Square Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is a generic term for a mat used to help you stay on your feet during yoga practice. The mat is typically thick to help absorb shock from the ground and provide a stable surface to work with.


A square yoga mat is a yoga mat that’s shaped like a square. A square yoga mat is ideal for those who practice yoga on a regular basis because it offers more space to the user. A square yoga mat tends to be more expensive than a standard round yoga mat, but it’s worth the price for those who want to have an extra degree of comfort during their workouts.


If you practice yoga regularly, then a square yoga mat is the right choice for you. When choosing a square yoga mat, make sure that it’s thick enough to support your body weight. It’s also important to choose a square yoga mat that has a non-slip surface. This will ensure that the mat will stay in one place and doesn’t move around as you practice your yoga routines.


Similar to a standard round yoga mat, a square yoga mat is generally made from a synthetic material, such as polyvinyl chloride or rubber. Also, some square yoga mats are made from natural materials, such as jute or hemp.


As with a round yoga mat, a square yoga mat is available in different colors. If you want your yoga mat to stand out, then you may want to choose an unusual color. This will help others to notice your mat while you’re practicing your routines.


Testimonial of Square yoga Mats


We are all utilized to the traditional rectangular yoga mat or yoga towel. The standard mat, however, includes its very own effects. Usually, your feet will certainly slip from the mat and you might not have enough area to do all of the postures without having to move from your mat. Or might you wish to try some two-person companion yoga presents.


Square yoga mats are the perfect solution to any kind of problem you may be having with your current yoga mat. Below, you can learn all about these square yoga mats and why you must obtain one!


Best Premium Square Yoga Mat: Manduka Unisex PRO Squared


The Manduka PRO Settled Yoga mat is 72 × 72 inches big, which means you’ll have plenty of room to practice at any moment of day. Not just this, however you can also have a family member or close friend to practice with you and you will not need to have two mats.


If you are just one of the many individuals who appreciates practicing acro-yoga; that is, yoga with a companion, then Manduka’s mat is certainly the most effective one for you since you’ll have plenty of room for your partner and you to drop about on without worrying about obtaining hurt.


The drawback is that this mat sets you back concerning two times as much as a regular Manduka mat’s. That’s not unexpected considering that its twice the size. However, nonetheless, the going crazy evaluations on Amazon.com confirm the mat’s integrity and quality. It has a solidity that offers the ideal equilibrium in between comfort and support while you’re experiencing your asanas. For every one of its many advantages, you’ll be getting your cash’s worth with this mat.


Largest yoga mat: Gorilla Mats


Gorilla Mats makes the biggest offered yoga mat at 9 feet by 6 feet. While not precisely square, this yoga mat still serves the purpose of supplying a big cushioned floor room. At 8 mm thick, this yoga mat also provides plenty of padding. Anything greater than 8 mm is generally not suggested for yoga, as you will lose support.


At 19 extra pounds, this mat is no lightweight and being extra thick, but this is the type of mat you probably keep in your cellar for exercising. We do not believe this would certainly be useful to carry to yoga class– your class could not appreciate you having all to oneself up all that area either!


Gorilla Mats is a little business with great customer service. This big mat isn’t the most affordable, yet you obtain the size and top quality– if you can fit it in your space!


Best Budget Square yoga Mat: Gxmmat


If you’re trying to find a less expensive choice to the aforementioned yoga mats, then the Gxmmat Square Yoga Mat is definitely the one for you! This yoga mat is the same size as Manduka’s, however it’s much cheaper and it still has respectable evaluations on Amazon.


Certainly, you will not get the quality and longevity that comes with the Manduka name, but for a basic large mat at a portion of the price, it’s a respectable deal. This yoga mat is additionally latex-free, so it’s both Eco-friendly and it’s suitable for people that have a hatred latex.


At 16.7 pounds, you can additionally bring the yoga mat around with you to classes, to work, etc. if you actually need to. It could be a little bit heavy to lug over your shoulder, however, so be sure to pack it in your car if you intend to bring it with you.




A bigger or square yoga mat gives you tremendous freedom on the mat to move from one present to an additional without ending up off the mat. The bigger space is also perfect for doing yoga with a partner yoga or acro yoga.

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