TikTok”jemscleaning” – Cleans using high frequency vibrations getting rid of bacteria, odours, dirt and grease

This EraClean Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner is mini enough to put into bag. Charging by USB port, it’s convenient to take anywhere.

Without chemical and pure physical cleaning, this device allows you make jewelry, eyeglasses, watches or makeup brushes sparkle like almost new one. It could remove hard-to-reach dirt fast.

I am gonna clean these glasses. Simply fill the tank with water, place the glasses into the plastic snap-fit, touch operation button initiates machine 3 minutes auto-cleaning. Using only water, this cleaner generates 45,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves that gently remove dirt and grime in minutes. Like this! Ultrasonic sound waves by creating millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles, penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses to thoroughly clean the contamination that can not be cleaned by your hand operation. Its storage tank is constructed from stainless steel by food grade SUS 304 material. This process will not cause any scratching or damage of your items! Keep your valuable things safe and clean.

After 3 minutes, take glasses out and wipe up extra water. Look at my glasses, it’s completely clear.

EraCLean Ultrasonic Cleaner saves time and money: up to twenty parts can be cleaned at one time. Equipped with modern technology, EraClean is easy to use and only calls for one driver. It not only clean the spots, but also extend life of components due to mild cleansing. Highly effective cleansing means all pollutants are gotten rid of in preliminary.

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