Almost everyone travels with a camera of some sort to capture vacation memories while they travel, whether it be a smartphone, a compact camera, or a professional DSLR camera. However, anyone would come across difficulties, that he/she wants to capture better travel photos without blur or do live show and selfie on one’s own. Fotopro can do the best, which provides a wide range of photographic equipment for professional photographers. You just need place the tripod in the location where it is needed, then attach your camera or phone on the tripod head to a convenient height. You’ll take better photos! 

The Fotopro History

Nikow Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, then continuously got OEM-licensed for Nikon, Samsung, Casio, Sanyo and other brands in the next three years. Finally, the Fotopro brand was launched in 2008, distributing among overseas markets. Released innovative “octopus tripod”, which obtained ISO certification from QA International Certification Co., Ltd. in 2009. The next year, Fotopro is the first one launched a color series tripod. In 2012, the technical improvement of Fotopro won the German “FOTO HITS” award, French “TOP ACHAT” award, Japan DGP design silver award and other awards at trades show. The high-end tripod “Pantour” Serious of Fotopro was a breakthrough that became China’s photographic equipment industry trustworthy brand. Now it is well-known worldwide.

The Benefit of Fotopro Tripod

A Fotopro tripod is a piece of photography equipment primarily used to provide a stable and hands-free platform that you can rest your camera on. It’s a collapsible product consisting of three legs and a head. The head is the part where you attach your camera. A tripod lets you take photos without holding your camera, which can prove useful in a vast number of photography situations. As well as Fotopro tripods, you will also find monopods on the market. Instead of three legs, these have one leg. These also add support and are more portable and lightweight than a tripod but are more limited and generally less stable than a tripod.

Photos taken on a tripod will look much more professional and natural than using a selfie stick, extending your arm as far as you can reach, or relying on strangers. A Fotopro tripod will let you set your camera up at the right angle and height, frame the shot correctly, and take the shot at your leisure.

A travel tripod can help you keep your camera stable and avoid blurry shots due to instability and shake. Although a tripod is often thought just to be needed for older folks and those with shaky hands, it is impossible to hold a camera completely still for any length of time, no matter your age or fitness. Although in many situations, your camera can correct for slight movement (most cameras and lenses come with stabilization built-in), it can’t correct if your hands move too much. That’s important to make sure you buy the right size tripod for your needs. If you will be traveling with your tripod consider this: Never buy a bigger tripod than you are willing to carry. But always buy the sturdiest one you are willing to carry. Thankfully, Fotopro Tripods range in size from mini tripods that fit in your pocket, travel tripods perfect for camera bags and professional studio tripods capable of securely supporting the heaviest professional cameras.

Fotopro Tripod also supplies:

  • More than 17 years of experience in tripod manufacturing
  • R&D team
  • ODM – Senior technician
  • Punctual delivery date
  • Strict production line
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • BSCI Report
  • Own testing equipment
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

The Mission of Fotopro

Fotopro is a company dedicated to continually investing in the latest technology to assess product range, production needs, and consumer trends, aiming to provide the best consumer support possible. This International brand for 16 years of experience consists of designs, manufactures, and markets. Fotopro maintains the highest standard quality in products while still offering an affordable solution to customers. Fotopro’s mission is to provide photographers with the right tools to unleash their creative potential.