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You may already know about the benefits of yoga stretching, but did you know that it also comes with a set of risks? As with any health activity, you should be aware of the potential dangers of yoga before you start.


One of the most common risks of yoga is muscle strains. When you stretch your muscles beyond their natural range of motion, you run the risk of pulling or tearing those muscles. If you’re new to yoga, then you should probably avoid the poses that require you to stretch your arms or legs out.


Another potential danger of yoga is the risk of a joint injury. This risk is especially high if you have already been diagnosed with a joint condition. One of the most common joint conditions is arthritis. If you have arthritis, then you should probably avoid the poses that require you to twist your body.


As a matter of fact, with a good mat, one might say that half the job is done … if you’re a skilled, qualified and skillful Thai Massage therapy therapist. Without the best mat, well, it becomes pretty difficult to do an exceptional job, even if you’re good.


The Very Best Thai Massage Mat


So, Thai Massage mats … it’s certainly a problem. Locating a good one is challenging. They need to be soft and difficult enough at the same time … pave the way, but not too much … instead specific this thing. Additionally, not as well thick (else it will certainly be difficult for the practitioner to make the moves on an uneven level on the floor) and they need to be vast sufficient for extensive stretches, ideally very large, on the other hand not too huge or heavy if it requires to be portable.


Well, to be straightforward, broad or otherwise vast depends on the design of Thai Massage. Wat Pho, for instance, which instead instructs Southern or Royal Design Thai Massage therapy (with actually no big stretches) uses relatively narrow mattresses, let’s state, regarding 80 centimeters by 200 cm. To be clear, vast mats are required in Northern Design Thai Massage (in some cases additionally called Thai Yoga Massage therapy) or in any kind of style that incorporates broad emerged Yoga-like stretches.


Mind that the Thai Massage therapy institutions in Thailand frequently utilize genuine cushions (appropriate for Thai Massage) and when they wear or obtain as well unclean they simply purchase new ones. They do utilize covers incidentally, yet finally they do get worn out and a little bit unclean. The thing is, those sort of mats are easy to obtain in Thailand and cheap, so no problem, and furthermore, they do not require to be portable.


In the West, specialists and instructors choose light, portable, cleanable mats with detachable covers, rainfall and water evidence, and with some kind of a long lasting foam or latex dental filling, useful in a dealt with setting (in your home, in a method, or institution) or mobile to give sessions or training programs somewhere else, at various other areas. Additionally, mind that if you provide training programs, you will certainly need a lot of them.


When it comes to hygiene and toughness, organic cotton, lamb woollen and so on might behave, however they’re prone to become bug-invested with time (mites, and so on) and the inside dental filling may get knotty, knobbly, and knotted.


Thai Massage mat by Yoga Direct



Includes 100% Organic Washable Cover. The yoga Accessories Thai Massage Mat is an ultra-thick, futon-style yoga mat, perfect for reflection, restorative yoga, or yin yoga. Featuring a removable, machine-washable cotton cover and stuffed with organic cotton batting, this functional yoga mat doubles as a bed for camping trips or sleep-overs! This mat is self-dependent, with built-in storage ties and a bring band.


Our natural cotton is expanded in the southern and western areas of India. The cotton made use of to pack our products is a spin-off after spinning, nevertheless the seeds, debris, and so on are gotten rid of first. No pesticides or any other chemicals are present in this cotton.




It isn’t very easy to discover great Thai Massage mats. Thai Massage therapy on the floor calls for a very particular type of below ground and the market hardly ever provides “the best point.” Yet, with browsing carefully it is possible to succeed online like on Amazon or locally in your own area with sporting activities stores, depending on what you require precisely as a practitioner/therapist or instructor/teacher.


In Thailand, there’s definitely more selection, both in numerous kinds of mats and bed mattress for repaired locations or those that are mobile, even if it implies that you will most likely need to get them custom made or buy them from regional Thai Massage schools and instructors.

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