Unique design concepts

Why we love LeWhisper

LeWhisper is a leading design house of modern accessories and lifestyle collections that strive to provide better carryalls for professionals and commuters. Given people would wear different bags for different occasions- LeWhisper exerts much effort to design products tailored to customer’s needs, which keep everyday gears protected, organized, and easy to access. Furthermore, LeWhisper can do customized designs.

Defined by a free-spirited, high-end attitude, the brand approaches design with a modern vision, involved for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely LeWhisper.


The LeWhisper Origin Story

LeWhisper (short for leather whisper) started its journey at the beginning of 2016. Just a 20-people team, they fully understand the requirements for women and men who need bags that can keep up with their fast-paced lives and make them feel like their best selves.

LeWhisper has already developed 5 series with over 40 products, including designer series, urban commuter series, traveler series, photographer series, and EDC series. Some products are belonging to several series, such as tote bags, work bags, shoulder bags, and tech pouch, while some products are effectively merged into one simple product like laptop bag is included in the messenger bag. That suggests LeWhisper is carrying unique design concepts for or limited size, creating the largest function.


The Materials of LeWhisper

The most common materials LeWhisper uses are full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and high-density water-resistant canvas. At the same time, they are actively testing out unique materials, such as washable kraft paper and wool.

Crafted with an adjustable shoulder strap, many of LeWhisper bags made to be worn over the shoulder or slung around your back—how you decide to wear it is up to you. Expertly crafted with eco-friendly, it can take the sun, heat, cold, rain, wind, whatever weather condition you expose it to. The leather messenger bags are made to handle a day’s worth of work, whether that’s in the office or out shooting photos in the woods. This isn’t a bag you have to worry about carrying every day, because of expert craftsmanship, it only continues to get better with time.


The Soul of LeWhisper

LeWhisper is a leather and canvas goods brand with a love for adventure and a dedication to choosing a simpler way of living. Also, LeWhisper is a consumer-driven, design-oriented and innovative Company, therefore the team has interviewed plenty of professionals and hobbyists during the past year, who helped understand their particular needs. As various feedback got from customers, LeWhisper learned a lot from them. These customers are smart, passionate, and willing to share. In LeWhisper’s opinion, their customers do not only end-users but also design partners. Nowadays, LeWhisper does actively look forward to customers’ collaborations in boosting products, not mention to accept feedback. Through their design, LeWhisper hopes to convey the following idea: With respect to each profession and hobby; Appreciation of quality and original design; Endless pursuit to provide better carryalls. Wish you acquire a timeless leather bag that is stylish, quality, and extremely functional.