Brief Introduction on American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner

The package American Micronic Ami vcd15 1600wdx 15 litres imported vacuum cleaner includes vacuum cleaner 5 feet flexible accessories hose pipe 2 x 1.5 feet extension pipes floor cum carpet brush wet brush upholstery nozzle crevice nozzle washable dust bag HEPA filter instruction manual warranty card.

American Micronic 15 Litre Damp and Dry Vacuum is an excellent and efficient appliance to clean your residence and workplace.

This vacuum can be made use of for damp and dry cleaning as it includes an exceptional water-lift ability and airflow price. It also has a useful blower feature to blow the dirt far from any kind of surface area.

Description in Details

AMERICAN MICRONIC– 15 Liters Damp & Dry Imported Cleaner with 230V AC, HEPA filter 1600 watts effective electric motor and HEPA filter- AMI-VCD15-1600WDx– This hoover is an exceptional gadget to clean your home or office.

Made to meet your different requirements, it has a streamlined layout with a premium quality body that makes it stick out wherever you keep it. Additionally, the remarkable high quality of its suction device enables you to eliminate both strong fragments and fluids with equal ease.

American Micronic vacuum has a powerful 1600W motor that has the ability to attract every last item of dust using the HEPA filter that catches little bits that create allergens. With this hoover, you can conveniently eliminate dust, animal hairs, tough discolorations, and even more with full convenience. Running at 220V of power, the American Micronic hoover provides impressive air movement price and water-lift capacity.

Micronic Ami VCD-15 1600W is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that weighs only 3.5 kilograms. It is a convenient vacuum cleaner that can be carried around easily. It also comes with a long 10-meter power cord.

Damp and Dry Cleaning

With this powerful vacuum, you can eliminate both damp and completely dry contaminations from a surface. It has an outstanding airflow price and water-lift capacity. It is also given with added attachments to carry out a thorough cleansing work.

Blower Function

The integrated blower function of this vacuum essences the residue and dirt from even the locations that are tough to access. It can additionally come in useful to blow out dirt and other debris from a surface area.

Powerful Motor

The hoover is integrated with a 1600Watt effective electric motor. This generates sufficient suction to extract every last piece of the contamination from the surface. It operates under a common 230V Air Conditioner power supply.

HEPA Filter System

The HEPA purification system can successfully catch pollutants and allergens as it cleans up. It can easily eliminate dirt, family pet hairs, challenging spots, and more. It cleans the air as it cleans up the surrounding.


American Micronic- 15 Liters Capacity Wet and Dry Imported Hoover with 230V Air Conditioning, 1600W effective motor and HEPA filter- AMI-VCD15-1600WDx – Wet and Dry Vacuum with Blower Feature. 1600W Motor Power with high suction blowing power, 15 Litre Capacity with Plastic Drum. Includes devices Hose pipe Pipe, 2 Expansion pipelines, Floor orgasm Carpet Brush, Damp Brush, mouth upholstery nozzle crevice, Gap Nozzle, HEPA filter system for the effective dust filtering system. A dirt Bag for long life and two separate mouths upholstery nozzle.

The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with different attachments that aid you do a detailed cleaning task. This vacuum cleaner with a recyclable dust bag for long cleaning also includes a blower feature that helps you surprise dust if required. – Brand: American Micronic – Power: 220V – Motor: 1600W – Multiple-use dirtbag layout – Excellent Airflow rate – Blower feature This version features a blower function which draws out residue from even the locations that are tough to accessibility. Moreover, the blower is available in handy to blow out the dirt and various other debris right into the trash bin.

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