Dyson Handheld Vacuum

What’s Good about Handheld Vacuums?

Portable Handheld Vacuum is small, lightweight vacuums that are excellent for cleaning up tiny spills or tough to get to, fiddly, or high up locations. Recently the modern technology has actually improved exceptionally and these effective little tools are a need to have around your house and car. As a result of their dimension, they’re simple to shop and easy to order when you’ve obtained a tiny emergency to handle.

New Models Launching

With the new year turning up it’s the perfect time to make this vital purchase. Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners are powerful, with electronic motors that last up to 30 minutes on a solitary charge. The container is simple to clear with their sanitary mechanism guaranteeing that whatever is cleared in one go. Max mode delivers up to 6 mins of increased power for those really difficult to eliminate dust and they keep pet hair and dirt under control with their small moisturizing device that properly eliminates animal hair and dust from upholstery.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


Recently, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners emerged into the mainstream with an upright vacuum cleaner that cleaned far better than the competitors, seldom got blocked, had a vibrant and modern design, and got rid of the inconvenience of a normal vacuum cleaner’s throw-away bag, it received great customer reviews and ratings, free shipping to your address and great customer support are also the reasons to shop for Dyson. It was an experience. Millions of people got handsomely developed Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, simply to reveal to the world they had the taste and wherewithal to possess one. Like the iPod, Dyson had actually developed a coveted product that transformed its market inverted, and a brand-new global brand was birthed.

Ever since, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner’s innovations have actually penetrated right into the mainstream while the firm has branched out right into similarly wise hand dryers, hairdryers, and air cleaners. It’s tough to keep in mind now what happiness it actually was to fire up your Dyson handheld vacuum and assault that rug for the first time all those years earlier.

Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuums

I’d like to talk about two models: Dyson V7 Motorhead and Dyson V7 Trigger. This brings us to Dyson’s latest line of cord-free vacuum cleaners. Developed as a crossbreed between basic upright and handheld vacuum cleaners, Dyson’s cord-free vacuum cleaners featured a handful of modular parts that allow you to vacuum your floor, your sofa, and your car with the exact same machine. The vacuum Dyson builds has great reviews and different modes and filters for each vac you purchase.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Handheld Vacuum

The first thing I observed concerning the V7 was its shade: a shocking fuchsia, highlighted with brilliant purple and shiny gray accents. Dyson handheld vacuum remains intent on making a visual statement. The vacuum Dyson provides with great reviews and ratings has different filters and batteries different on which model you purchase. But vacuum Dyson has always had great customer reviews and ratings for better customer support that worths your money.

Tools and Attachments

This model has 4 modular, the cleaning Motorhead, which is super convenient and suitable for an upright vacuum; a brush, for assistance sucking string or other sticky things off your couch; a slim finisher, for getting involved in edges or gaps; and an approximately two-foot expansion tube.

Combination Tool

All the tools break on and off the primary handheld unit with instinctive simplicity, and they all have their usages, it has great reviews. To transform the Dyson V7 vacuum into an upright version, you can grab the extension tube to the Motorhead, and then you are ready to go. To vacuum your car, you’d likely affix the narrow finisher straight to the handheld system. To get the webs out of your ceiling corners, you stand out the brush onto the expansion tube, and those edges are your own. And so forth. This cordless model with a reasonable price and review can offer free shipping if you shop now. I highly recommend it, it’s still in stock and ready to ship anytime.

Wall Surface Installation

The cordless V7 model comes with a wall surface install that not just shops and charges the vacuum cleaner, but additionally effectively handles the modular devices. The wall mount connects into a requirement, neighboring electric outlet, and charges the vacuum in less than 1.5 hours. I recommend this model if you need a high-powered vac.

Run Time

The vacuum stands out on and off the wall surface install with one easy motion. With a complete cost, the V7 runs for concerning half an hour on its standard power settings. This might not look like a particularly long period of time, but if it takes you longer than that to vacuum your residence you’re going to desire a bigger vacuum cleaner anyway. The batteries of this model I recommend can last for 1.5 hours, and they will return to the charger automatically after cleaning.

