Even if you have no good reason to justify buying one, you have to admit that drones are cool. Funsnap iDol drone make it easier “Explore the world snap the fun”, and is available both for Remote controller and Smartphone APP. Funsnap offers not only unmanned machine, but also handheld stabilizer, which could help you achieve high-precision focus changes in real time to create creative shots. While creating a different time flow in your phone or capturing lives in a retrospective light in an artistic way. It rotates autonomously according to a predetermined trajectory and integrates more space, longer time and more light and shadow into Blockbuster.

Nowadays, the 3-axis handheld gimbal has played a critical part in the video and live industry, being able to ensure a higher degree of stabilization for the camera operators. Funsnap makes it cheaper over time, therefore accessible to the larger public. This cheers up a lot of videography students that can now leave behind their cheaper fly cams and embark on a new, more easily stabilized journey. Besides, the smartphone has brought a numerous new public which is very curious about how to get that buttery smooth video shot and possibly have their first go at vlogging. At the same time, this public is not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a gimble and fortunately, Funsnap Captures are the entry-level devices to help them get their feet wet with how to use this technology.

The Funsnap Origin Story

Funsnap was founded in 2016, which is a high-tech company that gathers several advanced technologies like AI deep learning in artificial intelligence and computer vision, also could provide unmanned machine solution. With a dream about flying and amazing images, Funsnap has spent many years to capture.

For providing strong technical support to new products’ research and development, Jason Long-the founder of Funsnap has gathered a group of engineers and scientists with industry experience and successful cases, also expert in semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. At the same time, according to product features and market demands, an experienced, professional team was built for brand promotion and sales. It has formed an intelligent aircraft integrated ecological chain of research, development, production, marketing and sales. This is a team, who devote to bring the flying dream to life. This is FUNSNAP with constant innovation mind.

The Science of Funsnap

The iDol drone by Funsnap is a consumer-grade intelligent aircraft which devote itself to bring excellent and stable flight experience to users and help users being able to capture beautiful moments of their own life. IDol has powerful functions:

Multiple positioning systems make flight happens everywhere;

Multiple safe modes are built-in to guarantee a safe flight;

Electronic image stabilization system, 3D noise reduction, 1080p video output, provide HD pictures for users;

Intelligent tracking, gesture control, multiple one-key mode, make flying and shooting more easier and fun.

The handwheel is configured into a focus puller including zoom and focus facility, helping you achieve high-precision focus changes in real time to create creative shots. Automatic Locking Face through AI Algorithms. With AI Selfie retouch and Filters, you’ll never lose tracking, more attractive selfie. Exquisite screws with an ingenious design are flexible and super easy to adjust balancing, just with a gentle pull.

Built in Bluetooth 4.0 remote control and low power consumption;

Auto Face Tracking: time-lapse photograph, record the passage of the time’

Three-axis Gimbal with Four Modes: Yaw follow mode, fix mode, yaw and pitch follow mode and vertical shooting mode;

Professional Stability: built-in high precision gyro, sensors and brushless motor, advanced FOC algorithm enables you to get more stable footage picture.

The Mission of Funsnap

Funsnap devotes to offer innovative reliable and enjoyable unmanned aerial vehicles. Unfold the new funs from flying world! And it is committed to the saying “Explore the world, snap the fun”. Funsnap always take inspiration from both reality and dream that permeate intriguing temperaments into each other. Dreams give Funsnap much more desire to fly and to capture beauty, and they put theories from over 20 years’ experience of searching, exploring and creating into reality. Therefore, here they are. With attitude of persistence, Funsnap restores their original dream of flight combined with wisdom, knowledge and practise.