Powerful Tech, Elegant Design – Find the Right EraClean for You!

Totally worth it!

I’ve tried almost all of Era’s stuff. Read on to find out what’s totally worth it, nice to have, or something I recommend skipping.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

There are three types of EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaners, one just for contact lens clean, while the others for small fragile and precious things clean. I have no contact lens, and I like larger tank capacity so that more things could be put in one time. That is why I love the EraClean Portable Ultrasonic cleaner most. What’ more, the EraClean ultrasonic cleaner’s core technology won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award, with 1 million products been sold out. According to the lab data, the unique burst of ultrasonic technology is used to form 50-500μm bubbles, which blast under the activity of sound pressure. It could also clean the cracks up to micron level, which is cleaner than hand washing.

I often use it to clean my jewelry and watch traps. Instead of hand-washing for a long time, now I simply fill the tank with water, one-touch control button initiates machine 3 minutes auto-cleaning. The EraClean ultrasonic cleaner offers 45000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves, creating millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles, penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses to thoroughly clean the contamination that can not be cleaned by my hand operation. After clean, items looks sparkle like new. I am so so so satisfied with it.


EraClean has two products about vacuum. Both of them are cordless vacuum cleaner. With powerful suction and compact size, they could be used not only in your vehicle, but other small tight spaces, even housekeeping. And the light-weight is sufficient to make vacuuming a breeze.
They provide effective suction as well as two accessories– a hole nozzle device and also brush tool– so you can clean every corner, hole, and tight space inside your car. A stainless-steel HEPA filter enables you to reuse as well as clean the filter for effective cleaning.
Although they are alike, there are some details different between the two EraClean Vacuums. A little distinction of suction and appearance design are distinguished between Portable Cordless Handheld Vacuum from EraClean Handheld Vacuum for Car&Home. I’d prefer the latter one, and you’ll love the ergonomic handle style on this vacuum cleaner too, which provides comfortable cleaning and heightened control. When I am ready to recharge, this cordless vacuum cleaner offers fast charging in 2.5 hours. The advanced dual-layer HEPA prevents secondary pollution from getting dirt. It has double purification filter, and HEPA Purification filter is replaceable. The filter is washable and durable, without frequent replacement. The most important is that it could free my hands, only one single step to finish empty dust.

With stylish design,reliable lithium battery and motor technology, EraClean mini vacuum cleaner bring you a fantastic cleaning experience. After tested, I recommend the EraClean Handheld Vacuum for Car&Home.

Air Purifier

When I first saw the EraClean Car Air Purifier, I thought it is just a bluetooth speaker standing upright. This futuristic design device from EraClean is actually a Car Air Purifier that provides exceptional cleaning of the air inside your car, and adds a modern and fashionable look to your car interior!

EraClean Car Air Purifier Ionizer produces 5 million negative ions/cm³ that can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses, and automatically remove dust, smoke, PM2.5, pollen, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. from the air. Increases the density of negative ions in a car, providing Fresh Air. Useful for cleaner air for your kids & babies. Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, stuffiness, cough, sneezing. Along with 360 degree purified, Internal fan quickly regulates Negative Oxygen Ions in the air to make it clean faster. It does not have any filter inside, as it does not collect any dust inside. Air blows from inside out with Negative Ions. So no cleaning required, and suitable for me – lazy man.

All in all, EraClean stuff doesn’t come big. But these items really feel worth the investment with every use.

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