Industry-leading robot vacuums

Why we love Lefant

Over the past few years, the robot vacuum has greatly reduced how often you need to vacuum, sweep and mop your floors. And if you’re not home, it can clean on a scheduled cleaning cycle. The technology improvements have also made the vacuums much more reliable and dependable at affordable prices.

To ensure you to live a more convenient, simpler lifestyle, Lefant designs intelligent robotic solutions that seamlessly integrate into your everyday life, so you have more spare time to do what you love. It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is with professional or social commitments; your home will already be clean after a busy day of work and life.

The Lefant Origin Story

Adhering to the mission of “use intelligent technology, make life better”, Lefant focuses on R & D in the field of robotic technology and application, and has successively launched the industry-leading robot vacuum cleaners. Among them, M210s has become a star popular product sold well all year around in Amazon. The company has a rich history steeped in innovation. With the vision of making practical robots a reality, Lefant remains committed to building robots that provide people with smarter ways to clean and accomplish more in their daily lives.

The Tech of Lefant

In the field of smart home, Lefant has advanced production technology and hold relative patent certificates.

Lefant robotic vacuum cleaners work unattended and without supervision, anytime, day or night which leaves you more time to do the things you love. Due to the ease and simplicity of programming Lefant robot vac, you can simply set it to clean when and where you want.

Most models come with a programmable display screen for its quick set up. Newer models offer remote control guidance and wireless app control from your phone. Some types even can be activated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands.

Lefant robotic vacuum cleaners are small and compact, taking up very little space in your home. A quiet corner with access to a power outlet and you won’t even notice them! Because of their slim, compact design, they can easily clean beneath furniture, beds and tables.

Lefant robot vacuums are equipped with smart programming and a variety of different sensors to ensure thorough cleaning by mapping and navigating your home. Lefant precisely constructs the shortest cleaning route with the least time and lowest energy consumption to cover the entire room. The technology literally make Lefant smarter than others, and it can move exactly like zigzag path. It helps remove smaller deep-down spots and stains quickly and on the go, meaning you don’t have to break out your full-size carpet cleaner every time. Save your time.With anti-drop and anti-winding sensors, it will automatically turn away when approaching obstacles.

The ultra-strong suction power of Lefant is powerful enough to easily lift dirt off hardwood floors, deep clean carpets to remove hair and get rid of dust mites. Most units have a docking station where they will return automatically when they have a low battery to recharge before they begin cleaning again.When it charges full, then it goes back to where it left off and continues mopping.

The Soul of Lefant

Lefant, which is a intelligent brand, dedicated to creating a combination of smart home products and smart life for consumers all around the world. From product design to the development of production, the whole process has integrated People-Oriented value concept and innovative spirit.

Now Lefant has more than 100,000 square meters of smart storage area so that products are saved perfectly. And Lefant is well-known in Europe and North America. It takes up a huge market share in developed countries and regions such as Europe.

Lefant hopes it can pass on its wisdom of life to more people. Make human life better, and make the world full of infinite possibilities.