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Quick Yoga Workout for Weight Loss With Sharklet

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Hi, this is Chelsey channel. I am a yoga instructor. Today, I’ll show you a short flow for weight loss. You don’t need any other types of equipment, just a map and yourself.

Before we get started, I’d like to thank Sharklet first for sponsoring this video and providing me with a beautiful yoga mat. These beautiful yoga mats are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly. They use Sharklet technology to add microbial control without chemicals or additives, just simple mimic the microscopic patterns of shark skin to repel water, bacteria and viruses. You can find more info at the link below.

Now, let’s get started at the back end of the mat, inhale with arms all the way up, then as you exhale drop that left arm and reaches over the right. Once more inhale it up and then exhale, dropping that right arm reaching over another side. Repeat twice.

Inhale up back to centre and then exhale swan dive it forward. Reaching with your chest, rolling all the way down, and then once you make it to your mat inchworm it out into a plank position. From here pressing into the mat, go ahead and shift weight forward slowly. Lower chaturanga down, elbows pressing back inhale up cobra, exhale downward-facing dog. Then we’re gonna shift our weight forward into that plank and tap the knees down, press the heels back, keep core tight. Again exhale while pressing the hips back. Repeat the cycle three times.

From a downward-facing dog, we need to bring the feet slightly together, press the heels down and then reach up with that right leg all the way towards the sky, bring that knee into the chest and step it on the outside of that right leg, take an inhale as you twist towards that bent knee, beautiful catch that breath right here. Then go ahead and bring that hand back down.
From here drop that back leg, we’re gonna shift our hips back, flex the front foot. Really embrace the stretch right here and then shift it back forward. A plant that left hand reach up and back with the right, hooking on to that foot, just for deepening that stretch in that hip. Plant that hand, tuck that back foot, press back into that plank position. Finish the flow for another side.

After twice the flow of cobra and downward-facing dog, walk the feet together again, press into the heels, press into the hands, you may feel long in that tailbone. Shift into the plank slowly lower down the last flow as slow as you can. We’re gonna pause halfway, really reach breathe and brace it and then slowly lower down, inhale up cobra, exhale down dog. One last big stretch and then go ahead, drop the knees and bring the hands underneath the shoulders. We’re gonna take it into a little cat-cow, so as we exhale slowly round the spine, bring the chin into the chest, let all the air out of our lungs. Then inhale drop the belly towards the mat, open up the chest, reach with the chin. Again at your own pace, do once more. Then come back to the neutral position.

We’ll take our right-hand slide it all the way back towards the left ankle, relax that head and shoulder down and then extend that top arm, finding a nice stretch in that shoulder and back now. You can take that top arm and wrap it around the back or hook it into that thigh. Really open up chest if you wrap it around, one more breath in and out. Slowly unwind or bring that hand under the shoulder press the body back up. Try another side.

All right, make your way into a nice seated, come into a comfortable position, and let’s focus on our shoulders. Roll them from forward, up and back, three times – full range of motion. Add the hands onto the shoulders, we are going to bring the elbows and then the wrists connecting, so keeping them nice and full. After three times, we’re gonna stay here and reverse it, so wrist and elbows. Just flow the arms down and then continue with four rolls forward. Bring the shoulders up to the ears, exhale press them down. Take that right hand out to the side, inhale reach that left arm all the way up and over, think of you’re trying to reach something up not down here right, so we want to lengthen up instead of over. All the way through the fingertips. Keep the hips on the ground and then keep reach with that hand to the corner of your mat, fold it forward and flip chest towards your thigh. Take one more breath right here and slowly walk body up, then do another side.

Lie down on your mat. Rolling back for savasana we’re going to make sure that the whole spine is on the ground, and this time we’re gonna take the knees open and place the feet together. So just relaxing those hips and letting gravity open it up.

We’ll take the left hand over the heart and the right hand on the stomach. You can close your eyes if you want, take a couple of breaths right here. Really inhaling expanding the ribcage exhaling it all out, settling the body and thanking it for all the hard work you just did.

Slowly extend those legs down if you want to reach the arms up, a little good morning stretch and then roll to your right side. Take your time to come into a fetal position and whenever you’re ready press up to a nice seated position. Stacking the spine take a big inhale here rising the arms up, exhale press the hands together bring the hands into the heart centre, keep that chest open, big breath in exhaling everything out. Bow the head to the chest.

Thank you again Sharklet for everything!

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