Milwaukee 8955 1 Stage Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners out there; some are designed for specific purposes, while other vacuum cleaners are designed for a wide variety of purposes. The Milwaukee 8955 1 Stage Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a great example of a vacuum cleaner that can be used to vacuum a variety of surfaces.



The Milwaukee 8955 1 stage wet dry vacuum cleaner is a small, compact vacuum cleaner that’s ideal for small areas. Not only can this vacuum cleaner pick up dry debris, but it can also be used to pick up wet debris as well. The vacuum cleaner has a water filtration system and a dust filter that can be washed out to be reused. The vacuum cleaner has a 4.5 amp motor that’s capable of producing a maximum airspeed of 110 feet per minute. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and weighs only 11 pounds, making the Milwaukee 8955 1 Stage Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner a great choice for those who need a small vacuum cleaner.


Obtained a powerful mess? Milwaukee 1-Stage Wet/Dry steel storage tank vacuum cleaners are powerful makers that efficiently, and effectively, tidy up big messes! The 8 amp motor can handle offer power to spare, all their wet/dry vacuum cleaners have positive water shut off to protect the motor during wet pick-up situations, and durable filters can handle large pieces of material, in addition to dust.


Milwaukee 1-Stage Wet/Dry steel container vacuum cleaners include and consist of:


-One-stage bypass electric motor for wet/dry procedure

-8 gallon, 7/8 bushel healing capability

-Can be used as a blower

-1 1/2 in. O.D. pipe connections

-7 ft. x 1 1/2 in. I.D. vinyl hose pipe

-Filter cartridge

-Hold-down clamps

-Tube adapter


An effective mess requires an effective hoover. The Milwaukee line of wet/dry hoover provides power to save. All wet/dry vacs have a favorable water shut-off to secure the electric motor throughout damp pick-up scenarios. Strong filters can deal with large pieces of material in addition to dust. Version 8955 uses a 14 in. steel storage tank and strong wheels. The 8 amp electric motor can handle the toughest jobs.


MILWAUKEE powerful vacuum cleaner filters are not made or approved to work as a breathing protection tool and are not suggested for individual security against infections, microorganisms, or microorganisms. Furthermore, they have been approved by NIOSH, the CDC, and any other governmental or regulative body as a personal safety device. MILWAUKEE vacuum filters are not intended for such usages and MILWAUKEE ® can not be responsible for any injury or damage arising from their usage in any unauthorized way.




Eliminate tinker with this Milwaukee wet/dry vac. Designed with heavy-duty filters that quickly manage dust and large pieces of product, this 10-gallon maker features an 8 amp motor that allows it to double as a blower. Heavy-duty filters can handle large pieces. The vacuum consists of a positive water shut-off feature, securing the electric motor throughout wet pick-ups. A 14-in. steel tank coupled with sturdy wheels help it stand up to your most difficult cleaning jobs.

-10 gallon, 1-1/8 bu. recovery ability, 8.0 amp electric motor

-Positive water shut-off

-Can be used as a blower

-One-stage bypass motor for wet/dry procedure

-Store All Milwaukee Tools

-Go here for more details on Electronic Recycling Programs


Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners


A wet and completely dry hoover is a versatile cleaning appliance that not just eliminates dry dust, however, is additionally excellent for removing damp spills. The dry vacuum cleaners offer great power to clean. The vacuum cleaner does not use bags but two devices to different damp spills and dry dirt. The vacuum cleaners offer power and additionally feature compatible brushes which are created for damp spills and completely dry dust. The damp and dry vacuum is ideal if you have kids and face constant spills on carpets or various other flat surfaces. You can look for different options available online and choose by thinking about the vacuum cleaner rate, attributes, and types. Before we talk about the methods to use the vacuum, let’s recognize its working mechanism.


How Does Wet / Dry Vacuum Work?


A damp and completely dry hoover operates in a similar way to a canister cleaner. The hoover is excellent for getting completely dry dust, wet spills and is ideal for durable jobs. Nevertheless, it comes with an included advantage of cleaning wet spills and damp spots. To make the vacuum cleaner ideal for getting rid of wet spills, the inner parts of the damp and completely dry vacuum cleaner are well-insulated and placed individually to minimize the chances of electrocution and damages. As opposed to utilizing a vacuum cleaner bag, a damp and dry vacuum makes use of 2 bucket systems for dividing completely dry and damp waste.

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