Eraclean Reviews 2021: My Favourite TOP 3

Whether you’re just getting started in a new space or looking to complete (or maybe upgrade) your cleaning kit, I’ve put together a list of Eraclean which has the one-stop service to solve clean problems that we believe no home should be without.

First of all, I’ll recommend the ultrasonic cleaner, especially EraClean Portable one.

Anyone who’s gonna to clean small items, typically fragile or precious things, knows how arduous the process can be. While fresh-looking jewelry, watch strap, and contact lenses and glasses are a wonderful reward, they are not guaranteed, and often you may spend an entire teatime do the cleaning job with nothing to show for your hard work but dirt and sweat.

EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaners are customized to the kinds of components that, as an example, are best for cleaning small or delicate components like glasses, watch, jewellery, braces, pacifier, utensils and razor. Precision cleaning is used to clean and recover fragile things that conventional cleaning methods might have damaged.

Conversely to traditional method of hand-washing, the EraClean ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequencies to develop activity in the liquid to remove contaminants from devices surfaces. The high frequencies produce more than 45khz vibration cleaning and it won’t damage your valuables.

EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaners use cavitation bubbles produced by the sound waves in the storage tank, to clean the surfaces. The unique burst of ultrasonic technology is used to form 50-500μm bubbles, which blast under the activity of sound pressure. It could also clean the cracks up to micron level, which is cleaner than hand washing.

The key to EraClean Cleaner’s hot-sold is in the name — it’s ultrasonic technology. By the way, the core technology won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award, with  1 million products been sold out, and Xiaomi products crowdfunding beyond 10 million.

EraClean Ultrasonic cleaning saves time and money:

  • up to twenty small parts can be cleaned at once
  • modern technology is simple to use and also only calls for one driver
  • life of parts is prolonged as a result of gentle cleaning
  • very effective cleaning implies all contaminants are eliminated in preliminary
  • easy to carry on where you go

Secondly, I am fond of EraClean Handheld Cordless Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are remarkably crucial cleaning devices; they make it easy to clean little messes without hauling out the full-sized vacuum cleaner.

This type vacuum attracts me most is the powerful suction for both car&home. Thanks to the cordless design, you can easily clean even the smallest corners and store it without fuss.

Weigh only 1.5 pounds, this is one of the lightest cordless handheld vacuums can purchase, and looks rather unique as well– apparently a wand without electric motor or dirt container. It’s really smooth and hardly even resembles a vacuum cleaner. It’s an elegant tool for small cleaning jobs, and does a surprisingly great job cleaning difficult debris like pet hair. The bin empties with the touch of a switch.

If you worry about replacing purification filter frequently, this kind of filter will not bother you due to washable and durable. The advanced dual-layer HEPA prevent secondary pollution from getting dirt for a long time. Double Purification filter, HEPA Purification filter Replaceable.

It includes two attachments:Hairbrush tool, Crevice Nozzle.

Hairbrush tool can help you easily clean debris in the space and remove pet hair or dust on delicate surfaces and interiors such as carpets, sofas, car seats, etc.

Extended crevice nozzle could be used to clean the dust in hard-to-reach corners of your home. Since the gap nozzle is long enough, you can clean the ceiling, curtains, etc, makes it easy to clean any corner quickly.

It only runs for 10 or 20 mins on a full charge, however it comes with a USB charging cable, along with its conventional charger, so you can plug it in anywhere. It’s portable sufficient to store in your cars or office and also the 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush conveniently stores with the vacuum on one stand, so you always know where it is. EraClean Vacuum cleans up more thoroughly, effectively and also faster than other cleaning devices.

Last but not least, I prefer Refrigerator Deodorizer which could eliminate odor and make fruit&vegetables fresher.

If you’re not sure how to manage disgusting fridge smells, such as the smell of garlic, or even worse, something rotting, the EraClean Refrigerator Deodorizer may be the most effective method to solve the situation. Occasionally the smells stick around even if you eliminate the perpetrator. While the best option would certainly be to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator, in some cases that is simply not an alternative. Or you could DIY simple Refrigerator Deodorizers to help keep smells from stinking up your fridge while offering it lightly, the tidy fragrance. The baking soda in them helps to soak up odors while the vital oils assist in taking in the smells and keeping fridge cleaning without impacting your food or beverages. Now you have the third choice—EraClean Refrigerator Deodorizer.

It not only prevent fridge odor, but also prolong the shelf life of food by disinfecting and purifying the air. The EraClean ozone generator outputs ozone which can kill 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi by using oxidation to destroy the structure of the bacterial membranes. It also can freshen your refrigerator environment and extend food freshness period with 3-in-1 deodorizer, sterilizer and fresh-keeper. Furthermore, you can put this EraClean Purifier in the cold storage layer, also putting it in the frozen layer. Superior antifreeze design, even if the temperature is as low as -30 ℃. Work for variety of enclosed spaces like refrigerator, shoes closet, car, pet box, toilet, moist cupboard and so on. Its compact size will take small space. You can place or hang it anywhere.

Hope these reviews will help you.

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