How Well Does it Work?

The efficiencies and adaptability built right into the powerful V7, for that reason, are first-class. However how well does it really vacuum? With free shipping, good price, and good customer support, this model is definitely the right machine to shop for. Search and explore more about this model if you need.


At a good price and with great review, the V7’s standard suction power feels similar to the bigger Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners of the previous generations. The V7, however, can additionally be toggled right into the max mode, where powerful suction ends up being effective sufficient that the V7 obtains tough to move over a carpet or rug. Power is not an issue below.

If you remove the Motorhead and snap on one of the other tools, the V7 becomes an effective little portable that zaps up everything– wet sand, coins, and the wonderful majority of the who-knows-what strewn concerning the back of my auto by my two disgusting, elementary-school-aged youngsters.


The little mistakes I discovered with the V7 Motorhead had a lot more to do with the tradeoffs Dyson handheld vacuum made to develop a flexible product. For example, as a result of its smaller dimension, it took longer to vacuum the flooring with the V7 contrasted to a basic upright vacuum. And due to the fact that it’s larger than a typical handheld, its wall place uses up more room, making it difficult to locate a hassle-free installing place that runs out the means, is quickly available, and is near an electrical outlet.

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

The V7 Trigger portable Handheld Vacuum from Dyson has among Dyson’s typically high rates, so you’ll need to make sure of its high quality prior to you buy one. We put it via our complete series of expert tests so you can discover everything you require to know. Review our V7 Trigger review to see our complete examination outcomes.


As with all Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, the V7 Trigger definitely ticks packages in the aesthetic charm department. It’s streamlined and small, resembling the physique of its larger stick siblings. Notably for the Trigger is that it’s significantly lighter than the V7 Outright, evaluating just 1.71 kg compared to the Outright’s 2.32 kg– which is currently light itself. That makes it extremely easy to maneuver around tight rooms, high nooks, and reduced crannies. Its weight makes it a true one-handed handheld, so can be made use of by virtually anyone.


The V7 Trigger is quite scarce when it concerns accessories. In the box, you’ll get the gap device for coming down the side of your safety seat, and the mixing device, with a larger barrel for larger areas and a brush enhancement for difficult surface areas.

Combination Tool

As far as they go, they do a solid task. The mixing tool benefits sucking dust and dirt particles out of carpetings or textile seats (especially in max mode), and the brush addition means you can run it over the control panel of your electric motor without bothering with scrapes. The crevice tool is a have to as well, as all of us understand how much scrap builds up in the slim edges of every car, no matter just how tidy you assume it is.

Add Tools

But if you’re checking out this as an added vacuum entirely for the purposes of details place cleaning (e.g. for your automobile) you might wish to invest in some added accessories. Dyson also stocks specific cars and truck cleaning kits, suitable with the V7, V8, V10 Cyclone, and Dyson outsize models. It’ll establish you back a further AU$ 89 (not available in the US or UK), yet includes an adaptable hole tool, extension hose, and stubborn dirt brush to provide your cars and truck that valet-fresh feel.

US and UK clients will certainly also get a mini motorized brush device, which makes use of an accessory similar to stick vacuum floor heads to function ground-in dust and hair far from the surface.


Much like the bigger V7 Outright, the Trigger sports the hygienic bin system that makes emptying the storage tank simple and painless.

How to Use It

You just pull up the red tab and the air movement real estate separates from the dust collector, while a lid below instantly opens up to let out all the treasures you’ve accumulated during your tidy. The movement of the tray can sometimes be a little bit sticky, yet it’s well constructed, so you’re not going to break it if you need to utilize a little bit of pressure to close it once again.


