Clean switch to send out the S5 Max on its way.

Expect the first cleaning to be the longest as well as least reliable, as the robotic will certainly be discovering the layout of the space and building a map. When it’s done, the app shows the area the robotic covered real-time and the course it took with it. Subsequent cleanings get smarter as well as shorter when the robotic become much more familiar with space.

With a room map saved, you can inform the robot to clean up only particular parts of the room and also to avoid others. The very first is done by including areas to the map: Tap the Zone switch, drag the bounding box to the location you desire cleaned up, and also resize it. You can produce several zones by tapping the “include” button. To develop online obstacles, choose No-go Zone and also mark those areas on the map.

As with previous Roborock models, I utilized the S5 Max to clean my open flooring, which includes areas with both carpet and hard floors. Gradually it had the ability to clean the entire location in regarding 30 mins on a solitary charge as long as I utilized the “balanced cleaning mode.” I find powerful suction, yet that drained pipes the battery life much faster, needing the S5 Max to re-dock at least once and also extending the duration of the cleaning. I truly only needed the extra power to pull dirt from deep in the carpet in living-room, however, as well as the S5 Max has the ability to detect carpets as well as increase suction automatically.

I find the mopping results were as comparable as with the Roborock S6 after the test. My kitchen area flooring was cleaned uniformly with couple of streaks left behind, and adequate pressure was applied to grab some stains. This was a far away from the surface sponging the older Roborock S5 offered the same floor. It does not entirely get rid of the need for stick-mopping, but it should reduce the frequency that it needs to be done.

While I was comfortable letting the S5 Max tidy reasonably without supervision as I hovered close-by doing other jobs, the application permits you basically control. There is a virtual remote hidden in the setups menu that you can use to manually guide the robot’s cleaning. There’s also a scheduling feature that allows you establish a start time and cleaning setting and also arrange them to specific days of the week.

The Mi Home app likewise keeps a complete cleaning history; tracks the life-span of brushes, the filter, and various other consumables; and enables you to share the robot with various other users in your household.


Roborock’s robot vacuum and mop hybrid get better with each brand-new generation. Thoughtful function upgrades and efficiency enhancements make the S5 Max the most effective yet. It can lighten your cleaning load significantly if your residence has multiple floor surface types. It also draws our attention for ideal robotic mop/vacuum hybrid, while iRobot’s Roomba 960 remains our favorite robot vacuum on the whole.

While the S6 is the latest model, the S5 Max is really newer, as well as an upgrade over the Roborock S5. In that regard, acquiring the S5 Max over the S6 is in fact a downgrade. Is it a downgrade you should make?

Distinctions between Roborock S6 and S5 Max Robot Vacuum

To be fair, the S5 Max is fairly an upgrade over the S5 version. Nonetheless, compared to the S6, there are just small distinctions. Let’s have a look at those now.

Water ability

The S5 Max has double the water reservoir capability (0.3 L) compared to the S6 (0.15 L).

Sound level

The Roborock S6 is almost 50% quieter than the S5 Max.

Roborock has extended the S6’s warranty to 2-years, over the 1-year warranty of the S5 Max.

Color choices

Currently, the S5 Max only is available in white color. The S6 has 3 color choices.

Resemblances in between the S6 and also S5 Max

Other than the few distinctions listed above, all other elements of the two robotics coincide. Listed below, I sum up the more crucial functions they share.

Wireless interactions

Both robotics have WiFi abilities for mobile app and also voice controls.

Resume as well as recharge

The two designs will certainly check their batteries, quitting to reenergize when needed and returning to cleaning duties after a charging cycle.

Flexible course planning

The S6 as well as S5 Max both utilize the new navigating algorithm that identifies the most reliable route with a room.

Digital containment

The robotics make use of No-Go zones for control via the mobile app.

Water management controls

You can currently manage the water flow speed on both the S5 Max and also S6 robots.

Select area cleaning

Both designs permit you to pick specific areas and times for cleaning.

This quick reference will aid you to identify the version that has the functions you need.

Contrasting the Roborock S6 to the Roborock S5 Max Robot

Here, I will contrast both robots side by side, according to the attributes that matter to you the most. By the end of this post, you will have a much better understanding of which design is better suited to satisfy your demands.

Flexible Route Planning With the New Navigation and also Mapping

The LIDAR navigation system uses lasers to scan the home trying to find edges, corners and also landmarks. As the robot relocates throughout the house, it will generate a map. The map will certainly show up in the mobile app for you to view and also communicate with.

