ATS-ELGI Vacuum Cleaner Applicable for Home/Car Wet & Dry Cleaning

The ATS-ELGI Hoover is essential for cleaning offices and residential purposes. They are machines that pack a powerful punch for the world today. The corners and minute dust can not be cleaned up by the guidebook technique. It can be efficiently cleaned by ATS-ELGI Vacuum Cleaners. For powerful punch every time they are put, ATS-ELGI Upholstery cleaners can be utilized for commercial purposes for cleansing interiors of the car and other automobiles. Shoba Electricals is the authorized dealer for ATS-ELGI Vacuum Cleaner and furniture cleaner and we have well educated and experienced team of sales and solution designers for anytime assistance for our customers.

Ats Elgi vacuum cleaners are available in a variety of models and colors. The models include the BV-300, the BV-600, the BV-800, the BV-1000, the BV-1200, and the BV-1600. The BV-300 is a canister vacuum that is extremely light, weighing only 13.5 pounds. The BV-300 comes with a 1,300-milliliter dust cup, a 4-foot hose, and a 20-foot power cord. The BV-600 is a central vacuum that is powerful, yet quiet. The BV-600 includes the vacuum itself, the power unit, and a telescopic wand. The vacuum is available in white, black, and silver. The BV-800 is a canister vacuum that weighs only 11 pounds and is extremely lightweight. The BV-800 comes with a 1,900-milliliter dust cup, a 6-foot hose, and a 20-foot power cord. The BV-1000 is a central vacuum that is quiet, yet powerful. The BV-1000 includes the vacuum itself, the power unit, the telescopic wand, and a 7-foot hose. The vacuum is available in white, black, and silver. The BV-1200 is a canister vacuum that weighs only 20 pounds and can be easily carried from room to room. The BV-1200 comes with a 2,400-milliliter dust cup, a 6-foot hose, and a 20-foot power cord. The BV-1600 is a canister vacuum that weighs only 32 pounds and is extremely lightweight. The BV-1600 comes with a 4,200-milliliter dust cup, a 6-foot hose, and a 20-foot power cord.

Facilities & Quality

We have been highly appreciated for Vacuum & Upholstery Cleaner Providers, Coimbatore defined by high quality and assurance in providing the best solution to the clients from numerous years, ideal for cleaning. We firmly give Vacuum & Upholstery Cleaner of ATS-ELGI a well-recognized brand reciprocating with alternative items by fulfilling different consumer needs on a routine interval. Shoba Electricals, an authorized dealer of ATS-ELGI have actually offered numerous business owners in Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri, Karur, and Krishnagiri area for Cleaning up equipment solutions.

We have presented a magnificent top quality item with less maintenance feature for cleaning up services like Hoover and Upholstery Cleanser. Our Hoover of ATS ELGI is equipped with the finest technology and is the most valuable for both main and domestic cleaning functions. Our Furniture Cleaner is renowned as the greatest marketing item of ATS ELGI out there for commercial cleansing functions.

Both cleaners have excelled in their usage of cleansing insides like edges and minute dust which cleans easily and has actually been best for auto vehicles that can navigate places these machines need to clean. Our Vacuum & Furniture Cleanser attained a particular name as trustworthiness with a favored selection on customer contentment in today’s market. We subsequently support a large range of one-of-a-kind versions of the Vacuum cleaner as E-VAC SM and E-VAC DM, additionally for Upholstery U-VAC SM and U-VAC DM. We vigilantly supply Hoover & Upholstery Cleaner particularly for Cleaning objectives for four-wheelers and heavy cars too. Our Vacuum & Furniture vacuum cleaner optimizes airflow patterns and is extremely subjected to an effective power saver.

Cleaning Performance

Our Hoover & Upholstery Cleaner obtains a reliable capability, lightweight, lifelong service, easy to manage and excellent capability of water in liters, and is extremely energy efficient. Our Hoover & Furniture Cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard-to-navigate places, provides exact same efficiency on the usage of the routine intervals, outfitted with the finest modern technology available on the planet today. Our Vacuum Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner is a useful asset to our consumers with great revenue for entrepreneurs. Ween nerve the adhering to for our valuable customers like Service before reminders, finest machinery service, Systemized usage monitoring, on-call see, door action shipment choice, erection or installation on low cost, sensible discount rates and a lot more. We have actually been valued as Best Vacuum Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner Providers, Coimbatore in India by our valuable consumers on satisfying their need on normal interval.

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