And don’t try clearing it unless you’re towering above a rubbish container– the bottom opens up like a trap door, so it dumps out quite promptly. It can empty entirely virtually whenever, although you might get some roaming hairs stuck to the filter on the odd occasion. It has two years of warranty after you shop at this price.

Filter Tube

The filter’s metal tube comes straight out for you to clean under the faucet, or whack against something outdoors if you’re mid-clean. If washing, you need to ensure the filter is totally dry prior to putting it back in the device.

Crevice Tool

The gap device benefits slim rooms and was specifically beneficial on child seats to gobble splashed snacks. Entering tight spots (such as a child seat) in some cases necessitated an unpleasant turn of your arm or entire body to get the correct angle and dust and debris. With a two-year warranty after the shop at this price, this vac can last for a long time.


Admittedly, the battery life on the V7 Trigger isn’t fantastic and probably sits around the mid-variety for a Dyson handheld vacuum. The batteries are very important, especially when it pertains to the max power setting, which will just give you six minutes before it bites the pet hair. If anything goes south, remember to contact customer service for help!

Battery in Normal Mode

But in normal mode, you’ll obtain 30 minutes of fade-free suction, so still enough time to vacuum the car from front to back. Just remember to utilize the function moderately and just for those actually sticky areas. Enable 3.5 hours for a complete charge.

Power and suction

We can tell you that the Dyson produces up to 100 air watts of suctioning on MAX setting, however, we’d rather spell it out in terms of real cleaning capacity. The Dyson handheld vacuum can gobble a Cheerio from an inch and fifty percent away and can suction a minimum of 16 ounces of weight.

For Heavy Things

While it’s not most likely that you’d desire to vacuum up something that heavy, it is a good indication of how well the Dyson carries out. It was outstanding at getting rid of sand, particles from both difficult floorings and carpetings, which we examined using grain and completely dry oatmeal.

Particles and Pet Hair

We placed the Dyson to job on organized tests such as cooking soda ground right into short stack carpeting, and the real world messes. Of all the finalists we tested, the Dyson was one of the most capable at picking up particles and debris. Not only might you clearly see a distinction on the flooring and upholstery, but you can also see an unbelievable quantity of great messes in the waste container; a lot more than we originally presumed was on the flooring.

Run Time

The run-time enhancing, light-touch trigger implies that battery power is just utilized for cleaning jobs. The Dyson permits you to save secs and mins of battery life by shutting off the 2nd you release the trigger. Not just does the battery run longer than its equivalents, battery power isn’t lost in between cleaning jobs.


Among the facets, we discovered irritating with various other portable vacuum cleaners that we checked was that emptying the waste container required pulling out the filter, making it a dirty task. Therefore, Dyson’s hygienic one-touch container clearing was a preferred attribute of ours, as it eliminates debris with one action. It was also simple to remove, wash and change the lifetime filter.


It is lightweight, only 3.8 extra pounds, and ergonomically developed. The trigger fits flush to the deal with of the machine, to make sure that the tons are shared across the entire hand. This puts much less stress on the wrist and fingers and makes it easy to use for a prolonged period of time. Portable and mobile, we found it the most convenient of our Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners to grab and go.


It has a clear dustbin with a 0.15-gallon ability, so you can actually see the quantity of great dirt it records, and hygienic one-touch emptying to make sure that you don’t have to touch any of it. When it comes to dirtier work, such as vacuuming a mattress, we discovered this to be a rather essential function.


For a Dyson handheld vacuum, you won’t obtain far better in regards to suction. The Trigger sports the same Dyson V7 electronic motor as the bigger design, so it has incredible power for such a little system.

Max Mode

and in max mode, the suction is second-to-none. I would certainly claim you’d be tough pushed to discover a handheld that does the very same work on both rugs and tough surfaces.

Floor Types

Certainly, there are no floor efficiency stats to talk about, as it does not really matter below. But whatever various other surface area you’re working on, the V7 Trigger will clean it. Regarding a standalone portable option goes, it’s leading the pack.

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