Wall Mounted Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re in the marketplace for among the most effective wall surface installed garage vacuums, you’ve pertained to the right area. Wall-mounted garage vacuums are excellent for cleaning your garage and your cars without taking up excessive room. With our acquiring guide and product reviews, you’ll discover one that matches your residence and demands.

What is a Wall-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner?

It is a powerful vacuum whose base stays placed to the wall surface. The pipe is usually fairly lengthy– spanning between 10 and 60 feet– so that you can navigate around your garage and auto. Lots of vacuums have additional functions such as blowing leaves or inflating something.

Vacmaster VWM510 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

If you get on a spending plan, we advise the Vacmaster VWM510 wet/dry vacuum. Although it’s not one of the most expensive choice, it’s the best choice from us. It has a two phase 4-HP motor and silent procedure so you can do the job with very little sound.

Secret Functions

Remote Operation

There is a remote on/off turn on the tube so you can choose to manage the power even if you’re not near the wall-mounted section of the device. This saves a long time because you don’t need to stroll back and ahead to the system, especially when repositioning things to enter nooks and crannies.

Big Ability

This garage vacuum has a five gallon dust storage tank so you can go a while between clearing it. For the rate, this is a dazzling tank ability! This additionally means it doesn’t obtain clogged as frequently and the suction power remains efficient.


The vacuum isn’t super heavy (it evaluates 25 pounds) and it has a valuable deal with for simple transportation and transportability. So when you’re taking it in from the shop or relocating house, you can easily bring this with you and it’s easy to install.

Vacmaster VWMB5080101 Wet/Dry Garage Vac

While lots of on our listing are wet/dry vacuums, the Vacmaster VWMB5080101 is our top choice if that’s the function you desire. It has peak horse power and a dual-turbo motor which provides amazing suction.

It comes equipped to utilize as a dry vacuum. When you want to utilize the wet vacuum cleaner, for cleaning up fluid and water spills, you need to alter it over to the foam filter so the fluid can be absorbed. As an incentive, this vacuum includes wheels. So even if you love it being wall-mounted, you can take it off and bring it with you while you completely dry or wet vacuum.

Secret Features


The Vacmaster garage vacuum cleaner is murmur quiet. It has a decibel degree of 74 so you can anticipate it to be about the exact same volume as a commode flushing or a regular vacuum cleaner. No need to bother with irritating your neighbours with this!


With a peak horse power of 5 HP, this vacuum’s suction is remarkable. You can capture all dust and particles to your heart’s web content. It also has a remote so you switch the power on and off from the long hose without walking back to the main unit.

Great Attachments

You’ll find 12 handy accessories in package when you open this vacuum cleaner. This aids with various tasks such as dust brushing and vacuuming in crevices. It additionally doubles as a blower so you can clear leaves and various other dry debris off the beaten track.

Do You Need a Wall Mounted Vacuum Cleaner?

If you do tasks in your garage typically, then indeed, we advise a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner. The garage is a prime place for DIY jobs which can get pretty messy. A garage vacuum can easily draw away dirt and debris. With it being wall-mounted, you have more space for things that matter considering that it’s a great storage space remedy.

It’s also a terrific purchase for any individual who has an untidy vehicle or van. If you are in the building business you should probably operate in that area, you can keep your work vehicle sparkling clean and neat with a garage vacuum.  However, it is also appropriate for individuals who have kids and animals that can ruin the auto, especially if it is a custom auto, usually.

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