When the map is created, the robotic can that goes through the home more reliably without knocking right into furniture as tough. The S6 and also S5 Max have a brand-new algorithm for this navigation. It is called Adaptive Route Planning.

This brand-new feature enables the two robots to scan the map prior to they clean a space. The algorithm plans the most efficient route through the area while preserving 100% coverage. While you may not conveniently notice any type of difference, there is one.

All other Roborock models average over 32 minutes per area cleaning. The S6 and also S5 Max average about 28 mins per area. This is still well above the standard of top-tier robotics, but it is a significant renovation over previous Roborock variations.

Bottom Line: Both the Roborock S5 Max and also S6 utilize the brand-new formula, so this round winds up a tie.

Mopping Still Needs More

The mopping feature of the Roborock vacuum cleaner has actually never been greater than modest, at best. I have attested that the feature needs to be quitted totally, but it appears Roborock doesn’t pay attention.

You will certainly initially require to run the robot in a vacuum setting over the floor when you desire to mop your floors. This is typical for all-in-one versions. Nonetheless, for the Roborock S5 Max and also S6 to be effective, the manual tells you to run the robots in vacuum mode, 3 times.

As I pointed out above, the robots take around 28 mins to clean a single room, the mopping is slower, balancing practically 40 mins per area. It will take these robots over two hours to mop your kitchen if you follow the directions. Plus, you will need to be there to reactivate the cleaning when each pass is finished and to replace the mopping pad as well as add water.

If you aren’t deterred, there is good information. The reservoir storage tank of the S5 Max has double the capacity of the S6. With both versions, though, you can change the water flow.

When low setting is picked, drops will certainly originate from the container onto the mopping pad every couple of seconds. It suffices to obtain the pads damp, at some point, and it makes the water last a lot longer.

In high mode, the water all but saturates the pad which results in a lot more touches than normal. Roborock is addressing this with mobile app water controls, but those are still sensitive as well as there isn’t viable proof that it works at all.

Bottom Line: The mopping attribute still exists, however the S5 Max obtains the nod given that it has a larger storage tank.

Resume and Recharge is Efficient

One function that didn’t get updated in either version, is the Recharge and also Resume ability. It works, and also it is refreshing that Roborock left well-enough alone.

The function, if you aren’t familiar, allows the robot to check its battery level. When that level drops to about 10% cost remaining, the robot will certainly quit cleaning up and go back to the charging station.

Once the battery has enough cost, the robot will go back to where it left off and continue cleaning up till the job is done.

Among the best elements of this attribute, however, is that the robots do not wait up until it charges the battery to 100%. With a 5200mAh battery pack, it would take around five hours to return to the cleaning cycle.

Rather, the robotics just charge to 80% full. After the task is complete, they will certainly charge 100%, getting ready for the following cleaning cycle. This is still concerning a 3-hour procedure but is much better than 5 hours.

Bottom Line: Both robots reenergize and return to cleaning up until the task is done. This round is a tie.

Upgrades to the Mobile App add Much-Needed Features

The mobile app had not been so much upgraded as it was reborn. When the S6 was released, Roborock moved off of the Xiaomi app. The Roborock app does not regulate smart home gadgets and bulbs like the Xiaomi one does. It is purely for the robotics.

Together with this modification, the app has a couple of points that function differently. The Select Room navigation and also scheduling, for instance. These functions enable you to choose a single area, multiple spaces or the whole home for cleaning.

On top of that, you can schedule each picked room for cleaning at a various time. If you desire the S5 Max or S6 to clean the living-room at 1 pm and the bed room at 4pm, that can take place.

In a sense, it’s a form of digital containment. The system functions, though it requires some tweaks. You may find that the verge on the map and those followed by the robotic are somewhat various. Don’t be stunned if your new Roborock cleans a couple of lines into the living room when you told it to remain in the dining room.

You additionally have the choice to make use of No-Go zones. These jobs much like the No-Go zones from Neato. Like Neato at first, the Roborock variation does not function very well either. The business continues to press mobile updates to deal with the troubles. They have had some success, but they additionally have a long way to go to get it just right.

The voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the same as they constantly have actually been. You have two choices (on or off) as well as absolutely nothing else. It is worth having Alexa learn the skill, yet you will most likely never use it.

Bottom Line: Both versions have the new mobile application functions as well as use them as finest they can. This round is likewise a tie.

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