Terratek Vacuum Cleaner

Terratek vacuum cleaners are the best-selling brand of vacuum cleaners in North America. Terratek has developed a reputation for quality and durability because of the way it makes its vacuum cleaners. Terratek vacuum cleaners are made with a patented combination of three different technologies: HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, antibacterial filters, and unique cleaning technology.


The first thing you’ll notice about Terratek vacuum cleaners is that they are very attractive. Terratek vacuum cleaners use a combination of colors and materials to create unique, stylish vacuum cleaners that are also functional. Terratek vacuum cleaners have a sleek design that is perfect for any home. You can choose from a variety of models, including canister vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, and even backpack vacuum cleaners.


The second thing you’ll notice about Terratek vacuum cleaners is that they are very powerful. Terratek vacuum cleaners use powerful HEPA filters to trap dust and allergens. These HEPA filters are made with a unique blend of carbon and ceramic fibers that are designed to trap dust and allergens without producing any harmful exhaust. The antibacterial filters on Terratek vacuum cleaners are also very effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can cause illness


Terratek 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Multi-Function 20L


Product Description


POWERFUL-– 1200W of pure power, plugging the suction hose pipe into the exhaust port turns your wet and completely dry hoover right into a powerful blower.

HUGE CAPACITY— 20L capacity dust tank with textile filter for dry vacuuming.

BAGGED OR BAGLESS— The Wet and dry hoover can be used for spillages, dry particles can be used with a bag (not offered universal bags can be bought), or bagless

PORTABLE— The Vacuum cleaner comes with a 6m wire for difficult-to-reach locations, The wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes complete with 4 swivel casters that provide convenient multi-direction maneuverability.

DEPEND ON— The Terratek wet dry vacuum includes a 2 Year Warranty for your peace of mind.




The high-performance motor gives optimal power to hoover

Lightweight portable layout for simple carrying

6m/ 20ft power line with cable wrap layout for simple storage

Swivel casters provide convenient multi-direction maneuverability

Accessories consist of flexible vacuum cleaner hose pipe, 3 expansion tubes, gap device, floor brush, wet foam filter, and optional dust bag 2-year warranty.


Terratek wet and dry vacuum are engineered for unequaled performance and integrity to take care of the toughest jobs. All Terratek wet and dry hoover feature innovative pipe, accessories, and cable administration. Whether you’re an eager do-it-your-self tackling a mess in your garage, basement, or automobile, or a seasoned professional cleaning up a worksite, there’s a Terratek wet & dry vac that’s right for you.


How to Use A wet Dry Vacuum?


Make Sure it’s Empty


Just because your vacuum cleaner can manage both completely dry and wet messes does not mean you can cross the streams. Make sure the drum is empty before you begin filling it– if it has water in it, wipe it out with your rag, and if there are still completely dry scraps, discard them into the garbage.


Check the Filter


If you’re utilizing your wet-dry vac to clean a dry surface, check that the filter has actually been properly positioned. You’ll require it– the filter prevents dust from burning out of the top while you’re cleaning up. For wet surface areas, nevertheless, you’ll require to get rid of the filter entirely. Liquids will certainly damage filters, and you can also potentially ruin your vacuum if you suck up water before getting rid of the filter.


Pick the Appropriate Accessory


Every shop vac accessory has an objective. You can clean wet surface areas with accessories that lay flat on the ground, and you’ll want to clean large heaps of debris with the largest add-on to save time. If you’re cleaning a surface area covered in animal hair or trying to get into spaces and crannies, make use of the brush add-on.



Vacant the Container


Do not leave a mess being in your wet/dry vac, informing on your own, “I’ll cleanse it out following time.” You need to cleanse this tool after every usage to keep it operating efficiently. Discard dry debris into a trash can before returning your wet/dry vac to storage. If your drum is loaded with water, get rid of the top of the vacuum cleaner, lug the base outside, and dispose of the water right into your yard. Bring the vacuum cleaner back inside, reattach the filter, and store it.


Tips for using a wet/dry vac


Your wet/dry vac will be a lifesaver, so ensure you take excellent care of it. Besides complying with the actions over, there are a few even more pointers you can use to extend the life of your brand-new favored house renovation tool.

Clean it extensively once a month


As with any kind of device that holds water, mold can expand inside your vacuum, so treat it to a great scrub at least once a month to guarantee it stays happy and healthy, and balanced. Using meal soap and cozy water, scrub the interior of your wet/dry vac, making certain to enter into the edges.

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