Reintec Vacuum Cleaner Review

ICE has introduced that is has accepted acquire 100% of the Reintec and TecServ company, since Friday 27 October 2017. Trading as Reintec, business has provided versatile hire and repair service of professional cleaning tools since 2010. TecServ supplies skilled upkeep services which support the Reintec product offering. ICE is a specialized complete equipment service company in the cleaning market, using whatever from brand new unused unopened devices acquisition or rental to possession management and maintenance, all supported by a commitment to a technical and ingenious strategy.


About Reintec


A long-time leader in professional cleaning devices services; Reintec provides easy access to a large ‘virtual’ fleet of special high performance cleaning tools that is supported by the logistical abilities and technological expertise of HSS Hire listing for full details. Designed to be durable, power efficient and operator pleasant, the broad yet focused array includes scrubber clothes dryers, rotating polishers, hoover, sweepers and escalator cleaners ideal for also one of the most requiring settings. Rather than acquiring a full fleet of cleaning devices, Reintec can offer you a versatile hire plan that’s ideal for you, which can be bent up or down as your demands transform for undamaged item.


Backed up by a range of high performance cleaning devices, all our makers are fully serviced and certified to the highest possible standards. Reintec can additionally help with the acquisition of equipment where you would prefer to own your own fleet. Whatever make or design you need, we can work together with our specialist partners to locate it for you. You can even handle your cleaning devices through our online system and connected application, conserving you time. It resembles possessing your very own machines, without any of the problem.


The HSS Group is improved 4 vital concepts– Safety, Worth, Availability, and Assistance. These concepts are what drive our people, or HSSers as they’re recognized, throughout the Team. Whilst we’re dedicated to our clients, we’re proud to state that our individuals are equally as crucial. That’s why, given that day one, we’ve guaranteed we hire the very best individuals into our Reintec organization. Actually, all of us have everything we need to do our tasks efficiently, with confidence, and safely; including comprehensive training that promotes smarter functioning and longer-lasting occupations. Use unprinted box or plastic bag to deliver the best service.


Reintec Company


The crucial distinction with the Reintec design from conventional hire companies when it was founded is that leasing is made to be irreversible. Every six months, each maker is traded for prepared maintenance and use packaging where packaging is applicable. If it breaks down, it’s switched for a functioning one within 24 hours. There’s just one phone number to call with troubles, none of the fears associated with possessing cleaning equipment.


Devices is rented on a minimal contract regard to twelve month. There are dust bags for reintec vct1 vtt1 dry vacuum cleaner free postage. “The aim is to reduce the cost and complexity of our customers” Lewis describes. “If a contract finishes, as an example, and the number of sites decreases, we take the devices back without penalty. Lots of cleaning companies have a ‘equipment graveyard’, whereas with the rental service this does not occur.”


All devices is said to be suitable for objective and makers are traded every six months in retail packaging. “Professionals are successfully purchasing a solution that allows them to tidy floors,” is just how Lewis describes it.


Conditions Changing


In 2013 Reintec acquired the equipment servicing and repair service firm TecServ– this gave it the ability to service equipment from other makers on-site. So now the firm can take care of cleaning equipment from any kind of producer. “Often our clients are loyal to specific brand names so we provide them that flexibility,” clarifies Lewis. “Several have some devices on hire, some owned and some moved from other websites.”


Short-term hire is also possible and becoming significantly preferred. “We find businesses are now renting out machines for tasks such as parking area sweeping, deep cleaning and carpet cleaning because there is no demand for them to possess them. They are simply not being used for a lot of the moment.”

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