Stanley 1 Gal Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Cleaner

The Stanley 8100101A 1-Gallon 1.5-Peak HP Portable Poly Wet Dry Vac includes a high-performance motor which offers maximum power to do the job right. The lightweight and compact design is excellent for easy carrying, enabling you to vacuum anywhere you require to. The 6-foot power cord with cable cover design on the Stanley wet dry vac is ideal for easy organization. Devices include a 1-1/4″ x 4″ flexible tube, crevice nozzle, utility nozzle, reusable dry filter and foam filter. The wall-mount wet dry vac can make a thoughtful gift for a close friend or enjoyed one that enjoys working outdoors. It has a convenient lug manage on the top.


Stanley 8100101A 1-Gallon 1.5-Peak HP Portable Poly Wet Dry Vac with Wall-Mount Bracket:

Maximum power is given with a high-performance motor

Stanley wet dry vac has a compact layout that is lightweight for very easy portability

Consists of a 6′ cable and cable wrap for easy storage space


Clean your house, garage, cars and truck and more with the Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner (SL18101P-1H). It includes a high-performance electric motor that delivers optimal power and a 1-gallon 1.5 optimal HP poly container. It is light-weight and portable for simple transportation. This Stanley vacuum includes a 6′ power cable with a brand-new wall place kit layout for very easy storage.


What Is a wet Dry Vac?


To any kind of store or home proprietor, the relevance of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can not be overemphasized. Few vacuums can offer the type of convenience and versatility that this cleaner supplies.


Though the wet and dry vac has numerous resemblances with the crucial container vacuum cleaner, it is distinctively constructed to cleanse both fluid spills and dry dust. This sort of cleaner was first being made to deal with heavy cleaning, usually in industrial buildings. Nowadays, they are available in sizes that are more suitable for residential use.


Something that stands the wet-dry vacuum out is its added benefit of being able to move wet spots. This is because the electrical components of the vacuum’s inside are not only well-insulated yet additionally in a different way housed to make the device work like it should. As a result, the devices present no threat of electrocution to their users.


While the wet-dry vacuum cleaner does not require much upkeep, it is important that you perform the little maintenance that it needs properly. Keep in mind that you’ll need to clean filters routinely, or have them replaced after utilizing them thoroughly.


How to Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum?


It takes just the click of a button to obtain the vacuum cleaner began or adjust the cleaner’s practical ability. Regardless of, the machine makes use of two various kinds of filters since it sucks up both liquid spillages and completely dry dust. For fluids and watery materials, a foam filter is made use of while a paper filter is committed to dirt particles and debris.


When transforming jobs, the filters will certainly require to be changed also. The dirt container should be emptied right away after cleaning fluid wastes to prevent stationary water accumulation in the tube and bucket. By just positioning television in a pail of water and turning the cleaner on, you can effectively clear the inner bucket once it is complete.


Wet and Dry Vacuum Buying Tip


You ought to constantly watch out for a vacuum with a 2 1/2-inch hose while searching for your wet-dry vac. Compared to 1 1/4-inch hoses, tubes of this dimension often tend to work much more swiftly and with less blocking. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to also consider what you plan utilizing it for, exactly how commonly you’ll require to relocate and the offered storage room. All these will lead you as you make your pick.

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